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Part 05 of 5 Genocide Documents - Murder "IS" Legal How This Cam

Above video/channel taken down ...  but,  Watch It   ****  HERE  ****   
Thank You to D..T.. & your entire team, for your work & 'Love of  Humanity' ... &, to ( NEW), for sharing ... An excerpt: Part 05 Genocide Documents -
Murder "IS" Legal How This Came to Be.



And  'Renegade' - David Icke (Video removed) ... But,  Watch It  *** HERE *** 
Thank You to D..I.. & your entire team, for your work/books'Love of  Humanity' ... & to (Wrongthink.), for sharing ... An excerpt: The first authorized documentary film exploring David Icke's work and life. He is the famed conspiracy theorist, known as the “mad man” who has been proved right time and time again.

David Icke has been warning the public for almost three decades about the coming global Orwellian state in which a tiny few would enslave humanity through New World Order tactics. Methods such as control of finance, government, media, and a military-police Gestapo overseeing 24/7 surveillance of a microchipped population. He has said that “physical reality is an illusion" and that the "world" really is a holographic simulation created by a non-human force to lockdown human perception in ongoing servitude.

He has been subjected to decades of ridicule and dismissal over his theories. However, now his books are read all over the globe and his speaking events are watched by thousands. Why? Because what he foretold is playing out in world events and even some mainstream scientists are concluding that reality is indeed a simulation or "Matrix."


And,  'Order Out Of Chaos'  (video/channel taken down) ...  but,  Watch  it  ***  HERE  *** - Thank You Dan Dicks (Press For Truth), for your work &  'Love of  Humanity' ... & to (Press For Truth), for sharing ... An excerpt: The modus operandi of the global elite is “order out of chaos”. Sometimes the chaos doesn’t come organically so it has to be orchestrated, case in point, ISIS. ISIS is a creation of the western intelligence agencies with the intent of drumming up fear at opportune times to get the masses behind the invasion of a middle eastern country. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers the latest news on the death of ISIS leader Bagdadi and most importantly what this will potentially mean for people in the west.


Thank You, Leonard  Cohen - Democracy (is coming) ... 

It's coming through a hole in the air,From those nights in Tiananmen Square.It's coming from the feelThat this ain't exactly realOr it's real, but it ain't exactly there
From the wars against disorderFrom the sirens night and dayFrom the fires of the homelessFrom the ashes of the gayDemocracy is coming to the U.S.A.
It's coming through a crack in the wallOn a visionary flood of alcoholFrom the staggering accountOf the Sermon on the MountWhich I don't pretend to understand at all
It's coming from the silenceOn the dock of the bayFrom the brave, the bold, the batteredHeart of ChevroletDemocracy is coming to the U.S.A.
It's coming from the sorrow in the streetThe holy places where the races meetFrom the homicidal bitchin'That goes down in every kitchenTo determine who will serve and who will eat
From the wells of disappointmentWhere the women kneel to prayFor the grace of God in the desert hereAnd the desert far awayDemocracy is coming to the U.S.A.
Sail on, sail onO mighty Ship of State!To the Shores of NeedPast the Reefs of GreedThrough the Squalls of HateSail on, sail on, sail on, sail on
It's coming to America firstThe cradle of the best and of the worst.It's here they got the rangeAnd the machinery for changeAnd it's here they got the spiritual thirst
It's here the family's brokenAnd it's here the lonely sayThat the heart has got to openIn a fundamental wayDemocracy is coming to the U.S.A.
It's coming from the women and the menO baby, we'll be making love againWe'll be going down so deepThe river's going to weepAnd the mountain's going to shout Amen!It's coming like the tidal floodBeneath the lunar swayImperial, mysteriousIn amorous arrayDemocracy is coming to the U.S.A.
Sail on, sail onO mighty Ship of State!To the Shores of NeedPast the Reefs of GreedThrough the Squalls of HateSail on, sail on, sail on, sail on
I'm sentimental, if you know what I meanI love the country but I can't stand the sceneAnd I'm neither left or rightI'm just staying home tonightGetting lost in that hopeless little screen
But I'm stubborn as those garbage bagsThat Time cannot decayI'm junk but I'm still holding upThis little wild bouquetDemocracy is coming to the U.S.A.

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Uncovered! Mass Graves in British Columbia - Kevin Annett (Stop 007)

Breaking ITCCS News - Thank You Teammate, Owen Lucas
The New Testament - The Elephant In The Room - The Order of the Jesuits
Leonard Cohen - The Traitor 
The History of 'Beloved Mother Earth'  - Secrets of Amenti
Vatican Crimes Revealed 
Assessing Character Weakness - Energetic Synthesis
The Truth Goes Marching On

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Cathy O'Brien: Ex-Illuminati Mind Control Victim

'Book burning' is not working too well, any longer . . .
Above video, taken down,  for  'Reasons Of National Security' ... 

BUT,     ***  Watch It  HERE  ***  . . . Thank You to BitChute (TrustChristORGoToHell), for sharing . . . 50:00 min ...  

An excerpt: Warning: Adults only, if you're easily offended don't watch ...

Read the book here:

For Reasons of National Security
(Intro - Mark Phillips. Cathy O'Brien - 0:36:50)
The Granada Forum, October 31, 1996

On May 7, 1966 a 9 year old child named Cathy O'Brien was subjected to an occult ritual named "The Rite to Remain Silent". This is her own very shocking and eye-opening life story about her experience as a CIA MK-Ultra Whitehouse Pentagon level trauma-based Mind Control slave. She speaks out to expose those who abused, who go right up to presidents and congressmen and women and to give voice to the many mind control victims out there who can't think to speak out.

O'Brien claims to have been abused since she was a toddler by her own family. Forced to partake in satanic sadomasochistic child pornography movies produced for Gerald Ford, she was eventually sold to the CIA, which was looking for traumatized children for their mind-control program ... U.S. Presidents Ford, Reagan, Bush and Bill Clinton; Canadian Prime Ministers Pierre Trudeau and Brian Mulroney; Mexican President Miguel de la Madrid; Haitian dictator Baby Doc Duvalier; Panamanian President Manuel Noriega; and King Fahd of Saudi Arabia all sexually brutalized her. She recounts in graphic detail how the elder George Bush raped her thirteen year old daughter and how she was forced to have oral sex with Illuminati witch Hillary Clinton ... While being sodomized, whipped, bound and raped, O'Brien overheard the globalist elite planning a military coup in the United States and conspiring to usher in the satanic New World Order.

The Q&A (question and answers) starts at 1:35:00

1:43:05 Michael Aquino / Linda Blood
1:45:10 ''How come the powers that be haven't killed either of you?''

*** Trance Formation Of America ***   The Truth Goes Marching On  ... Thank You, Cathy O..P.. (& Mark P.), for your work/books & 'Love Of Humanity' . . .


Thank You Gemma O'Doherty for your work ... 'YouTube channel', taken down ...
But watch Gemma's videos  ***  HERE  *** . . . on BitChute (Gemma O Doherty) . . .


Great Reporting - The Elephant in the Room ... Thank You Roger McKnight (, for sharing ... (published, June 4, 2019) ...


And Thank You - Press For Truth , for sharing . . . YouTube video/channel terminated ...
*** But Watch  HERE  ***   'The Democracy Deception' ... 
Thank You to D..D.. & (Press For Truth), for sharing ... An excerpt: Democracy is the deception that we are somehow progressing just because we vote when really, democracy is just another version of communism. And like any communist state, the erosion begins with the family. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes over the various pros and cons of what may someday replace democracy but more importantly how traditional morals, standards and values need to make a strong come back before we can ever achieve a libertarian/anarchist utopia.

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Give me 'absolute' control,  that's ... The Future  ... Thank You, Leonard Cohen.

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Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah (Live In London)

The History Of   'Beloved Mother Earth',   Tara & Gaia
Imagining World Humanism
Warriors Of Light.....WAKE UP......

Housebreaking in Retaliation & Other Cartel Attacks (Stop 007)

The Future Is Now  ..Thank You Deborah Tavares
And.. "What If They Gave A 'War' &  ' Nobody Came ' ."

1 Eye's Blog: TEAMWORK - Loving Yourself (your Twin-Flame) & Com...

1 Eye's Blog: TEAMWORK - Loving Yourself (your Twin-Flame) & Communicating With Your Higher-Self (Your God-Self) : Throughout this life, “TEAMWORK” has been a central theme, in most of my interactions. From my early years, I enjoyed sharing successes (& failures/losses) with others...I believe, I have learned more from the defeats than from the "victories".....

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1 Eye's Blog: "Leaving A Trail"

1 Eye's Blog: "Leaving A Trail": Throughout this lifetime on beloved "Mother Earth", many questions have prompted my thinking - "Why am I here"? It has always felt so strange being here; nothing seems to make a lot of sense to me. Have you ever felt this way?.......

Cartel Messages & Intel Agents Unmasked (Stop 007)

Thank You, Dr. Katherine Horton (& Bill Binney), for your work, (& to YouTube, for sharing) . . .
Great Teamwork..."Individually we are one (1) drop;..Together WE are an Ocean." - Ryunosuke Satoro
Focused Intentions are 'exponentially Multiplied' from the 'other side' of the Veil - Thank You My Friend, Tory Smith
And we (Humanity), must use our 'Intentions Wisely'   .... Thank You 'Project Camelot' . . .  Kerry Cassidy (& Tony Gosling) for your work, & 'Love Of Humanity' . . .
The War On Truth - Thank You Cathy O'Brien (& Mark), for your work/books, & 'Love Of Humanity' . . .

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Vatican To Be Removed from UN (Stop 007)

Above video now back up, but had been taken down...   ****  but watch here  **** . . . Thank You Dr Katherine Horton - Stop 007 & K..A.. ... & to Conspiracy Daily Update (& YouTube), for sharing . . .
An excerpt: Breaking ITCCS Global News: Top Government, Corporate and Church leaders in Canada are Indicted and issued Summons to Appear before Genocide Tribunal – Prime Minister Trudeau, Governor General, Papal Nuncio and CEO’s charged with Crimes against Humanity  ITCCS Indictments and Court Summons  The Case of the Pope: Vatican Accountability for Human Rights Abuses by Geoffrey Robertson

Get Kevin Annett's *** book(s) here *** . . .

I Have A Secret - Thank You Soul Path, for your music ... & to YouTube (Soul Path - Topic), for sharing . . .
Forbidden knowledge ... YouTube video removed, but Watch Here ... Thank You to (QR Archive), for sharing ... 'Philip Gardiner's Forbidden Knowledge' - Secret Societies ...'The Elephant In The Room' . . . An excerpt:  Philip Gardiner's Forbidden Knowledge Conference UK 06 featuring some of the world's leading authors in the subjects of the metaphysical, historical, paranormal and unexplained: Philip Gardiner, Andrew Collins, Dr Robert Feather, Tim Wallace-Murphy, Michael Cremo, Crichton Miller, Hamish Miller, Nick Pope, Alan Alford and special guest Dr. John Jay Harper brought to you by Conscious Media Network. Filmed exclusively at Kings Hall, Stoke on Trent, this unique DVD includes speeches and special interviews with the authors.

Over one and a half hours of fascinating topics and information. Music by Soul Path, Warrior, WWIII and many others.

From the USA, Michael Cremo, best selling author and researcher, came to present his evidence for the ancient antiquity of mankind stretching back millions and millions of years. From the UK, Philip Gardiner spoke about his experiences at the hands of the sinister order the Holy Vehm. Andrew Collins gives a remarkable lecture on his new book, the Cygnus Mystery, explaining how the radiation from Cygnus may indeed have caused human evolution. Alan Alford is widely recognized as one of the world's leading authorities on the Great Pyramids and he gave a unique exposition of his beliefs. Hamish Miller dowsed around the stage and revealed the earth's power for all to see. Nick Pope is the British "Fox Mulder" and he revealed the British X-Files for all. Then Tim Wallace-Murphy, an international best selling author and world-renowned lecturer spoke about how to crack the symbol code. Crichton Miller revealed the spiritual depths and physical uses of the ancient Celtic Cross and the amazing Robert Feather revealed the Jesus of the Essene and the burial place of John the Baptist.

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Plans Exposed, CIA & President Johnson Documents w/ Deborah Tavares (2of3)

Plans Exposed - Part 3 of 3 
Fear Not,.. Use y(our) power (your focused intentions) wisely. Do your own research, discern & integrate information, by connecting the dots....And remember, if your path is easy, are probably on someone else's path..... Our Three Dimensional (3D) Manipulated Reality on 'Beloved Mother Earth' exposed - And More on our 3D world. & The History of Earth (Tara & Gaia) 
Philip Gardiner's Forbidden Knowledge - Secret Societies

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158 Children Murdered Today 4Jan'16

Thank You My Friend -  Great Teamwork,...Synchronicity & Telepathy, from the 'other side' of the Veil..... Humanity, use y(Our) Intentions Wisely.... Thank You
Secret Societies - Philip Gardiner's Forbidden Knowledge

Move to Remove the Vatican from the UN & New Summons w/ Kevin Annett

Moloch Programming - Energetic Synthesis & Religious Violence
Warriors of Light - WAKE UP
The History of  'Beloved Mother Earth'  (Tara & Gaia)

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Blitzkrieg (English broadcast) (Stop 007)

Remember, it is important to be y(our) Authentic, Sovereign, Multidimensional Self(s)... Discern & do your own research;... and use your power (focused intentions) wisely..... Don't forget the 'Social Media Influencers' - Press For Truth

Time for the purge and for patriots to stand up

Big Pharma's secrets from society, aren't that  'Secret' Anymore  
Cancer is Off the Scale 

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1 Eye's Blog: What and Where are MILABS?

1 Eye's Blog: What and Where are MILABS?: Thank You Tory Smith, for your devotion to 'Beloved Mother Earth' & your Love for Humanity. Thank You. The reason We came:..."If you...

TRANCE Formation Of America - Great Blog & Videos  & The War On Truth 
An excerpt from Cathy O'Brien's June 4th Blog Post:
Today’s war on truth waged against humanity is ultimately a war on spirit. Truth frees us from fear, and thus from control.  Truth dispels superstitious helplessness while empowering inherent freedom to live life’s purpose true-to-soul with strength of spirit.  Gather your strength of spirit and reclaim Truth that makes us free… while you can still think to do so! 
Thank You 

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David Icke Talks To Jason Liosatos - Renegade & The Awakening

The Power of Humanity is Unearthed, By Being Y(our) 'Authentic, Sovereign, Multidimensional Self(s)'....It is Important to do your own research..Energetic Synthesis 
The History of  'Beloved Mother Earth'...Secrets of Amenti 

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1 Eye's Blog: What and Where are MILABS?

1 Eye's Blog: What and Where are MILABS?: Thank You Tory Smith, for your devotion to 'Beloved Mother Earth' & your love for Humanity. Thank You. The reason We came here..."If...


Humanity - Use Your Intentions Wisely.... Being Fearful Doesn't Help..Because: "Fear Only Exists, when You DON'T Understand,... that WE (you & I) have the Power to Project Thought,...& that The Universe will Respond." - Abraham-Hicks
Reading an Entity Its Rights - Energetic Synthesis