Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Life Goes On .........

Well, it's been 2 1/2 months since "Wunderlust2012" ended. I must say, my progress on the "movie video" is slow going. It may ultimately prove more taxing than the actual trip! Forty (40) days of video (500 GB) is a lot to sort through. Although, I have specific ideas of how I want the final product to look; time to do it, seems to be the problem, due mainly, to my busy job. Also, choice of music soundtrack & songs and associated licencing; as well as talk-over(s) and interviews, add some creative challenges and much "wheel spinning". Fortunately, I have two friends (Fred and Brian) who will help with the editing - when I get to that stage.
With "great" regret, I must inform you, my father (Jack) passed in early August. He greatly enjoyed following me on my journey and seeing the pictures/videos. Even though he lived, a mostly healthy life and to a great age (93); it has been a struggle for me, moving forward. You see, the last several years, both he and mother kept me quite busy - I think it's the void, that I'm struggling with, the most. Regarding my trip, prior to my departure; Dad would say: "I wouldn't want to do that"!.... Dad fought overseas during WWII in France and Belgium - I think he would have done just fine, on my trip. I think he was a little worried for me - like most parents. Even though, I am more than a grown man (60+),..I was still a kid to him. I'm like that, with my daughter & son, too. Like father; like son! Here are a couple of photos of Dad (Jack Byers).