Saturday, July 14, 2012

Port Dover - Record Crowd; Great Time & Very Hot!!

What a "great" day it was in Port Dover, yesterday, for the "Friday the 13th Motorcycle Pilgrimage"! It was extremely  hot, though; 32*C; (41* C - with humid-ex added in). By 4pm, it was announced (on the CTV evening News), that 140,000 motorcyclists had attended; with numbers still climbing - a "North American" record!  Even, more motorcycles, than at Daytona, Florida's "Bike Week" - on any given day. There were bikers from everywhere; parked everywhere - every make & model; all getting along well! There was a large  Police presence, which kept things quite orderly; in spite of the heat - well done!. We got there at 9:30 am and left at 2:30 pm - enough for us! On the ride back, away from the crowds, we stopped for lunch at Port Rowan - great fish & chips. Some pictures include Ron, Rick, Paul, me & Bill; Ron & Paul getting us refreshments; the crowd and Port Rowan & restaurant.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Four (4) Wheels Move The Body" - "Two (2) Wheels Move The Soul"!

Tomorrow, son Bill, cousin Ron, Rick, Paul and me, will ride to Port Dover, Ontario, Canada for the "Friday the 13th" festivities. Organizer's there, are expecting it to be, one of the largest motorcycle gatherings, EVER! I missed, the April, "Friday 13th", 2012 event - as mentioned in an earlier blog, due to work. Also, I haven't been in several years. If you're a motorcycle enthusiast - you have to make the pilgrimage to Port Dover, at least once! There's a "lot of leather". No-one protests! I guess, it's much easier, to pick on "rich old ladies" wearing furs; than "bikers"! Did I mention, no "four wheelers" are allowed, in town, for the day? Police barricade, the perimeter of Port Dover; parking lots are set up; and people not riding - are bussed in. A true "motorcycle oasis". Check it out, here.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How To Leave A Comment

I have received many e-mails from readers, unable to leave comments. This is how you do it.
FIRST - Bring up - in your browser - then find (scroll down) to the "no comments" or "1 comment", "etc" words at bottom of a particular "blog post" you wish to comment on. Click on that. It will bring up a window, to put your comment in. Once you have entered your comment - click publish and it will prompt you for your "google act" (id/pw). Once you have done this, it will prompt you, to type some "alpha's &  #" - to confirm you aren't a robot. That's it!
I have since found out, those of you with "older" browsers, have had trouble as well. Can't help you there, if your computer can't be upgraded. Thanks - for trying!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Wunderlust2012 - Thank You!

First of all, I would like to "thank" everyone who followed along, on my journey, with me. I would also like to thank "all" who commented on my "blogs". Although, I miss getting aboard "Bessy", on a daily basis; I now (like you) have household duties to keep me busy. Soon, I'll be back to work - at the daily grind, once again. I guess, that only proves - "good things, do come to an end"; oh well! In spite of all this, I intend to keep this Blog going - more as a journal  - and encourage you to take part. I have quite enjoyed this writing experience. It has definitely kept me company & busy, during this "solo" riding experience.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Mission Accomplished!

Last night, at 10:02 pm, I arrived home - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! Donna, was there to greet me - with smiles, hugs & kisses! I could tell, she missed me, a lot! I missed her, too! It sure was great to be home! I completed my journey, in 40 days (just under six (6) weeks). I knew, I could have spent, another week or so in Alaska, but after "the Dalton", I was very tired. I also knew, I had a large chunk of riding, yet to do - to accomplish my itinerary. Anyways, no regrets. A good thing, though, is since I have lots left to see - in Alaska - I have reason to go back! Maybe, if/when I retire, someday.......!
Yesterday, didn't start till around 10:00 am, since, I didn't have to be at the Milwaukee, "Lake Express" ferry dock till 11:45. There were lots of motorcycles there; and rider stories to hear. The ferry ride was "very fast" (aprox 40 mph) and very enjoyable. With the time change - it arrived at Muskegon, MI., at 4:00 pm. By 4:30, I was riding - "just" 280 miles to go. It was funny, Bessy (the 3rd), seemed to know this - like a horse, going back to the barn, after a long ride; "she" was hard, to hold back! Luckily, there were no State Troopers, lurking! Today, I am enjoying a day relaxing. I will wash Bessy and see my father, Jack. Some pictures of ferry ride and Bessy in garage.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ferry Reservations At Milwaukee,WI.

Today was another 100*F day! It seems, that's all I say, these past several days - hot, hot, hot! Today, I did my "sweaty laundry" at the motel; & left at 10 am. I rode 400 miles - to Milwaukee, WI. The traffic was heavy.
Because of this & the heat, I decided to investigate Ferry costs - across Lake Michigan.
"What a Deal" - At 12:30 pm, tomorrow, I will board the "Lake Express" ferry - from Milwaukee, WI. to Muskegon, MI.. It is a "very fast" ferry - and crosses Lake Michigan in just 2 1/2 hrs. It is quite reasonable for motorcycles ($82.50/person + $40/motorcycle + port fees/taxes = $137.50 - not bad! The good thing about it is, I won't have to deal with Chicago traffic, construction, tolls & detours. In this heat, I'll just stand on the bow of the ferry and enjoy the breeze. I will also save riding 200 miles. My butt will appreciate that! No pictures today.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Birthday - Donna/ Homeward Bound

"Happy Birthday" to wife Donna! The heat must be getting to me. I called & wished Donna birthday wishes & said we'd celebrate it, when I got home - but neglected, to put it in my blog, at days end. A large over site! Better late than never.
Today, I left Sturgis, SD. at 8:30 am after breakfast - and saying goodbye to Biker friends; Robert, Rob & Gene. It was another very hot day (100•F)! I rode 450 miles and ended the day at Jackson, MN. The scenery was very similar to home - flat to rolling agriculture land, with the usual crops i.e. corn, wheat, hay, etc. No more mountains or badlands. Tomorrow, I will get near Chicago. It's going to be another scorcher, too! No photos today.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Crazy Horse - Then Sturgis

Today was a great day! I left Gillette, Wyoming around 9 am. After about an hour (and passing by some wild fires), I arrived at Custer, SD. I ran into a couple of bikers; Rob & Gene. We shared some stories and parted. My first, significant stop was the Crazy Horse Memorial. It was a great experience! I visited the Crazy Horse Pavilion - and saw awesome artifacts. I met Wambli Wakan (Holy Eagle), an Oglala Sioux (Lakota); who explained the concept and reason for the Crazy Horse Memorial. It provides "Great Pride & Inspiration" to an entire Indian Nation - not just the "Lakota". More than that; it is an inspiration - to ALL people(s). Crazy Horse was a great "War Chief" - he lead by example. He was very courageous. He did not send his warriors into battle - he led; he was front and centre, leading them - irregardless of the odds. "Crazy Horse, I 'salute' you." He was also fair, to those, who deserved it!....A very "proud" individual, who exuded Native American Wisdom.... Every year, the Crazy Horse Foundation, gives millions of dollars to charity and towards College Scholarships, for those financially challenged - throughout the entire USA. The "Crazy Horse Memorial" will take "generations" to complete - and is privately funded. No Government money! The scope, of the project is simply unbelievable - for example; the entire four (4) sculptures of Mt. Rushmore, fit onto (1) one cheek of Crazy Horse. The "face" of Crazy Horse is "8" stories high - to give you some perspective.
While waiting, for the bus tour (very worthwhile), to the "memorial" site, I met another biker - Robert, from Mobile, Alabama. He was traveling "solo" as well. We also ran into Rob & Gene. The four (4) of us headed to "Mt. Rushmore". It was less awesome for me! Then, we headed for Sturgis - I was told, my headlight was out, so I picked up a light at the Harley Dealer. We checked out Sturgis & got motel rooms - shared accommodation again! Many pictures - Gene, Rob & Robert leaving Crazy Horse; Gene, me, Rob & Robert at Mt. Rushmore; Wambli Wakan & me; artifacts; Crazy Horse & me (from 1 mile away), 1 Eye's Saloon and wild fires in eastern Wyoming.
Sash Wearer

Sunday, July 1, 2012

100•F - Montana & Wyoming - Wild Fires!

"Happy Canada Day"!
Today, was another hot day! I rode 450 miles and ended the day in Gillette, Wyoming. I intended to take, Rte 212 E., south of Billings, Montana (a more direct route) but couldn't - due to a road closure, caused by "wild fires". Anyways, I stayed on I-90; I am about 100 miles from Sturgis, SD. & the "Crazy Horse" Memorial. Lots of motorcycles & travelers were on the road today. A few pictures of the scenery.