Monday, October 20, 2014

"Sun" of God - Oops!

As “Beloved Father Sun” rose today, showering us (& our) “Beloved Mother Earth” with much needed positrons, I couldn't help but give “gratitude” for this incarnation –  and my chance to experience this epic time. Thank You! During my (& now your) recent awakening, this life experience is beginning to make sense – not as bizarre, as in earlier years. Things are feeling “right”. My “truth” is being uncovered as the “veil” of deception is being lifted. I am not as upset with the “Dark” forces, and their agenda – as I am, remembering my own past lives – and the allegiance(s) I have had with them. I also remember the Battles. They are as much a part of me, as the “Light”, I now profess to bestow. You see, I am evolving – as YOU are. We all; are on our “own” journeys. That is why this world is so challenging, and different for each of us; BUT, that is also why we chose to come here - to experience “Beloved Father Sun's/Mother Earth’s 3D experience” and to challenge ourselves to the nth degree. You see; we (humans) have to experience everything there is (both good & bad) to evolve. As Ralph Waldo Emerson so aptly puts it: “Every man/woman (human) is a divinity in disguise; a God playing the fool.”
Moving on….. The Kybalion relates: “Mastery consists not in abnormal dreams, visions, and fantastic imaginings or living, but in using the higher forces against the lower–escaping the pains of the lower planes by vibrating on the higher.” Remember always, that “Transmutation, not presumptuous denial, is the weapon of the Master.” It goes on to teach of a (Universal Law) that “the positive transmutes the negative”; courage transmutes fear; love transmutes hate & “the light (energy)” transmutes “the dark". Also, that LOVE is the “higher frequency”, and that we are "One". I believe, that is the lesson we are trying learn here on earth (my truth). To uncover one’s own truth, all “TRUTHS” - including deceptions - have to be presented. 

'Everything that exists is an energy field' - a unique vibrational pattern of  energy created by thought and emotion. Enjoy the following teachings of "Crystalai".


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We have been given METAPHYSICAL TEACHINGS that teach us to
 recognize that we embody all that God has and is, and that we must
 let infinity flow out from you. We have been told to
 cast our bread upon the waters and we will  find the grace of God flowing into expression as the harmony of your being.
We have been taught that supply is invisible, and supply does not exist in the visible realm.
Yes, many of us have known these things and believed these things.
How did we know them? We had no evidence that anything Spiritual Existed because we couldn't see it.
Knowing is one of those Senses beyond the Five Senses. Each time we were Knowing, we were actually connecting one of the Strands of the subharmonics from the overtones into the basetones. The reason it makes us feel good is because we were spiritually connecting our Invisible Subharmonic DNA through the Music of the Spheres. That is why it feels good. There is a harmonic choir activating in the body each time there is a KNOWING. It is the connection of the Physical into the Spiritual Body. That body is always there. It has just been disconnected.
Each time we shine more light from the full spectrum of light into the body, a choir of angels sing all through the spheres in the Cosmic spectrum, which activates the Choir to sing in the Universal Spectrum, and then the Galactic Spectrum and then the Solar Spectrum. When all of these choirs sing together in the body, the Physical Body Resonates and Shifts into that Harmonic Choir. The Particles in the body shift, the light energy shifts, the Frozen Seals begin to melt that are disengaging the DNA, the blood crystals shift into a new chemical make up. All sorts of SCIENTIFIC PHENOMENA begin to happen.
We begin to HEAR things we couldn't hear before. We begin to SEE things that we couldn't see before.
The new Science of Seeing and Hearing things that we considered Invisible or Spiritual must become a part of the NEW SCIENCE that shows those things are more REAL than the Visible. The visible is just one tiny part of the Light Spectrum of the Spiritual.
We have been taught that God constitudes individual being, but now we have been show that this true because God is the Full Light Spectrum, God created a Perfect Divine Blue Print that all form is made from and that Blue Print becomes activated when we Saturate our Being into that Multi Dimensional Light and Sound of all that is.
See how the Spiritual just became Scientific? When the reality is Light Particles of sparks and quarks and omnions and missing pieces of DNA, then the Scientists begin to look at this reality from their point of view.
When doctors see hundreds of patients being healed by spiritual energy of this light and sound then they begin to see that this spiritual healing is just as significant as the healing done with medicine and operations.
I know something about Science that most people don't know, and those on the INSIDE will never admit. They base their realities on statistics. When they want something to be true, they collect a group of people to take their medicine that they know will proove their theory is true. When they want to make sure their theory is not considered to be true, they collect a different group of people that does not give them the statistics that is needed.
This is the game that goes on continuously in the Pharmacy Industry, the Educational Industry and all money based industries. The government provides the statistics for the company that pays them the most. I have been reading evidence of this in the LIFE EXTENSION MAGAZINE for the past twenty years. There are thousands of doctors who write articles about this problem, and that magazine collects those articles, writes articles that compiles those other groups or research, and then uses that information to create truth to be known.
I used to do the exact same thing in the field of Education. I used to collect all of this information that would show that the statistics given by Education are created by those who pay off the Government. The Government then allows those systems who pay them to maintain their Institutions, and those who don't pay them loose their ratings and their credibility and loose their liscense to operate. It is always done through MONEY. Statistics only represent the amount of money paid.
There is no truth in Education and there is no truth in Medicine.
It is just a part of the brainwashing that maintains the FALLEN GALAXY that was never run on the SCIENCE OF ETERNAL LIFE.
We learned in Metaphysical Teachings that Supply is the infinite invisible
Supply is something within your own being.
Take a look at this Light Spectrum in the Pyramid. We are only accessing the Hertzian Stem and yet the Supply is in the Infintie Invisible.
Look at the Infinite Invisible Light Spectrum. That is where Supply is. How do we gain access to the Infinite? We must raise our frequencies into that entire Light Spectrum of Cosmic Frequencies.
First we have to know what a Cosmic Frequency is.
We must learn how to obtain it. We must learn how to Blend together all of these frequencies of all of the dimensions, we must absorb them, we must be them. That is when we can gain Infinite Supply.
The candle is just a tool. Just because you have a brief experience of seeing a blue sphere doesn't mean you have obtained consciousness.
You obtained it for that moment that you saw the blue sphere.
You can obtain it continuously. You can obtain it so continuously and so completely that you actually move into it.
We learned that when we recognize God as our being, you have supply. When we learn that the Invisible Anti Particle Universe contains all that is and all that ever has been and then we walk in to that Dark Room of the Mind of God, we become the Co-Creators who can manifest through the Mind of God.
We were taught to tabernacle with God, commune with God and to know him as our being. Now, we have learned that in order to do this we must move from the thinking brain. We must fill our Frequency Specific Mid Brain with the Frequencies of the Full Spectrum that is in the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM. We must fill the Frequency Specific Mid Brain with the Light and Sound that comes from within the Spheres created by the Merkaba maintaining the Male-electro and the Female - magnetic fields. These electro magnetic energy fields must be spun together to merge the fields of Frequencies that Tune us into the Fifth Dimension in our Crystal Hearts.

We develop of State of Consciousness through our lifetimes. The more we develop this Consciousness, the more it unfolds as our new reality.
That developed consciousness is God-Consciousness, unfolding as your consciousness. Each time we learn more about who we really were and where we came from and what our relationship is to God Consciousness, the more we develop our Consciousness into the Universal Consciousness and the Cosmic Consciousness and we begin Braiding our DNA together to see more and more of the Multi Dimensional Realities.
In Metaphysics we learned that the awareness of the presence of God's INFINITY will reveal this Infinity to be in the place where the lack seems to be.
We seem to experience lack in the Third Dimensional Reality because that is the area that is the STEM OF THE CANDLE. However, When we light the candle we realize that we could be standing in this full spectrum of light and that would REVEAL the Infinity of the Full Light. We move the Crystal Heart into that Light and the Heart gets TURNED ON.
We learn that our lights have been turned off. We needed to Light the Candle. We need to move all of this light into our Crystal Heart- the Soul. The Soul has been Sleeping and now we can wake it up.
We have been dying over and over again because our Soul has not been given A NEW EXPERIENCE. We give the Soul a NEW EXPERIENCE of bringing in the Full Spectrum of Light and hooking up the Mind of God in the Dark Room, and then the Soul says o.k., I think I'll take you with me this time.
In the past, the body had to be left behind, so that the Soul would be FREE to go find a New Experience. If we find our NEW EXPERIENCE together with the Soul, we can take the body with us.

We have learned in Metaphysical teachings that the presence of God is ITSELF is the form of all Good.
We have learned in Spiritually Scientific Terms that the Full spectrum of Light that is contained within the Source Template.
Imagine this tiny little particle of light that is created from this Source Template program. You can think of it like a tiny little chip that is created to run this Computer Program. The Computer Program would run perfectly and create these braind new reality systems through each exhale of energy placed in it. The Source Template contains this program of all that ever was and all that ever will be within it. It maintains its perfection of creation and creates perfectly every omni second of No Time. There is no time or space in this light chip. It just is. It is all that is.
That little chip of reality exists within every cell of our body. It is being programmed through the Mind of God that connects into our bodies in this density in the same way it connects into our Cosmic Body, our Universal Body and our Galactic Body.

Back in the Good ol Days when we were a Galactic Body, we called ourselves Gods because that was the first time that we could conceive of a Density where each of us would create their own GALAXY. Those who called themselves Gods of a Galaxy were those who created Galaxies. Each of us has created a Galaxy.
So, when someone said He is the Lord God of my Being that meant that an Entity who created the Galaxy was governing an Entire System. Each of us has an Individual Mind of God which is the exact template of the Source Field Template that images everything from that Perfect Chip.
That Chip that contains the Perfect Creation of all that is could be replicated as a Universe or as a Galaxy. And an Entity could decide to create a Galaxy. So, when an Entity says I'm going to create a Golden Galaxy, it is true that Entities could and did create Galaxies.

However, there were Gods who created Galaxies through the Template of Source, which meant they co-created through the Mind of God of the Full Spectrum of Light which would give the Galaxy the Eternal Life Flow of Energy.

There were these other Gods who created Galaxis that did not co-create through the Mind of God and use the Full spectrum of Light. When that Principle of Creation was not utlized, the God of the Galaxy would need to get the Source of Energy some place. Because he wasn't using the Co-Creative Principle.

This is where all of the FALLEN SYSTEMS came from that are invading other systems to obtain their Source of Energy. That is why the Draconians came to Planet Earth. They raped the women who carried these Codes that could be used to create a raceline that did connect to the Source Co-Creation Field of Energy. They carried the 12 subharmonics within their DNA that could connect to the 12 stargates.

This is what happened to our system. There were all of these Fallen Galaxies that created distorted Stars, distorted Planets and distorted Suns. And none of these could return the Eternal Source Field of Energy back to each other to create this Eternal Full Spectrum of Light.

In 2012 we blasted out of that Time Matrix that locked us in to that Fallen Galaxy. The only way the Guardians could Free us from the Milky Way Galaxy was to move us into a completely new Cosmos. We had to moved into the FULL SPECTRUM OF LIGHT AND SOUND of the Mind of God that Co-Creates through the Source Field.
This is the only way that a path could be created to move Planet Earth back into the Timeline of the ETERNAL LIFE GALXY that we fell from. We came from the Aquarian Matrix, which is the Spiritual Parallel of the Andromeda Galaxy. We have to re-unite with the Spiritual Parallel to return to the Spiritual Essence and Allness of the Source Field.
We only want to manifest that which is spiritual. Our only real supply is spiritual. It is invisible. However, that Invisible Spiritual Anti-Particle Substance can exist in many forms of Density. All exists in the Multi Dimensional Reality spectrum SIMULTANEOUSLY.
We can be Fifth Dimensional and 15 Dimensional at the same time. We have access to the realities in all of these Dimensions when we base everything on the Full Spectrum of Light Energy of Source and always co-create through the Mind of God.
Anything that is created outside of the Mind of God, is just an Illusion. It was created with Energy that doesn't actually exist. If the Energy isn't Source Energy, it is Borrowed Energy that was stollen from an Angelic Being at some point in time.
We don't want to create our new reality from old borrowed stardust. We want to become co-creators with the Source Template that maintains ETERNAL LIFE.

Why aren't the Metaphysical Explanations that just confirm our Oneness with Omnipresence and Divine Mind and Infinite Supply ENOUGH anymore?
It is now our time to Show this Phenomena to be a SCIENCE that always has been and always will be. It is a Science that can be used and it will work every time it is used.
We have been given this Science through Experiential Learning and through the ultimate Divine Physics of Omni Present Creation of how every little omni particle within the quarks and sparks of our infinite Creation works. the information in Quantum Physics is helpful. the information in Keylontic Science is probably almost perfect. The Experiential Learning and the proof of that Science has given us some statistics to begin a new Science.
Just as there were thousands of healings that resulted from Christian Science, Infinite Way healings and others based on Christian Science, and there has been more understanding given through the Science of Keylontic Star Language, and there have been entire schools of students who shift to the Mind of God to see inside of a box, through walls, to the other side of Galaxies, read an entire deck of cards with the back side turned away from them, hit the bulls eye when shooting arrows from their bows while blind folded.
Yes, we are gaining Scientific Evidence that we can be Spiritual and Physical at the same time. We can learn to see the anti-particle Spiritual Universe that is here and it is just as real as the Particle Physical Universe.
We are showing that the Science of Spiriutal Healing that is based on moving into the Full Spectrum of Light- which is moving to the place where there is only Source Field of Infinite Energy is the place where the Body is always Healed. It is in the constant state of Eternal Life being breathed into the Body every nano second.
These truths were taught in Mystery Schools thousands of years ago.
These teachings are not a result of Evolution. They are a result of a gift being given to us for FAST ASCENSION.
Evolution means we would learn these things in about 2000 years.
Ascension means we have been SHIFTED into a NEW TIME LINE OF REALITY.
However, each of us must accept that SHIFT if they want to be in that new reality.

There is no judgement. Each person makes that decision. They decide if they only believe in those things that they can touch and feel. they decide if they only believe in the medicine that the Government has chosen for them. They decide if they want to leave the thinking brain and move to the Frequency Specific Brain.

Most people will choose to stay in their thinking brain, only believe what they are told and what they can see. There is nothing that can be done about that.
There will continue to be those who choose some old NEW AGE science that just doesn't work because it is base on the FIVE SENSES. It just is not based on Spiritual Science. If a teaching involves colors that can be see and tones that can be heard as a scale, they have not moved out of the thinking brain. they have not moved into the Frequency Specific Brain.

We always have been and always will be made of this divine technology of Eternal Life. When we were created by the Christ Code Pre Sound and Light Technology, we contained the ability to Live Forever, to Create our own Galaxies, to Manifest Instantly our Hearts desires. That is the reality. That is the reality we must tune into as the only reality that exists in the past, present and future.
If we continue to tune in to the lower frequencies that were distorted realities caused by the frozen light (miasm or error), we will continue to manifest that reality that locked us into the continuous 3D illusion of reality where we could only see, feel, touch, hear, taste a series of events that were planted into our DNA by Entities who only wanted to freeze us out of our Reality.
That (frozen light Error or Miasm) was how they created the Phantom Matrix and how they planned to lock us into it. That probability no longer exists. We must align our consciousness to the new reality which is the old reality of the ETERNAL LIFE Blue Print. That 12 DNA divine blue print is the only creation that God knows how to make. That reality is made through the pre light and sound fields of Khristiac Technology containing the 12 coded divine blue print. We always were made, always are made and always will be made by that divine blue print which is perfect and eternal. We must realign our DNA templates to the sub harmonics of the 12 DNA template and begin to know that is the only reality that we have ever been and ever will be made a part of.
 It is the knowing and the feeling of the frequencies of the 12 sub harmonics that has been blocked from our world view. We were made to believe that only 5 senses contain reality. When actually those 5 senses were only for us to enjoy the reality that we create through our Higher Sensory Perception of our 12 dimensional self who knows and feels and creates through the imagination. That is the reality that we have been forced out of by world propaganda beginning with parents telling their children that their imagination isn't real. That propaganda is a part of the Frozen Light imprinted into our DNA.
We have been set free from this prison. We were given the reality of our 12 DNA and its codes. That reality was planted in the Heart of the Earth and it will flow through the grids of the Earth. It is still up to us to Tune into the Frequencies and spin rate of that reality, especially by creating in Consciousness everyday the reality that we have always been, always are.
Dr. Angela Barnett
channeled from the Crystalai Council
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Copyright © by Dr.Angela Barnett. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

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