Thursday, October 3, 2013

Phzzzit.....A bad sound to hear - if you have "belt drive"!

A week or so ago, while riding a gravel road, near home (short-cut), I heard a "phzzzit" sound - above the radio noise. I thought nothing of it. Last year, while riding through Yukon & Alaska, I was on gravel roads a lot - stones flying everywhere, with no problems. Anyways, earlier this week, when chasing a fuse/wiring problem; with the left saddle bag/side cover off, the drive belt was exposed. I noticed a 3/4" cut in the belt. It wouldn't have lasted much longer. What a break to discover this at home! Today, I took it to P D Restoration - owned by Phil Dickson - & mechanic "Nic", had the lengthy task of replacing it. The transmission/swing arm had to be disassembled along with rear wheel, etc. Nic did a great job, and it was great chatting with Phil and mechanic Jeff. It's always enjoyable getting work done there. Phil's shop (P D Restoration) is old school and provides the customer with added value! Thanks guys, you're "1st Class"! A few pictures - my "cut" drive belt; Bessy the 3rd; & Jeff, Nic & Phil.