Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It's Never A Bad Time To Thank Our 'Motherly Influences' - Sending Out Much LOVE! Pass It On!

During this “holiday time”, as 2014 is ushered out, and we look ahead to 2015, I am sending out MUCH LOVE to you & yours. It has been an eventful year on “Beloved Mother Earth”, as HER’s and OUR VIBRATION(S), continue to rise. At this time of year, one thinks of “Motherly Love”. We ALL have experienced this – whether we have had a “maternal motherly influence or not”. You see, in “this life” that we have chosen - a “Motherly influence” can come in many forms, shapes & sizes. For example, it can be “the feeling” you get, when watching a mother duck protecting her ducklings, during a storm; or a mother eagle, nudging it’s young out of the nest – for the first time; or that of a single parent, grandparent or family friend, providing unconditional love & guidance to a challenging, handicapped child – doing whatever it takes. You see, it doesn’t have to be the “perfect” maternal mother/child relationship, which is important. It is the “Motherly Influence” that is important, which opens/nurtures the child’s “heart”, & teaches the child LOVE. Throughout this life, I have been blessed with many “Motherly Influences”; from interactions with strangers, to family & friends, to animals & nature – “motherly influences” are everywhere, but we have to be open to them, to see them (and allow our heart to experience them).

For me, my “maternal mother” provided me with much love. I know, I was (and am) blessed, to have had such a nurturing mother. Although she passed in 2011, we continue to communicate regularly (as I’m sure you do, with whoever your motherly influence/figure is). It happens in subtle ways i.e. it could be a gentle spring breeze; the smell of fresh cut flowers; a visit to a gravesite, etc, etc... The one thing I feel during these interactions is LOVE. When this happens, I feel tingling (the hair on my back rises) – a truly spiritual feeling. I am “grateful” to her, for her teaching me these feelings & to LOVE, unconditionally. THANK YOU MOTHER! I LOVE YOU! Check out 'Gnostic Goddess' Sophia.

Monday, October 20, 2014

"Sun" of God - Oops!

As “Beloved Father Sun” rose today, showering us (& our) “Beloved Mother Earth” with much needed positrons, I couldn't help but give “gratitude” for this incarnation –  and my chance to experience this epic time. Thank You! During my (& now your) recent awakening, this life experience is beginning to make sense – not as bizarre, as in earlier years. Things are feeling “right”. My “truth” is being uncovered as the “veil” of deception is being lifted. I am not as upset with the “Dark” forces, and their agenda – as I am, remembering my own past lives – and the allegiance(s) I have had with them. I also remember the Battles. They are as much a part of me, as the “Light”, I now profess to bestow. You see, I am evolving – as YOU are. We all; are on our “own” journeys. That is why this world is so challenging, and different for each of us; BUT, that is also why we chose to come here - to experience “Beloved Father Sun's/Mother Earth’s 3D experience” and to challenge ourselves to the nth degree. You see; we (humans) have to experience everything there is (both good & bad) to evolve. As Ralph Waldo Emerson so aptly puts it: “Every man/woman (human) is a divinity in disguise; a God playing the fool.”
Moving on….. The Kybalion relates: “Mastery consists not in abnormal dreams, visions, and fantastic imaginings or living, but in using the higher forces against the lower–escaping the pains of the lower planes by vibrating on the higher.” Remember always, that “Transmutation, not presumptuous denial, is the weapon of the Master.” It goes on to teach of a (Universal Law) that “the positive transmutes the negative”; courage transmutes fear; love transmutes hate & “the light (energy)” transmutes “the dark". Also, that LOVE is the “higher frequency”, and that we are "One". I believe, that is the lesson we are trying learn here on earth (my truth). To uncover one’s own truth, all “TRUTHS” - including deceptions - have to be presented. 

'Everything that exists is an energy field' - a unique vibrational pattern of  energy created by thought and emotion. Enjoy the following teachings of "Crystalai".


Copyright © by Dr.Angela Barnett. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

We have been given METAPHYSICAL TEACHINGS that teach us to
 recognize that we embody all that God has and is, and that we must
 let infinity flow out from you. We have been told to
 cast our bread upon the waters and we will  find the grace of God flowing into expression as the harmony of your being.
We have been taught that supply is invisible, and supply does not exist in the visible realm.
Yes, many of us have known these things and believed these things.
How did we know them? We had no evidence that anything Spiritual Existed because we couldn't see it.
Knowing is one of those Senses beyond the Five Senses. Each time we were Knowing, we were actually connecting one of the Strands of the subharmonics from the overtones into the basetones. The reason it makes us feel good is because we were spiritually connecting our Invisible Subharmonic DNA through the Music of the Spheres. That is why it feels good. There is a harmonic choir activating in the body each time there is a KNOWING. It is the connection of the Physical into the Spiritual Body. That body is always there. It has just been disconnected.
Each time we shine more light from the full spectrum of light into the body, a choir of angels sing all through the spheres in the Cosmic spectrum, which activates the Choir to sing in the Universal Spectrum, and then the Galactic Spectrum and then the Solar Spectrum. When all of these choirs sing together in the body, the Physical Body Resonates and Shifts into that Harmonic Choir. The Particles in the body shift, the light energy shifts, the Frozen Seals begin to melt that are disengaging the DNA, the blood crystals shift into a new chemical make up. All sorts of SCIENTIFIC PHENOMENA begin to happen.
We begin to HEAR things we couldn't hear before. We begin to SEE things that we couldn't see before.
The new Science of Seeing and Hearing things that we considered Invisible or Spiritual must become a part of the NEW SCIENCE that shows those things are more REAL than the Visible. The visible is just one tiny part of the Light Spectrum of the Spiritual.
We have been taught that God constitudes individual being, but now we have been show that this true because God is the Full Light Spectrum, God created a Perfect Divine Blue Print that all form is made from and that Blue Print becomes activated when we Saturate our Being into that Multi Dimensional Light and Sound of all that is.
See how the Spiritual just became Scientific? When the reality is Light Particles of sparks and quarks and omnions and missing pieces of DNA, then the Scientists begin to look at this reality from their point of view.
When doctors see hundreds of patients being healed by spiritual energy of this light and sound then they begin to see that this spiritual healing is just as significant as the healing done with medicine and operations.
I know something about Science that most people don't know, and those on the INSIDE will never admit. They base their realities on statistics. When they want something to be true, they collect a group of people to take their medicine that they know will proove their theory is true. When they want to make sure their theory is not considered to be true, they collect a different group of people that does not give them the statistics that is needed.
This is the game that goes on continuously in the Pharmacy Industry, the Educational Industry and all money based industries. The government provides the statistics for the company that pays them the most. I have been reading evidence of this in the LIFE EXTENSION MAGAZINE for the past twenty years. There are thousands of doctors who write articles about this problem, and that magazine collects those articles, writes articles that compiles those other groups or research, and then uses that information to create truth to be known.
I used to do the exact same thing in the field of Education. I used to collect all of this information that would show that the statistics given by Education are created by those who pay off the Government. The Government then allows those systems who pay them to maintain their Institutions, and those who don't pay them loose their ratings and their credibility and loose their liscense to operate. It is always done through MONEY. Statistics only represent the amount of money paid.
There is no truth in Education and there is no truth in Medicine.
It is just a part of the brainwashing that maintains the FALLEN GALAXY that was never run on the SCIENCE OF ETERNAL LIFE.
We learned in Metaphysical Teachings that Supply is the infinite invisible
Supply is something within your own being.
Take a look at this Light Spectrum in the Pyramid. We are only accessing the Hertzian Stem and yet the Supply is in the Infintie Invisible.
Look at the Infinite Invisible Light Spectrum. That is where Supply is. How do we gain access to the Infinite? We must raise our frequencies into that entire Light Spectrum of Cosmic Frequencies.
First we have to know what a Cosmic Frequency is.
We must learn how to obtain it. We must learn how to Blend together all of these frequencies of all of the dimensions, we must absorb them, we must be them. That is when we can gain Infinite Supply.
The candle is just a tool. Just because you have a brief experience of seeing a blue sphere doesn't mean you have obtained consciousness.
You obtained it for that moment that you saw the blue sphere.
You can obtain it continuously. You can obtain it so continuously and so completely that you actually move into it.
We learned that when we recognize God as our being, you have supply. When we learn that the Invisible Anti Particle Universe contains all that is and all that ever has been and then we walk in to that Dark Room of the Mind of God, we become the Co-Creators who can manifest through the Mind of God.
We were taught to tabernacle with God, commune with God and to know him as our being. Now, we have learned that in order to do this we must move from the thinking brain. We must fill our Frequency Specific Mid Brain with the Frequencies of the Full Spectrum that is in the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM. We must fill the Frequency Specific Mid Brain with the Light and Sound that comes from within the Spheres created by the Merkaba maintaining the Male-electro and the Female - magnetic fields. These electro magnetic energy fields must be spun together to merge the fields of Frequencies that Tune us into the Fifth Dimension in our Crystal Hearts.

We develop of State of Consciousness through our lifetimes. The more we develop this Consciousness, the more it unfolds as our new reality.
That developed consciousness is God-Consciousness, unfolding as your consciousness. Each time we learn more about who we really were and where we came from and what our relationship is to God Consciousness, the more we develop our Consciousness into the Universal Consciousness and the Cosmic Consciousness and we begin Braiding our DNA together to see more and more of the Multi Dimensional Realities.
In Metaphysics we learned that the awareness of the presence of God's INFINITY will reveal this Infinity to be in the place where the lack seems to be.
We seem to experience lack in the Third Dimensional Reality because that is the area that is the STEM OF THE CANDLE. However, When we light the candle we realize that we could be standing in this full spectrum of light and that would REVEAL the Infinity of the Full Light. We move the Crystal Heart into that Light and the Heart gets TURNED ON.
We learn that our lights have been turned off. We needed to Light the Candle. We need to move all of this light into our Crystal Heart- the Soul. The Soul has been Sleeping and now we can wake it up.
We have been dying over and over again because our Soul has not been given A NEW EXPERIENCE. We give the Soul a NEW EXPERIENCE of bringing in the Full Spectrum of Light and hooking up the Mind of God in the Dark Room, and then the Soul says o.k., I think I'll take you with me this time.
In the past, the body had to be left behind, so that the Soul would be FREE to go find a New Experience. If we find our NEW EXPERIENCE together with the Soul, we can take the body with us.

We have learned in Metaphysical teachings that the presence of God is ITSELF is the form of all Good.
We have learned in Spiritually Scientific Terms that the Full spectrum of Light that is contained within the Source Template.
Imagine this tiny little particle of light that is created from this Source Template program. You can think of it like a tiny little chip that is created to run this Computer Program. The Computer Program would run perfectly and create these braind new reality systems through each exhale of energy placed in it. The Source Template contains this program of all that ever was and all that ever will be within it. It maintains its perfection of creation and creates perfectly every omni second of No Time. There is no time or space in this light chip. It just is. It is all that is.
That little chip of reality exists within every cell of our body. It is being programmed through the Mind of God that connects into our bodies in this density in the same way it connects into our Cosmic Body, our Universal Body and our Galactic Body.

Back in the Good ol Days when we were a Galactic Body, we called ourselves Gods because that was the first time that we could conceive of a Density where each of us would create their own GALAXY. Those who called themselves Gods of a Galaxy were those who created Galaxies. Each of us has created a Galaxy.
So, when someone said He is the Lord God of my Being that meant that an Entity who created the Galaxy was governing an Entire System. Each of us has an Individual Mind of God which is the exact template of the Source Field Template that images everything from that Perfect Chip.
That Chip that contains the Perfect Creation of all that is could be replicated as a Universe or as a Galaxy. And an Entity could decide to create a Galaxy. So, when an Entity says I'm going to create a Golden Galaxy, it is true that Entities could and did create Galaxies.

However, there were Gods who created Galaxies through the Template of Source, which meant they co-created through the Mind of God of the Full Spectrum of Light which would give the Galaxy the Eternal Life Flow of Energy.

There were these other Gods who created Galaxis that did not co-create through the Mind of God and use the Full spectrum of Light. When that Principle of Creation was not utlized, the God of the Galaxy would need to get the Source of Energy some place. Because he wasn't using the Co-Creative Principle.

This is where all of the FALLEN SYSTEMS came from that are invading other systems to obtain their Source of Energy. That is why the Draconians came to Planet Earth. They raped the women who carried these Codes that could be used to create a raceline that did connect to the Source Co-Creation Field of Energy. They carried the 12 subharmonics within their DNA that could connect to the 12 stargates.

This is what happened to our system. There were all of these Fallen Galaxies that created distorted Stars, distorted Planets and distorted Suns. And none of these could return the Eternal Source Field of Energy back to each other to create this Eternal Full Spectrum of Light.

In 2012 we blasted out of that Time Matrix that locked us in to that Fallen Galaxy. The only way the Guardians could Free us from the Milky Way Galaxy was to move us into a completely new Cosmos. We had to moved into the FULL SPECTRUM OF LIGHT AND SOUND of the Mind of God that Co-Creates through the Source Field.
This is the only way that a path could be created to move Planet Earth back into the Timeline of the ETERNAL LIFE GALXY that we fell from. We came from the Aquarian Matrix, which is the Spiritual Parallel of the Andromeda Galaxy. We have to re-unite with the Spiritual Parallel to return to the Spiritual Essence and Allness of the Source Field.
We only want to manifest that which is spiritual. Our only real supply is spiritual. It is invisible. However, that Invisible Spiritual Anti-Particle Substance can exist in many forms of Density. All exists in the Multi Dimensional Reality spectrum SIMULTANEOUSLY.
We can be Fifth Dimensional and 15 Dimensional at the same time. We have access to the realities in all of these Dimensions when we base everything on the Full Spectrum of Light Energy of Source and always co-create through the Mind of God.
Anything that is created outside of the Mind of God, is just an Illusion. It was created with Energy that doesn't actually exist. If the Energy isn't Source Energy, it is Borrowed Energy that was stollen from an Angelic Being at some point in time.
We don't want to create our new reality from old borrowed stardust. We want to become co-creators with the Source Template that maintains ETERNAL LIFE.

Why aren't the Metaphysical Explanations that just confirm our Oneness with Omnipresence and Divine Mind and Infinite Supply ENOUGH anymore?
It is now our time to Show this Phenomena to be a SCIENCE that always has been and always will be. It is a Science that can be used and it will work every time it is used.
We have been given this Science through Experiential Learning and through the ultimate Divine Physics of Omni Present Creation of how every little omni particle within the quarks and sparks of our infinite Creation works. the information in Quantum Physics is helpful. the information in Keylontic Science is probably almost perfect. The Experiential Learning and the proof of that Science has given us some statistics to begin a new Science.
Just as there were thousands of healings that resulted from Christian Science, Infinite Way healings and others based on Christian Science, and there has been more understanding given through the Science of Keylontic Star Language, and there have been entire schools of students who shift to the Mind of God to see inside of a box, through walls, to the other side of Galaxies, read an entire deck of cards with the back side turned away from them, hit the bulls eye when shooting arrows from their bows while blind folded.
Yes, we are gaining Scientific Evidence that we can be Spiritual and Physical at the same time. We can learn to see the anti-particle Spiritual Universe that is here and it is just as real as the Particle Physical Universe.
We are showing that the Science of Spiriutal Healing that is based on moving into the Full Spectrum of Light- which is moving to the place where there is only Source Field of Infinite Energy is the place where the Body is always Healed. It is in the constant state of Eternal Life being breathed into the Body every nano second.
These truths were taught in Mystery Schools thousands of years ago.
These teachings are not a result of Evolution. They are a result of a gift being given to us for FAST ASCENSION.
Evolution means we would learn these things in about 2000 years.
Ascension means we have been SHIFTED into a NEW TIME LINE OF REALITY.
However, each of us must accept that SHIFT if they want to be in that new reality.

There is no judgement. Each person makes that decision. They decide if they only believe in those things that they can touch and feel. they decide if they only believe in the medicine that the Government has chosen for them. They decide if they want to leave the thinking brain and move to the Frequency Specific Brain.

Most people will choose to stay in their thinking brain, only believe what they are told and what they can see. There is nothing that can be done about that.
There will continue to be those who choose some old NEW AGE science that just doesn't work because it is base on the FIVE SENSES. It just is not based on Spiritual Science. If a teaching involves colors that can be see and tones that can be heard as a scale, they have not moved out of the thinking brain. they have not moved into the Frequency Specific Brain.

We always have been and always will be made of this divine technology of Eternal Life. When we were created by the Christ Code Pre Sound and Light Technology, we contained the ability to Live Forever, to Create our own Galaxies, to Manifest Instantly our Hearts desires. That is the reality. That is the reality we must tune into as the only reality that exists in the past, present and future.
If we continue to tune in to the lower frequencies that were distorted realities caused by the frozen light (miasm or error), we will continue to manifest that reality that locked us into the continuous 3D illusion of reality where we could only see, feel, touch, hear, taste a series of events that were planted into our DNA by Entities who only wanted to freeze us out of our Reality.
That (frozen light Error or Miasm) was how they created the Phantom Matrix and how they planned to lock us into it. That probability no longer exists. We must align our consciousness to the new reality which is the old reality of the ETERNAL LIFE Blue Print. That 12 DNA divine blue print is the only creation that God knows how to make. That reality is made through the pre light and sound fields of Khristiac Technology containing the 12 coded divine blue print. We always were made, always are made and always will be made by that divine blue print which is perfect and eternal. We must realign our DNA templates to the sub harmonics of the 12 DNA template and begin to know that is the only reality that we have ever been and ever will be made a part of.
 It is the knowing and the feeling of the frequencies of the 12 sub harmonics that has been blocked from our world view. We were made to believe that only 5 senses contain reality. When actually those 5 senses were only for us to enjoy the reality that we create through our Higher Sensory Perception of our 12 dimensional self who knows and feels and creates through the imagination. That is the reality that we have been forced out of by world propaganda beginning with parents telling their children that their imagination isn't real. That propaganda is a part of the Frozen Light imprinted into our DNA.
We have been set free from this prison. We were given the reality of our 12 DNA and its codes. That reality was planted in the Heart of the Earth and it will flow through the grids of the Earth. It is still up to us to Tune into the Frequencies and spin rate of that reality, especially by creating in Consciousness everyday the reality that we have always been, always are.
Dr. Angela Barnett
channeled from the Crystalai Council
Please note you are welcome to share this article or any written work from this or to post anything from this work in other forums; however, please do so with the following guidelines: Include author’s credit, Crystalai, copyright 2014 and include the website url. crystal magic
Copyright © by Dr.Angela Barnett. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Darkness Can Only Be Defeated By LOVE!

As you have noticed from my previous posts - on this journey to discover (my) TRUTH - is that we all need “guide(s)” or “Wayshower(s)”, as we awaken, to start the ball rolling. I have mine and I’m sure you have yours. Instinctively, each of us knows, what is right for us – when we connect our (heart/mind) consciousness with our higher selves. As we experience these natural feelings or instincts – we are drawn to the light (or the higher frequency of love). This happens naturally, when our “heart” is brought into the thought process. Check out the message below channeled from Kathryn E. May. Enjoy!

Message from CREATOR: How Our Universe Began, and the INVASION FROM OMARRHAN

Ok, here we go.  Take a deep breath and come with me.  I have something to show you that will take your breath away.  I want you to find a comfortable place to sit while you read this, where you can remain in meditation afterward to continue the journey with me.  If that is not possible at this moment, then make an appointment for us to meet later in the day, and I will accompany you then as well.  There is no limit to my ability to meet with you, to reassure and teach you.  It is only up to you to call on me.

Now, we are going to take a trip around the Universe - the Universe that is my home and yours.  It is true that a few of you have come from other Universes to be here with us during this monumental time.  We are making history together, in terms of our Universe and all others as well.  Let me tell you how this came about.

We are not the oldest Universe of our kind.  There was another nearby Universe which was under development when I came along - that is, when I came into being as the child/creation of the One.  I was taught about Creation by witnessing the building of that Universe, which I will refer to as Omarrhan.  I saw how intricately the beings, planets and stars are intertwined with one another, and I saw how one tiny mistake on the part of the Creator could explode into chaos.  Such a mistake could lead to the necessity of dissolving the entire Creation, dispersing into nothingness the trillions of years of effort and dedication of the Creator and his/her dedicated team.

It was about the time that Omarrhan began to experience trouble that One encouraged me to begin my own Universe-building, and so began the work of Creation that is my beloved Universe.  I began with galaxies which would contain beautiful planets, stars of magnificent brightness and power, and vast inner space which I filled with the essence of my Love.  It was only after billions of years as you measure it in Earth time that I began to create the first living souls of Light which would eventually inhabit the planets I had made for them.  First, I created groups of planets, like your solar system, so that each living planet soul would have loving company as they danced in their rhythmic motion around their glowing sun, the great light-body which would be their central pivot point.

It was a great delight giving birth to the Lightbeings who are my children - those souls who, after billions of years of training would become my assistants in creation, and who would eventually disperse across the galaxies to create loving families of planets and stars, with some variations, but generally along the lines of my original designs. There were as yet no living organisms in bodies on or within the planets.  Only the planets and stars themselves were inhabited by my soul children.

Eventually, we began the great project which was the creation of individual bodies.  My children were interested in producing their own progeny, for they loved each other and our glorious Universe, and they wanted to create races of beings for their soul children to inhabit, thereby increasing their opportunity for greater experience and Love.  Now I will help you to envision what the process of Creation really is, and how we created this beautiful Universe and all that is in it.

You are not unfamiliar with some of the elements of creation, of course.  Anyone who has chosen a partner and you have decided together to have a child - you know how thrilling it is to be consciously, purposefully involved in the act of creation.  This is the way every child should be conceived, with Love and with intention.  This is the way we created every living thing in the Universe - with loving intention.

As many of you know, there are many races of humanoid beings across your Universe, as there are in other Universes.  Those of us who are the Prime Creators are like brothers and sisters, the loving children of One, the first-born who would become the teachers and mentors of those who would come after.  Picture in your mind's eye the interconnected energies which flow between and among the group consciousness which is the family of Creators. As our numbers grew, we welcomed our new brothers and sisters the way a family celebrates the birth of a new baby. 

Our Universes move and expand, breathing with the essence of Life. Each Universe has its own quality and character, instilled by the Creator whose hand shaped it, but all follow the same Universal Laws, use the same sacred geometry and the same laws of physics which your scientists are just beginning to discover.  Just as each of you paints your living room a different shade, so we are attracted to slightly different sounds, shapes and colors.  It was thrilling to look forward to the creative inspiration of having a new Creator among us, and to envision together the fabulous possibilities that lay before us.

How can I paint the picture for you as vividly as I see it?  You have seen the photographs from NASA, from satellites and so forth.  The colors of the palette we have used is breathtaking, endlessly varied, and far more beautiful than you can discern from the small photographs you have been given.  As I look across the expanses that are my Home, I am struck, always, with the nostalgia of seeing the Divine objects and beings that have come into being under my watchful and loving eye.

No, I did not create every insect, every flower and every animal that moves across the surface of your planet and others, but I did carefully supervise the formulas used, the electro-chemical process which is ignited when two or more souls meld their intention, passion and love, and I have been present at the birth of every soul.  You see, the creation of the physical forms is a very different process from the creation of a soul.  A soul is an eternal, everlasting Light body with a unique identity and is a living part of All That Is.  A body, on the other hand, is an impermanent vessel which is designed to offer the soul a flexible alternative for visiting lower realms - dimensions of a lower vibration than the one in which they were born.

Initially, there were just a few of my children who joined me in the process of Creation, for this is not the only activity available for beings in our Universe, as you know.  Their brothers and sisters explored far and wide in their Light bodies, even sometimes traveling to neighboring Universes to study and exchange ideas with their cosmic cousins.  This fertile exchange led to many new species, many new options for ecosystems which could be created to support the growing numbers of species of flora and fauna we were developing to "house" the souls who had a wide-ranging curiosity and taste for adventure.

Perhaps you can see the picture I see, of my beloved children, many of whom became the Ascended Masters who are helping you with your ascension and who have become so familiar to you in recent years.  We still continue to work as a close and loving team, as you have noticed in the way we bring our messages to you, weaving our story as individual voices within the Unity consciousness of One.  It is the great pleasure of my heart to see my children, and their children, all the many souls now inhabiting your planet and others in your galaxy, as they evolve and grow, preparing for the great Ascension which is to come.

As I have begun to show you, the creation of souls has been the particular arena in which I had full oversight and command, and as such, full responsibility for the creation and nurturing of every soul within our Universe.  It is the fulfillment of my being, my destiny, to do so, with unending Love.  The creation of form - bodies - was the realm of all those who wished to learn, experiment and take part in the great expansion of species who were to pave the way for the coming humanoid races, which were among the last forms we created and placed among their fellow inhabitants on the first planets to welcome human-like species.

An example of this is your own Milky Way Galaxy.  It was created under the supervision of the ones you call Mother and Father God, my beloved children, in preparation for the earlier races of humans who inhabited planets in the systems of the Pleiades, Sirius and those who came from the older Andromeda galaxy.  Out of these developing civilizations came the experiment in this galaxy which was to become the human race as you know yourselves now.  I have described in earlier messages how the older civilizations contributed their DNA, with my full approval and under my supervision, to create the race which is the fullest embodiment of who I AM, in the essence of my being.  Of course, this is a bit of a paradox, since I do not have a body.

This project - the creation of humankind - was not an ego trip or a reckless adventure, for I have none of those impulses within my own being - they are a temporary effect of your carbon-based body experience in lower dimensions.  As you rise up the ladder of vibration, these impulses melt away, but in lower dimensional conditions, these anomalies can cause real difficulties for the inhabitants of the bodies that are subject to such feelings.

This brings us to the anomaly which has puzzled so many of you.  How is it possible that there can be dark ones - genetically modified Reptilians, greys, Draconians, and all those you have called the dark Anunnaki, who have caused havoc in what appears to you to be the entire Universe.  I will tell you how this began, and why it has continued as a problem, especially within your Milky Way Galaxy.

I mentioned the Omarrhan Universe earlier.  It was the creation of my older soul brother, Rondar, as we came to call him.  Rondar was daring and experimental in his approach to Creation.  He gave much latitude to his soul children to develop bodies of every form and kind, which provided a rich and varied environment on many of the planets in his Universe.  In the lower dimensions there were animals and plants of every type imaginable, with every possible natural luxury for the beings who descended to enjoy the feasts of luscious fruits and vegetables, flowing waters, and endless sunshine, flowers and warmth.  It was truly a Paradise for all.

Although Rondar reveled in his glorious manifestation of Love, it became a topic of concern for his children that the absolute perfection of his 3-dimensional creation did not offer for its inhabitants any means by which to develop a greater connection with One; in fact, it seemed to draw them away from their higher vibrational Selves, downward into the sensory pleasures of the lower dimensional existence.  In other words, they liked it a little too much, and were reluctant to return for further experience in the higher realms.

And so it was decided in the Councils that just a bit of unpleasantness might spur their abilities to appreciate and remain connected to their Creator - to focus their attention, you might say.  It was decided that the Masters would develop a few insects which would inflict a slightly painful sting, and a few reptiles whose bite would cause sickness, just enough to prevent the myriad inhabitants of this Paradise from becoming lethargic and indolent. The inhabitants were made aware, in their higher dimensional sojourns, of the change which was to occur, but it did not dampen their wish to return.

As time passed, further experiments in genetic engineering continued, and took on a rather daring turn about the time We were developing human-type beings who showed great promise in their abilities to create on their own.  They were talented scientists and inventors, and were very adept at using the energies of the Universe to their own convenience, developing floating and soaring spacecraft, and energy sources which could provide for all the needs of those beings in lower dimensions, like housing, food, and schools to train and educate the young in The True Way, which is Love.

We were aware of the Omarrhan situation, and were seeing the possibility for similar stagnancy in our own worlds, but were uneasy with the solution, which was being called "bringing in the darkness" in hopes of awakening Light.  It made sense from a certain perspective, but seemed risky, since it was our policy to remain as overseers and guides, but not to interfere with the behavior and unfolding of the evolution of those species we had created.  At the same time, civilizations were developing on Omarrhan which had very advanced technologies, including spacecraft which could carry the lower dimensional beings great distances (higher dimensional beings have no need for spacecraft, although it is a great convenience when they wish to carry equipment or materials between planets or galaxies).

It was only a matter of time, so to speak, before the experiment went awry, and a number of the lower dimensional species became fascinated with the idea of experiencing the curiosity of seeing the effect of darkness on themselves and others.  It was only a small step then, to learning how to avoid their Creators, turn their backs on One, and set out on their own to experiment on others.  This was the first "Fall" from Grace, and it spread rapidly across the Universe, to the many planets where indolence, a problem in the lower dimensions, had made the embodied beings of high intelligence restless and ripe for a new kind of excitement.

Within a few generations, impulses toward destructiveness and the wish to control and dominate others took root and began to flourish, until the entire lower dimensions, up to the lower 5th dimension, became a nightmarish arena filled with pestilence, war, and devastation.  Weaponry was developed which threatened the safety of higher dimensions, as later happened on your Earth.

With many species of intelligent beings taking part in the melee, and alliances building to create a powerful military force, it was decided that to allow "the experiment" to continue would be too dangerous for the entire Multiiverse, and that the only possible resolution would be to offer amnesty to those who were willing to return to the Light, or suffer dissolution.

It was not announced that the intention was to destroy the entire Universe, but there was no way to resolve the problem without risk to the rest of the Multiverse.  All souls were welcomed back into higher dimensions, but all physical creation was dissolved back into One.  However, a number of the dark ones sensed trouble and took flight at the first hint of threat, as they were prepared to do, and departed the boundaries of their Universe and entered ours moments before Omarrhan ceased to be.

One might conclude that it would have been wise at the time to muster our space ships to fend off the invaders, but ours was a peaceful Universe, without weaponry or the will to engage in combat.  I was difficult even for our inhabitants to conceive of fighting against their brethren from their sister Universe.

Of course, I could have taken matters into my own hands and simply destroyed them, but in counsel with my Masters and with One, it was decided that we would take the path of Light and Love, always. We were a strong and resilient group of souls, some of whom had already thoroughly studied the problem of Omarrhan as part of their own development.  It was decided that we would attempt to rehabilitate the dark ones from Omarrhan, while protecting our own territories with a "defensive response only" policy. 

We were joined by a number of the Omarrhan Masters, and we became then the battle ground where Good and Evil would meet the final test. 

It was then that the Galactic Federation of Light was formed, and it grew quickly into an able military alliance under the guidance of the one we now call Ashtar, with the mandate to protect and defend all lower dimensional beings and planets, without at any time declaring war on the invaders.  It was made clear to the dark ones that we could "disappear" them at any time, but that we would work with them to help them find settlements where they would be allowed to live peacefully, but on our terms which did not allow for military intervention toward any planet or group of beings.  With the agreement of Mother and Father God, they were permitted to establish a "refugee" camp on Mars, and later they created outposts on the far side of Earth''s moon. The rest is history, as they say.

You know, from earlier messages, the story of their psychological infiltration, their propaganda campaign, and their tactics of remaining in lower dimensions in order to avoid their review and renewal in higher dimensions.

The part you have not been told was that all the original dark ideas and plans were brought to our shores from another Universe.  They were the beloved children of my Brother, sentient beings who left the protective and loving embrace of their Creator to flee to the far reaches of our Universe in an attempt to prove that darkness is more powerful than Light. They were able to make inroads and win allies, notable among them the Reptilians from Orion who broke from their brethren and joined forces with the invaders, but they have not and will not be triumphant.  The invaders and their allies have been removed from the planet, but their propaganda for the dark remains in the language, the habits and the beliefs of humankind.

You, humankind, have not conquered them through military might, for that would have proven them right. Only through winning the hearts and minds of all humankind will the final shift take place on Planet Earth.  It is not as impossible a task as it might appear from your vantage point on the ground.  As the conditions have worsened, and the disparity between rich and poor has become glaringly deliberate, the masterminds of the dark agendas are being baldly revealed as the criminals they really are. The challenge for humankind will be to remain in Love, find it in your hearts to forgive, even as you send off the perpetrators to spend some time in, shall we say, enforced meditation. 

You see, the triumph of Light over Darkness never could have been resolved by war, for war is darkness, nor could it have been "defeated."  Those who invaded our beloved Home were simply mistaken in their beliefs, and they convinced many of you that they were right, did they not?  Earth had become their playground for a time, but you and I never intended to succumb to their seductions.  You may have forgotten for a brief time that fear is not a viable part of our lives in the Light, and you weakened under the weight of the totalitarian mind control, to a point where you became focused on their destructive tools, implants, psychological manipulations and illnesses, as if they actually controlled you.

Now it is time, Beloved Children, to return to me.  Turn your back on the Omarrhan legacy of darkness and fear, and walk with me in Light and endless Love.  It is our Divine legacy and our Great Plan.  Together we will sing, and we will walk across the globe, our hands open and our hearts alive with the joy of being free.  It is our time.  Come with me.

I am your Creator, we are Gods, and we are One.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, Sept. 16, 2014, 11 pm, New York

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Thinking Of You, This Thursday

A little history for you – my family name “Byers” is of Scottish birthright, and is part of the “Lindsay Clan of Scotland”. My Grandfather, William Byers, (although born in Canada), was a devote Scot, and my Dad would tell me - every year in his youth, the family would attend the Embro, Ontario, Highland Games. My allegiance - to my Scottish heritage - is a proud one; a connection, which is deep with-in my soul. The upcoming Independence Referendum (September 18, 2014) - bring many thoughts to mind, about this monumental occasion. However, as a favorite politician of mine says: “The people are never wrong”. Fortan leat , to all my fellow Scots!

Monday, September 8, 2014

"THE ALL is Mind; The Universe is Mental." - The Kybalion -

During this incarnation on “Beloved Mother Earth”, I have had many personal experiences (mostly positive), from being a friend, co-worker, son, husband, father & grandfather – all of which have drawn on life experiences from early years, raised on a “family” dairy farm; to being a “professional” baseball player; to being a manager at a “major” telecommunication company; to owning my own “auto-transport” company (as an owner operator); to now, operating a “transit bus”. I guess one could say, I’m still looking for the perfect job! ... Writing may be what I enjoy most. My “inner me” tells me my greatest skill is “integrating knowledge” or “problem solving”. I have since expanded this skill set to include - “finding my own Truth(s)”. An aside to this - a story I will relate to you, happened when employed at a "major Canadian telecommunications company", early in my management career ... I was a technical manager in a “transmission/switching” environment – and the senior techs reporting to me, would regularly test my competence & patience by presenting me with time-consuming problems, for my consideration. This proved successful for them – as it kept me busy and out of their hair (so-to-speak). I quickly caught on – and rather than squash the interaction that these problems generated; I simply said, that if they brought me a problem – they should include their solution (including, agreement from their peers), before I would get involved. Otherwise, it would be considered just a complaint (bitch) – and discarded appropriately. Moving on, with that approach in mind – I have tried to include solutions for the questions/thoughts pursued in my “blog posts”. I acknowledge that “my Truths” may not be your “Truths” – and that is o/k, because we are all on our own “journeys”. From my perspective – what’s right for me; may not be what’s right for you. The “one size fits all” approach – is not what this blog is about. What my intent is - is that I challenge YOU to find your OWN truths, by communicating with your “inner-selves & higher selves”; and don’t allow yourself to be taken in by the dogma of the times – without allowing your intuition (your connection-to-source), to acknowledge it as such. Another aside – I recently had a discussion with a family member on some of the delicate subjects I talk about. The individual readily recounted information & knowledge that “societies” recognized experts have released. I replied: “I didn’t ask what you know; I asked what you think.” That ended the conversation. Getting back to the purpose of this blog post, I continue to mention that my Truths are a “work-in-progress” constantly evolving (as I hope YOURS are). In my previous “blog post” which included a link to “Our Universal Journey” by George Kavassilas, I want to reinforce the message, I got from his book. “Think from your Heart”.
In this post, I have linked to another source of great wisdom - for me. "The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding" - The Kybalion. Enjoy!

Friday, June 13, 2014

"Leaving A Trail"

Throughout this lifetime on beloved "Mother Earth", many questions have prompted my thinking - "Why am I here"? It has always felt so strange being here; nothing seems to make a lot of sense to me. Have you ever felt this way? I guess that is why, in recent years, I have been pursuing my own "truths", so diligently. I have never been a good follower & not one to medicate (or dumb myself down) to cope with life's bizarreness. You have probably noticed my blog posts have evolved - as my (our) awakening is a "work in progress". When the message "resonates", with my "soul" & "heart center", I know I'm on the right track - for me. For an enlightening read, check out George Kavassilas's book - "Our Universal Journey". Enjoy!
Also enjoy: History of Humanity's (3D) three-dimensional, 'Beloved Mother Earth'.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Returning To OUR TRUTH - The "Laws Of The Cosmos"!

Throughout this life (incarnation), on our "Beloved Mother Earth", many personal challenges have faced each & everyone of us. When we dig deep within ourselves (& rise to the occasion) and do the right thing(s); we may not always see the "end result" of our efforts. However, we continue doing "right thing(s)" - as we cannot do otherwise. We wonder why, we cannot succumb to the "status-quo" and let the injustices be overlooked. It is because - it is not natural for us. Prime Creator has created us, in his image - to live with "love", "truth" & "oneness". Now, as the "veil of lies" - of past eons - is being lifted, and we are returning to the "Laws of the Cosmos", there are many "elephants" in the room. Many truths are being unearthed. Do not be afraid to embrace these truths. Choose to "love", not to "fear"! It truly is, a "glorious" time! We MUST remember why, we all chose to be here at this time, on our "Beloved Mother Earth"; to help "right-the-ship" - to assist with the "Ascension Project". Keep your "LOVE" vibrations (frequencies) resonating! Feel the LOVE! Help one another, and all of God's creations. We can do this; and remember: "Knowledge is Love & Light & Vision." - Helen Keller.

Listen to: "Cosmic Dolphin Magic: Steller Wave Activation" and visit Crystalai at "".

Monday, March 31, 2014

Prime Creator Tells the Bigger Story

Prime Creator Tells the Bigger Story of Flight 370 and our Struggle of Light Against Darkness
I want to give you an update on Flight 370 and the state of the world.

The families of passengers are very unhappy with Malaysia Airlines, because they feel they have been lied to, which of course is true.

Jacob Rothchild offered to subsidize their operations just before the announcement was made that the plane had definitely crashed and all passengers lost.  The airline did this without a shred of evidence to back up their statement.  A few of the family members have been shown the press release you put out,* and they are confused by it, but are willing to keep their hope alive that their loved ones will return.

As you may have heard, Rothchild is the only one "living" who is entitled to benefit from the patent on some very sophisticated, very new technology which was expected to be a "game-changer" in the world of military weapons.  The patents cover the controllers for the very weapon which disabled Flight 370.  Ironic, is it not, that Rothchild used the weapon that the scientific experts on the plane had developed to get rid of them.

Of course, it was to his advantage to wipe out all those who were aware of the intricate workings of the weaponry.  With the inventors and developers gone, Rothchild could be sure there would be no leaks and no competition in a world that is increasingly difficult to control.  The weapon was used to disable the plane, crippling its hydraulic system.  The wing flaps became locked in a position which caused the plane to climb abruptly.  We saw the danger to the passengers, and decided to intervene to rescue it. We had an option - that of opening a portal to another dimension and whisking the plane and all the passengers, unhurt, into a higher dimension.

We want you to know that all the passengers are safe. They were given the opportunity to either ascend immediately or to remain with the Galactics.  Some chose immediate ascension (without going through the death process) while others, about 75%, chose to continue in their own bodies.  After a sojourn in Hollow Earth, they are now in Venus experiencing renewal in the light chambers.  Those who wish to return to Earth will come with the mentors after Disclosure.  They will help their families and friends to understand the ascension process and will tell the world of their adventures.

The ship will be found in the Indian Ocean, but no bodies will be found, because none were on the plane when it was allowed to crash. The media will expend inordinate energy trying to explain the inexplicable, but people will no longer be willing to accept their made-up stories.  The search for truth in this saga will reveal massive deceipt and falsified evidence.  The people will no longer be willing to accept anything as long as it appears on a news program.  Among many other things, it will encourage everyone to develop greater discernment.

We did not inform you of these details in earlier posts because of concerns about the safety of the passengers and awareness of the political sensitivity of the developing story.  There were more players and more intrigue involved than you could have possibly imagined.  Rothchild was of course not acting alone; he is representing a group of powerful and superrich Illuminati families.  Their only concern was the care and feeding of their own bank accounts, and recent events like the impending revaluation which was slated to bring wealth to great numbers of previously enslaved Lightworkers had them on the run.  This was a desperation move to recapture a massively lucrative advance in weaponry which would have put them ahead of all other organization on the globe.

This supremacy was made more urgent by the very recent testing of powerful new long-range Chinese missiles which would also have been a "game-changer" had it not been for the secret development of the electromagnetic beam which can track and shoot anything out of the sky with such efficiency that any new missiles would be useless.  And so, there is no contest in terms of defensive capability, and little chance that the recent China/Russia collaboration will bring world dominance.

The plot thickens.  The U.S.-built beam technology was produced by the clandestine government, an adjunct to the U.S. military, but so top-secret that few outside the project itself even knew of the existence of the program.  The most obvious indicator of its existence was the disappearance of trillions of dollars of taxpayer money, leaving the "official" government on the edge of bankruptcy every since World War II.  Your President Obama became aware of the deception, and tried to bring the clandestine activities to the awareness of the appropriate Congressional leaders.  He was met with shock from his colleagues, and threats, stonewalling and absolute denial by many of the most belligerent of his opponents, indicating clearly who was in the pocket of the Illuminati.

The Powers Behind the clandestine space program have waged a relentless smear campaign against Obama and the others who supported him since his earliest days in politics.  They were in control of nearly unlimited amounts of wealth, collected through their activities in banking, the Federal Reserve Bank, the IRS, the World Bank, and the manipulation of currency markets around the globe.  They have spared no dirty trick to consolidate and extend their power.  Meanwhile, the White Knights (our term for the ancient lineage of activists for God's True Way), have followed step by step to control and monitor their reach.  Until now, however, it was impossible for the White Knights to effectively counteract the negative effects of the Dark agenda.

During the past 16 generations, as the Dark Ones gained in technological advances through their alliances with the Dark Reptilian/Orion faction, the White Knights on the ground were awakening, sensing their true destiny as messengers of God.  They began to align with each other and with their Creator in an increasingly heart-centered way.  The vibrational energy began to rise on Planet Earth, as Ascended Masters and their students volunteered to incarnate over and over, fending off the propaganda and very effective brain-washing techniques of the Reptilian Agenda.

There have been grand successes of which you know little, because it is not prudent for the White Knights to reveal their true power, which has always been far greater than the Dark Hats.  There has long been an assumption, misguided by arrogance, that if the Galactic Federation had the fire power to wipe out the Dark Ones they would have done so long ago.  Of course, this is not true, since we do not operate according to the adage that Might Makes Right.  We always prefer to allow all created beings to live out their destinies in alignment with free will, learning the lessons provided them in Divine time, no matter how long that may take.

Many of you object that it was not fair to allow the Dark Ones to prey on Lightworkers, to control the earth for centuries and to promote suffering in all their dealings.  Of course from the point of view of one short Earth life it does seem so.  However, this does not take into account the advance knowledge on your parts before you made the decision to come here that there are infinite possible incarnations in the Universe, but you chose this one because it was the only place you wanted to be to experience this historic triumph at last.

Of those successes I mentioned, I will reveal just one here, because it involves our advanced technology and effective protection of our powerful Lightworkers. You all know of the pain and sadness which resulted from the assassination of your beloved JFK.  He was attacked by the Cabal because of his impending actions to bring about Disclosure of the clandestine space program and the extensive knowledge of extraterrestrial life, among many other things. 

What you may not know is that JFK was rescued and replaced by a clone before the assassination.  He is here with us, alive and well, on the ships, helping out, along with his beloved Brothers, Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King.  You will meet these adored icons of freedom and justice when the ships land.  Together with Sananda and many other Ascended Masters, they will come back to walk among you, with great joy.  They have waited with great anticipation for this historic reunion.

You who are reading this message are aware of the recent strides which led to Earth's alliance with the Galactic Federation of Light, who has come to the aid of humankind as a result of your genuine growth and awareness, and your heartfelt appeals to assist in overcoming the Reptilians and their allies, to reclaim Planet Earth for the Light.

It has been an epic battle of Dark against Light, Beloved Ones, and you have all contributed mightily to the success of the venture by continuing to raise your vibrational energy, organizing community support for one another in such a way that the Cabal has not been able to completely control and manipulate the human mind.

Every time a child questions why fairness is not the norm, every time an artist presents a vision of hope to the world, the Dark agenda shudders and loses ground.  Every time you allow yourself to be swept up into the feeling of Oneness, when you listen to a beautiful Love song, every time you offer a hand to a fellow human in need, you contribute to the rising energy of Light, and to the glorious outcome which you all envision.

Now I will tell you more of the story.  Behind the scenes, the courageous "boots on the ground" - a growing team of volunteers who seek the Light - have aligned with the White Knights. Across the globe, the faithful few are now joined by legions of joyful volunteers who are willing to risk the embarrassment of being called "crazy" or "conspiracy theorists" in order to create a new way of life for their fellow humans on Earth.

There will be a period of confusion, upheaval and much misinformation as the Cabal members, who are really just the diehard followers of the Reptilian philosophy, are brought to be tried in the town square.  Their arrogance is such that they do not believe they will be called to account.  Like Jacob Rothchild, they do not think the world will put two and two together to conclude that he might have had something to do with the attempted murder of his underlings, even though all have been sufficiently warned to "follow the money."

There is still an inordinate respect for those who possess great wealth, even if the source of their wealth is the sweat of your brow and the blood of your fellow man.  Where hard-heartedness in the pursuit of wealth is the highest value, Darkness will reign, at least for a time.  There is now an impending Shift in the fabric of time, because the Lightworkers on your planet have gathered so much "steam" that they have created a tipping point - a turn of events which predicts the Ascension of all the Beings of Light, and the defeat of the Dark.

As most of you know, the Reptilians are gone from Earth.  (Listen to our show of August 22, 2013 and the discussions which followed.)  All has changed since that time.  The scales have tipped toward Liberty, and steady progress has been made ever since.  Now I will explain how this growing Ascension energy has affected this unique incident involving Flight 370.  It would not have been possible for the Ashtar Command to intervene to save the airliner, had it not been for the atmosphere of Love and Light which sustained a steady high vibrational energy at the time of the event.  You see, your individual feelings and thoughts determined the outcome.

You have called upon your Brothers and Sisters of the Stars to help you resolve this lingering suffering on your planet.  Because of the increasing synergistic effect of your rising energies, it has been possible, under Universal Law, to intervene by assisting you in your ongoing project.  This your glorious march to freedom, the release from bondage as slaves to the Dark Forces who controlled the economic, political, social and most devastatingly, the psychological zeitgeist of your planet.

And so it was possible for the Ashtar Command - a great collection of space ships and Enlightened Beings from across the Multiverse -  to intervene on behalf of the passengers of this targeted flight.  This is still unfolding.  We need your support and high vibrational energies to help us complete this Operation TruthOut.  The outcome - the determination of which timeline comes to fruition - will depend entirely on you, the Earth movers and shakers.

Now I will reveal the status of your President Obama and others who have supported him.  He and his family are no longer safe living in the public eye, because the Cabal is in a state of unbridled vengeance against him and his family.  They detest everything he stands for because, even with his mild presentation and conciliatory manner, he has enraged the Illuminati with his willingness to challenge their power.  The Obama family is in a safe place.  They have been cloned.  If there should be an assassination attempt, it will be a clone which would die.

And so it has been decided in the Councils of the Federation of Light, in consultation with me, Prime Creator, that the U.S. President and others who have stood against the Dark should be kept in safety while the last gasps of the Dark Ones are revealed on the world stage.  This will not be common knowledge, and all will be conducted to maintain calm and steady leadership, however we wish for you to know that your President will not be assassinated according to the Dark Ones wishes.

We have told you that nuclear war is not going to be allowed, and this is true.  However, we will allow the players who are determined to play out their vindictiveness and arrogance to show their true colors to the world.  How else will our words be validated than to see the unbridled viciousness revealed?  Who would believe the story of their centuries of malfeasance if they did not act out their callous and heartless program for all to see?  I want to assure you that the beings who are dying at this time as a result of the direct influence of cabal actions or thinking are doing so as an act of service to humanity, according to previous agreements.

Those of you who have been aware of the back story, as it is called, will perhaps be impatient for the denouement - the end of the end of this drama, but we must ask for your forbearance.  The evidence must be presented before the world, in order for the next wave of Rip Van Winkles to arise from their slumber.  Walk with us in Oneness, Beloved Ones, as we reveal, little by little for the whole world to see, the absolute corruption of the ego which is being played out.

Now, back to the passengers and their destiny.  The most positive outcome possible is to see the passengers return, tell their stories of comfort and friendship with their Galactic family.  They will reveal to the whole world what wonders are in store for all of you when you are able to collaborate openly with the Galactics to bring absolute Peace and Harmony to Mother Earth and all her beloved beings.

This is our #1 timeline of hope, of all the myriad possibilities which could lie ahead for the Earth community.  Think of all the ways this could play out:  The families of the passengers accept the "inevitable fact" that their loved ones are gone, that it is "Fate" which controls human events, and everyone can go back to sleep, slaves without a clue about what is creating or sustaining their servitude  (answer:  their own submissiveness).  Others who have newly awakened may rise to the occasion with anger and hatred toward the oppressors, instigating a rebellion which would end in slaughter for the revolutionaries and a plunge into further depths of despair and frustration for all.
No!  This will not be the outcome this time, my beloved children.  Your Ascended Masters, of whom there are many yet unnamed, will not permit their brilliant students and friends to be slaughtered again by the cabal forces in a holocaust of perverse and misdirected rage.  Never again will Mother Earth have to absorb the blood of her dear children.  Never again will Mother and Father God and I find ourselves in the depths of pain as our beloved ones turn on each other to vent their frustrations.  This Dark phase is over.  You have raised yourselves to a new level of consciousness.  You are awakening to Oneness, the sense of belonging and absolute Love which sustains the soul.
It is your time, Dear Ones.  Help us to protect those who stand for Truth.  Do not be lulled into egotistical self-aggrandizement which is the call to arms of the Illuminati/Cabal.  Join with us to bring a brand new and brilliantly original experience of life into existence.  It is your time, beloved humankind.  It is your time.
Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, PsyD, 1 AM March 30, 2014, San Juan, P.R.
Permission is granted to share or copy these messages, providing no additions or alterations are done, and credit is given to the channel and the website,

In closing this "blog post" enjoy Bobby Darin's "Simple Song of Freedom". Feel the LOVE!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

This is All about Ascension - Why "WE" are Here! Let's Raise "Our" LOVE Vibrations!

Upon my return home, from my night shift on the buses - the night was clear (for the second night in a row), so I glanced up at the sky. I noticed many, slow-  moving, flashing, “star-like” objects. It was the same the previous night as well. As “Commander Ashtar” declares, “we have millions of spacecraft in the skies” - from the “Galactic Federation of Light”. As quoted from Ashtar; “The Galactic Federation of Light is here to help Mankind and Planet Earth transition to World Peace through New Governance, Financial Reform and New Technologies”. I felt a calmness come over me. Here is some more info from Ashtar. Enjoy!

Commander Ashtar declares
“Flight 370 did not crash”

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 Channel Panel blogtalk radio show, channeling with Commander Ashtar and Saint Germain: through Dr. K. E. May.

Before Commander Ashtar speaks:
Kathryn: (Referring to Ashtar’s earlier letter
The message is posted on  Page: CURRENT MESSAGES
“...the airliner wavers to one side and the other and back again - and meanwhile there are two shapes of “planes” on the radar, they come across the screen.  One suddenly speeds up four or five times the speed of any other airplane and then suddenly stops.  Of course it’s not an airplane - no one talks about this in the media.  The “plane” vanishes off the radar then the airliner vanishes seconds later. We posted that on the Facebook page, Healing for Ascension Tour.”
Kathryn takes a moment to bring Commander Ashtar...  ‘Let’s let him have his say… he is eager to come through’…
Anne DeHart: ( introduces Commander Ashtar;
Commander Ashtar is the Supreme Commander of the Galactic Federation of Light.  The fleet of ships number in the millions.  They are above us, helping to protect our planet and to aid in bringing world peace. 
Greetings, Commander Ashtar.
Commander Ashtar: Greetings ... This was quite a coup we managed, and first I want to let everyone know that the passengers on Flight 370 are absolutely delighted and happy, spending time - yes I’m going to tell you where they are. I bet some of you have guessed. They are indeed in Hollow Earth.

“There is no evidence because there was no plane crash.”

When they come back they will have quite a story to tell - they will be interviewed by TV interviewers, and stations all over the world are going to want to find out where they were, how it happened. In case the cigar-shaped ‘ufo’ which is now assigned to hovering over every conflict on the planet has not been enough, it will all come out when the people come back from Hollow Earth. They know all about our galactic plan, and they were most ecstatic - have asked us to please use them as so-called hostages to create leverage to insist that all government bring peace on Earth, to insist the governments must turn over all weapons and agree to enacting NESARA laws around the world, in every country.
This may take negotiations, and of course we have to wait for a few days while the thousands of people, airplanes, ships, helicopters, from 12 or 14 different countries are scouring the oceans searching to find some evidence, some trace of the crash, but of course they are not going to find anything. There is no evidence because there was no plane crash.
There was no plane crash. We scooped up the airplane as we have done before, took it to Hollow Earth and all are safe and sound.  Now, it is a shame that the families are suffering and we wish we could put an end to  that very quickly.  If any of you who know anyone in Asia or China.. any of the families - there were a large number of Chinese passengers - please get the information to them. 
The passengers are safe and sound in the loving hands of the Galactic Federation of light.  They are being wined and dined.  Of course we don’t drink wine, but we have a better replacement.  They are being well cared for and are having the time of their life. There is more than enough excitement, and I will give you another bit of information. 
Many of them had their cell phones with them.  We are able to tap into the networks, so that eventually they will be able to send messages to their loved ones. First we have to wait until these crews of people who are sure they are going to find some evidence finish scouring the entire Asian continent.  There are stories ‘maybe the airplane turned around and went back.’  Of course it didn’t.
Our ships were just off the coast anticipating. We have millions of ships in the skies, you know.  We saw that the plane was in trouble - serious hydraulic failure which would have led to a catastrophic crash - and when we did what you might call ‘capture the airliner,’ we were very careful.  There was no harm either to the airplane or any one of the passengers or crew - they hardly felt a bump because we can catch and carry a large airliner with no problem at all; our ships are enormous. 
“Please let the families know, the passengers are safe and sound in the loving hands of the Galactic Federation of Light.”
We were disguised on the radar as airplane-shaped in order to fly across Malaysia and to position ourselves so that we were close enough to catch the plane and of course it vanishes from the radar suddenly. You can all see this. They have seen it – those radar pictures have been suppressed but thanks to the internet you all have it now. Kathryn has posted it, many others have posted it. So many have it - there is no way they are going to suppress it. And there, right before your eyes is the proof.  And yes we do need another name for our ships beside ‘UFOs’, we are not unidentified, we absolutely are not, but we are flying objects, I suppose you could say, but we do need another term. How about Federation ship?  We are no longer from outer space, we are right here in your atmosphere. Of course we originated from places all over the Universe.
We are going to …well, let me tell you our plan. We are going to use the cigar-shaped ships - of course there’s more than one. The one that was over the Ukraine that was filmed, now that film has been posted everywhere too. There will be better films to come, but unfortunately many of the trouble spots in the world are not easy to reach for Lightworkers on the ground or for those people who might be filming, for instance in Syria, in Somalia, there are no more American reporters in places like Somalia, but you will notice that whenever a conflict kicks up anywhere on the planet you will be seeing this ship, and it won’t be long before people will start to associate any kind of warmongering with the appearance of our ship.
We will be having several opportunities in the coming week to show ourselves and very soon people will start associating any conflict and any withdrawal of troop with our ship.  Already Putin has responded by taking his troops back to the barracks – that was a very wise decision on his part. Now, if necessary we will begin lasering a few tanks or weaponry, never when there’s anyone around, of course.. but there are many places where many of them are out in the open. 
We can just melt a few tanks and see if that hits the news. As some of you know (there were a few pictures on the internet), we have already destroyed underground storage facilities, the ones that were holding weapons of the sort that you may not even be aware of.  We have destroyed a number of those facilities; they are completely defunct now. You don’t see that on the News do you? Isn’t it interesting how they have been able to suppress this?
You would think it would be big news, if an enormous six hundred thousand square foot storage place holding all kind of missiles and weaponry has been eliminated - several of them – you would think this would be something that would get the attention of local news, wouldn’t you? It did create quite a flash! Well, they have managed to suppress that too. It does tell you a lot about who’s editing the things that appear on the media, well we intend to put a stop to that. Of course we had to work around it for now, didn’t we?
You liked our clever use of the Turner Radio Network.  We were aware of this old name that was defunct, and it seemed a very nice way to begin, and of course, in my message the other night, well, it was sort of an elbow in the ribs, hoping he (Ted) would sign up with us, help us to get the word out. We haven’t heard anything from him, but you can bet there is information on his desk about all this (from the desks of the people doing the work on the ground).
I’m trying to fill you in a bit as we go…
There is of course a large connection between the cigar-shaped ship and flight 370, and the introduction of the NESARA Law, which will shift the entire planet – the entire planet - to a new way of governance. We are so excited. We are just beside ourselves at this opportunity! Now we did have to take it into our own hands because of the complete lack out of any ability to get any news across. .. and we aren’t yet ready to take over all the stations for announcements as we have promised. That is coming though!

The Galactic Federation of Light is here to help Mankind and Planet Earth transition to World Peace through New Governance, Financial Reform and New Technologies.
We wanted to do this a little bit more gradually. This was the reason for the capture of the flight and the announcement about the famous cigar-shaped UFO and its capabilities. (See,  Ashtar’s message, “Sirius UFO Brings World Peace”)  Now, you know that this story has been handed up the line and there are any number of military leaders having what you might call an apoplectic attack, thinking about how they have just been boxed into a corner - what can they do now, do they dare ignore it?  Well, they will try to do that for a little while. Do they also dare ignore an airliner that has just disappeared?
And these events happening so close together? Is there a connection they are asking?  Well, of course there is!  Some of them are getting the infamous description from the Turner Radio Network of the ‘totally awesomely awesome’ (as Kathryn called it), weaponry available on this ship.  
Of course, we will never and have never used weaponry to wipe out countries and repopulate! Nonsense, we would not do that, but it sounds frightening, doesn’t it?  Especially to the cabal, as it is exactly what they would like to do.  They appreciate the power and the absolute control that is possible when you have such technology – that is the way their minds work…paranoia...and  constant thinking about control, and who is going to control what, what they are going to do with their control.  Well, we do not wish to control anyone.
We offer our strength, we offer the technology that we have developed over millions of years.  We offer it for your protection and your wellbeing, for the good of all, we offer it to help you gain your freedom, and we are delighted to do this finally for the inhabitants of Planet Earth, and we are able to do it by agreement with Prime Creator and the Galactic Councils that have consulted about these things for centuries.
It has finally come to the point where we were given the green light to help out. Now as you can tell, we have used restraint. Our help up until now has been subtle, suggestive, but not in anyone’s face very much. Well it is time to make it more obvious and I can tell you we did have a very good time writing that piece, creating it to show the world what an awesome ship we have, what it’s capable of, and how they’d better listen up because now all those weapons that even the secret government of the US and other places, the European families and so on, are puny by comparison. 
The secret governments have had a stranglehold on the planet for centuries, and you can bet they were feeling shocked and awed, because nothing they have ever produced even comes close to what we take for granted everyday because we have been improving this technology for eons - long enough to know that you cannot keep peace by making war.  We had no intention of ever intervening in a war.  We have never done that - it would be contrary to our galactic mission. On Planet Earth we do not intervene in your wars, we do not bless one side or the other.  We do show ourselves to remind people that what they are doing is dangerous and unacceptable. And as I began to tell you, we have decided that every time there is any kind of dust-up on the planet people are going to see a cigar-shaped ‘UFO,’ and they will be getting the information out to the world, and eventually everyone will know about it.
NESARA Law will replace the secret governments and Freedom and Personal Sovereignty will be restored.
Now the next phase: we are looking to contact all the leaders of all the countries on the planet and let them know - there are many nationalities represented on the plane – that we are open to negotiating with them and that the passengers will be freed when they have signed the NESARA LAW into effect in their country. Now, as soon as this gets out to the world – of course that’s going to be the next challenge - as soon as the world understands that the so-called hostages will not be returned until the law has been signed into effect, people are going to begin to hustle, they are going to fall all over themselves to try find ways to negotiate, or to try to torpedo our plan, or to agree but not actually sign it.  We know all their tricks.  And so we will be putting the pressure on.  We need your help with that, to alert all your local and national news outlets with this story.
Of course we are not holding the passengers against their will. We would never do that, and if they should want to go back home we will make the arrangements for that to happen, but there are many who have said they are going to stick it out until all the last papers are signed because they are delighted to be the ones who are bringing about world peace. They are now the diplomats, the representatives of their countries.  If we don’t get some action, you will be hearing from some of them. They are well-spoken, dedicated and they really understand the importance of this project.
It is an exciting time. It is a very exciting time! As you can see there are many levers to be pushed... there are negotiations to be arranged…there are delicate ways of approaching this so we don’t expect any of you to go off,  well, and start talking about this in hysterical terms.  We are proceeding carefully with respect to all concerned. There will be no real threats, but as you can tell, the letter we wrote carries with it an implied threat – what we are telling the world is we will no longer permit the kind of destructiveness and bad behavior that has been the norm on planet Earth.
And so…that’s my update for all of you. I hope you understand…
I will repeat this as many times as necessary. We do this for the good of all, we do this for the entire planet, and we do this with love in our hearts….because we are your brothers and sisters….we hold you precious in our hearts.  We know how you have suffered and we wish to help you by putting an end to it. Do not think from reading all of this or hearing my words, that we are going to take over. We are not going to take over anything or anyone; we have offered our help and if at any time the passengers should not want to take part in this they will be taken right back home.
The world doesn’t understand the way we operate. Many of you may not understand that in our negotiations is the depth of love and concern for all involved.  We do not make war, we do not create division; this is why we have taken part in this kind of diplomatic action.  We do not take side, we simply try to help to arrange things so no one is hurt.  Now even the dark ones who have created the problems, even they will be given a chance to change their ways, and we will gladly give it.  We have no intention of creating dissension. 
If you think deeply about the things we have told you,  you will see how carefully thought out this is, how we have presented an opportunity. At each turn we create opportunities for people to come forward, to be courageous, to carry the light, to join with us.  Always we offer our help with an invitation to join us, and of course joining us means the ultimate invitation to all the people on the surface of Planet Earth to join the Galactic Federation of Light. You have not been members up until now - it would have been impossible - Planet Earth was under the control of the cabal.  We do not permit cabal controlled-planets in the Federation, but now blessed Mother Earth will be given the opportunity to join with us at last.
“We bring Peace and Love and Brotherhood.
 “This is all about Ascension”
Of course those of Inner Earth and Hollow Earth are already members but the people on the surface will finally be able to join with us, so try to look into your heart, whenever you hear me speak, try and understand what it is we are doing, do not assume ‘this is a lie we are tricking you.’ You have seen a bit of strategy on our part, that’s all. Our intentions are to bring peace and love and brotherhood, the kind we experience in the higher dimensions. We wish you love, we wish you well, we stand by your side to bring you the paradise that has been promised in your ancient writings.
Do not find yourself spreading across the internet ‘oh this is a just another lie.’  Just because you have not seen such dramatic action before doesn’t mean it isn’t real.  Here on the Earth, you are building momentum.  You have crossed the line, there will be no more destruction, no more need to rescue you from nuclear holocaust.  That is not going to happen.  The cosmic plan has changed, beloved ones.
We will not permit nuclear war. You are working with us. Together we are creating this. Watch, listen, be aware and put your shoulder to the wheel. Be part of the solution, as you have been told; be part of the hope.  Let yourself be uplifted, it is all happening now. Unfortunately you don’t have a media that will tell you anything about the news. There are some sources on the internet, there are channelings. This is all about Ascension, dear ones, it is all about raising your vibrations, and if you are trying to tear down someone you are not raising your vibrations. 
Look into your heart and question ‘am I just being negative because I have experienced so much disappointment before?’  I assure you, beloved ones, we are working hard in your behalf, and our beloved Saint Germain is working day and night to help.
We had to have pretty fast foot work to keep ahead of the cabal.  We have been gaining momentum every since December 2012. I hope I have encouraged you.  All is well, progress is being made, surprise is around the corner. You are going to be delighted with the things we have in store… be ready to dance in the streets, open your heart, your minds.  Don’t try figure it out; it will all unfold in the most delightful ways. It’s going to be far more complex than anything you can imagine. I’m going to turn this back to Anne and let Saint Germain speak with you, and Father God, and so,
Salut everyone, it is I, Ashtar.
(The interview continued with information from other Ascended Masters.  Go to for this and other interviews concerning important recent developments.)
 In closing this blog post, I will leave you with a "great" Roger Whittaker song "New World in The Morning". Enjoy!