Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We Are ALL Unique!

You are probably wondering what's happened to me! Two (2) blog posts in one week, without a motorcycle trip to report. I guess there's more to life than "2 wheels", ha ha!
A little history for you. Back in the late "70's, while working at a Canadian Telecommunications Regional Office, one of my tasks was to write position papers on technical/administrative practices for the District field forces - under Senior Management authority. Some of my peers, doing similar work were stressed to the "nth" degree - needing many rewrites, before signature was granted ... I, on the other hand could usually get approval on the "first draft". I often wondered, what the big deal was. I had no formal training; I wasn't fearfull like the others; it just came naturally to me. My day would go smooth. I felt blessed and thought nothing of it. I had always thought of myself as "creative" - "one who thought outside the box"; you know, the weird one. I was also pretty stubborn, too. No-one liked to argue too much with me, since I seldom backed down. Not a great way to be. I have since mellowed! Anyways, by now, you have probably noticed my blog posts are somewhat "out of the box", and hopefully thought provoking. My hope is to provide some comfort to you, in these stressful times and add value to your life! Today, I want to share a link & poem with you about,  
Being Awareness  by Swami/Allen Ajaya, Phd. - Enjoy! . . . 
An excerpt:
How much of your life is currently spent in exploration of what is novel? Have you become encrusted and weighted down with the barnacles of what is familiar, and ceased to investigate the unknown? At what points in your life did you stop living in the ongoing wonder and examination of the unknown, instead settling for what you have been told or what you have concluded from a past experience? How often have you been lulled by answers given to you by others, assimilating them as your own beliefs? How much of what you know comes from what you have read, or heard, or previously experienced, rather than what you are discovering in your direct experience here and now?

In order to feel secure, most of us shore ourselves up with what we think we know and what we believe to be true. We take pride in what we know. Knowing is highly valued and not knowing is disdained. As a result, we are reluctant to admit that we do not know what is true. We are embarrassed by not knowing. Who would think that not knowing has value?

What we know has been acquired in the past. It provides a framework for interpreting what is occurring now. If we remain entrenched in what we think we know, we stagnate. We are not free to discover anything new. New discoveries arise out of past knowledge that proves insufficient for the present circumstance. Discoveries come about when we are willing to reexamine what we believed to be true. 

Within the complexity of human life,
lives simplicity.
Hidden by all of our ideas and explanations,
is truth.
Behind our posturing,
breathes innocence.
All of our struggles,
camouflages ease.
Our fortifications,
protect us from love.
- Swami   Ajaya -           

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Importance Of Being Extraordinary!

After a busy few months, it feels good to get back to blogging. No, I don't have any "major" motorcycle trips planned this year, however, I have committed myself to various projects, which include: childhood cancer & obtaining my private pilots licence. However, these topics are not why I am writing this blog post, today. What I want you to consider today is Dr. Wayne Dyer & Eckhart Tolle's dvd (The Importance Of Being Extraordinary) which tackles questions we all wrestle with ie Who am I? What is real? & What is the meaning of Life? Dr.Wayne Dyer's work is also available on recent PBS broadcasts. As Dr. Dyer explains "when we create a world of extraordinary people who look beyond what they are programmed to become, we impact the entire consciousness of this planet". For more info check out Dr. Wayne Dyer's blog.

**** Disclaimer ****  This blog post incorporates only the personal thoughts of the Blog publisher, not a recognized expert in this field. However, it is hoped this blog post adds value to your lives. Enjoy! - 1 eye.
Photo taken of me in 1973, on my 1st Harley FLH.