Tuesday, April 21, 2015

TEAMWORK - Loving Yourself (your Twin-Flame) & Communicating with Your Higher-Self (your God-Self)

Throughout this lifetime, “TEAMWORK” has been a central theme, in most of my interactions. From my early years, I enjoyed sharing successes (& failures/losses) with others. I believe, I have learned more from the “defeats”, than from the “victories”. I also have realized, that I learned more, from the “less talented”, than the talented……and, what you learn, is not about them - but about yourself. At an early age, my mother would tell me: “The best teachers aren’t always the best students.” I discovered that the best teachers were usually the ones, who had learned the hard way, (through hard work & difficult times). A story I will tell you, happened in the 80’s while coaching nine (9) & ten (10) year-olds - in “House League” baseball.  This “non-competitive development league” was designed, to be a fun introduction, for kids to baseball. For the most part it was; but it would become competitive during the playoffs. The kids could sense this added tension – from coaches, parents, etc.. In the league’s rules, all players had to play equal time in innings & outs. However, during the playoffs, certain kids would become mysteriously missing or ill, increasing the competitive capability of certain teams - for winning’s sake. On our team, I had one player (I’ll call him Joel), who was a “unique blessing”. His family was new to Canada, well educated, but not sports minded at all. They had told me, at the beginning of the season, that their child just “loved baseball”, but they knew nothing about it. During the first game, Joel asked if he could sit beside me on the bench and talk baseball. I said that would be o/k ……& that would become our norm, from then on. I soon discovered that Joel knew a lot about baseball – in fact he was quite an expert, from the strategy scenarios we would discuss. Joel also knew, he had little natural talent, and would rather watch & talk baseball than participate. I said: “You’re going to have to play, because that’s the rules; and besides, your parents come to see you play.”  Joel agreed to play “right field” when his turn came up. That season as fate would have it, would see our team make it to the league’s final game. During that final game, as always, Joel was by my side, strategizing the game's events. The game had moved into its late stages – and it was Joel’s time to be inserted into the line-up. At the time, we were winning by one (1) run……. Joel said: “I don’t want to go into the game, Coach.”...... I said: “Joel you are here, & have been part of this team all season, and as a team player you have to do your part, whatever that is. We are all in this together – Win or Lose. That is what TEAMWORK is - It bonds a team together, through the good & bad.” Joel then grabbed his glove and went to his position in “right field”. And yes, as fate would have it, a fly ball came out to Joel, which he caught, & we won the game….but that would not have mattered! The moral of the story is that we (OURSELVES) are TEAMWORK. We are 'multidimensional, eternal, & (Immortal)'……..and TEAMWORK begins by LOVING OURSELVES. Good Luck & Enjoy this .....and this - Awakening 5D healing post by Morag 
'Warriors of Light', WAKE UP