Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 - Remembering the "Best of Us" - Nelson Mandela

As 2013 draws to an end; I cannot leave this year, without honoring the "Best of us" - Nelson Mandela. His life is an example to us; to not be diminished by the "burdened spirit" - that beats away at us; to succumb to the "status-quo". During my "car-haul" days, I remember reading Nelson Mandela's, "Long Walk to Freedom" - usually at days end; quite often falling asleep in my bunk, & awaking in the morning - with the "soft cover version" crumpled, underneath me. Nelson Mandela's story has many lessons. As was quoted by the Boston Globe - "A manual for human beings.......Should be read by every person alive." The best lesson I liked, was the final paragraph. It stated: "I have walked "that long road to freedom". I have tried not to falter; I have made missteps, along the way. But I have discovered the secret; that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. I have taken a moment to rest; to steal a view of the glorious vista that surrounds me; to look back, on the distance I have come. But I can rest only for a moment, for with "freedom" come responsibilities; and I dare not linger, for my "long walk" is not yet ended."
Nelson Mandela, now, you are at peace - knowing you have accomplished much & taught us all; that true "Freedom" is 'within us'. Thank-you for ALL you have done! I "HONOR" you! You will be missed!

"Mandela Day - SIMPLE MINDS" - Thank You to 'Simple Minds', for your music & 'Love of  Humanity' ... & to '', for sharing . . . 'Cos We Know' what's going on ...

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Good Health & ABUNDANCE for ALL - that is my wish for YOU!

I remember, when I was young at Sunday school; hearing the story of Jesus "feeding the multitudes" with only "a few fish & loaves of bread". I thought; how could this be? That doesn't make any sense at all, logically. As I've gotten older, and my thought process moved from the bicameral mind, into the conscious mind; I realized - ALL is possible. I have realized this through my "consciousness connection" with the Creator. I call it having "unity with the Creator". Everyone has this capability - if they choose to. God gives us the "free will" to do this. So......., if I have a concern or problem to solve; I just relax (by deep breathing) & "with intent", ask for the "wisdom of the universe" for help; (which to me is "our Creator (God) & his staff of helpers (including Christ)". I then continue relaxing & forget about the problem. This, for me, is usually done at night; at bedtime - which is when most concerns & problems, come to mind. After passing the "job", of solving my problem onto the "Creator" (is done), I sleep wonderfully; with no worries. In the morning or within the next day or so - the answer comes to me, effortlessly - and is always right (for me).
However....., there is a "catch" to this! Since, I (& now you) have given our problem(s) to the "Creator", to provide answers; I (& you) have to do the "Creator's" work. That is only fair, since God (he/she) is doing ours! And also, don't forget, I (& you) have "unity with the Creator" - so that is why we have to do the "Creator's" work. So, now you ask: "What is "God's" work, that we have to perform"? Well really, it is quite natural for us; since we are "God's" creation. We have just forgotten - or maybe thought he had forsake us - and so, thought maybe, we had better just look out, for ourselves! However, that plan - of looking out for "ourselves" doesn't seem to be working, too well. All, that is required for us to do our "Creator's" (God's) work - is to be honest, truthful & non-judgmental; to be present in each moment & be helpful to God's creations; and most importantly, be 'loving & give thanks' for your abundance. At this particular moment, you might think your abundance isn't much - but it is always enough (and will improve) & best of all; you will feel at "PEACE" and "ONE" with the universe. Good Luck!

"Where there is lack,
God's abundance is on the way.
Hold on. Have Faith.
- Marianne Williamson -

**** DISCLAIMER**** - This blog post represents the personal views of the "Blog publisher", not a recognized expert in "Theology", "Spirituality" or "Health Care". You are encouraged to find your own "truths" on these subjects. Enjoy.

David Byers

Friday, December 20, 2013

I Found An Old "Friend"

Last evening, while going through some old paperwork from "", I came across a "web site" of an old friend - I met on my journey. His name is Monte. We met by chance, at "Bell 2 Lodge" on Hwy 37 (the Cassiar hwy), in northern British Columbia, Canada. We (Sarge, Monte & I) were delayed due to a "spring wash-out" of the Alaskan Highway - between Watson Lake & Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. Monte gave us a "heads-up" that the wash-out would be lengthy; and he was headed south to bi-pass the problem - via ferry at Prince Rupert. "Bell 2 Lodge" was the only fueling / lodging facility till Watson Lake, Yukon & facilities there were full - with police turning everyone around. Sarge & I would eat and adjust our plans, as well. Monte was leaving right away. Monte rode a new 800 BMW GS - loaded for bear. We then parted - Sarge & I went into the Lodge restaurant - for a late breakfast. Looking out the window in the drizzle, Monte was taking his helmet & jacket off. He was quite tired & wet as he had slept outside the Lodge that night - in steady drizzle. He commented, that someone had pulled up in a car & slept the night - right in front of him, & hadn't offered him shelter from the rain. I could sense that Monte was agitated by this (I would be too). He was very tired. You might ask why - with only this short & chance meeting - I consider him my "friend". I don't have too many, that I consider to be a "true" friend. For-the-most part, I think "guys" are like that (sorry ladies). I think it's our "warrior spirit" instincts, that dictate if "trust exists". We don't let our emotions be felt - because we might have to try & "kill" one another. Sounds barbaric but true! I could sense - right away - I wanted to be his friend. Monte, came into the restaurant and joined us for breakfast. It was an "emotional" meeting. What a truly "great" human being. He was on a "solo" trip as well - to visit friends along the way. Many with "health issues" from the "service". Monte had been a "Squad Leader" with the "United States Marine Corps" & been awarded the "PRESTIGIOUS" "Purple Heart". This came out during the two (2) hour conversation we had - by accident. I could sense he was very "humble" discussing this - when so many of his friends - were unwell. He mentioned that after going to Alaska; he was going south via Minnesota: and then to South America. One of the "highlights" of his journey - was to present HIS "purple heart" to his friend & fellow Marine - who was dying. I'll always remember what he said - something to this effect; He said: "The "Purple Heart" means more to him; having his friend have it; than him having it, on his own wall." Thank-You "Monte Notton" for your service to "MOTHER EARTH"! Visit Monte's Web Site @ "".


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Health Care & Your Immune System

As you know, from my earlier posts, "Health Care" is one of my more interesting topics - "Self-Healing" in particular. Why would this be, you say? Probably, because I hate to see financially destitute families & unnecessary suffering. Many "great souls" have left "Mother Earth" too soon. I feel the "Medical Research/Pharmaceutical Industry, Bureaucracies & Government(s) have let us down. That being, to provide us (the people) with the access to the "best value" Health Care, we can get - without having to be wealthy. That being said, I do feel that the "Health Care professionals" should be paid well. They deserve it. I do find it ironic though; that we can put someone on the moon - but can't cure the various diseases of the day i.e. cancer, etc, etc..... What happens, with all this research money? On a personal note, I have been experiencing, some of these illness symptoms - that are going around. Even though, I have been getting the normal "dogma" of medical care - nothing seems to satisfy my inquisitive appetite for knowledge. I also heard on the "news" recently, that "multi-vitamins/supplements" were no longer helpful for "immune system" recovery. The "Centrum brand" has been a popular choice, recommended by the Medical deities. A local "Naturopath store" I visited, also said that any "new" products were impossible to get, here in Canada - due to the unrealistic "government approval" guidelines. Where did my "freedom of choice" go - for MY own health? Check out this! After further research, I found some helpful information relating to my symptoms, with possible cures. Check out "Hulda Clark's Protocol" & Dr. Tent's "The Exploding Auto-immune Epidemic" here.

*****Disclaimer - "This blog post represents only the personal views of the blog publisher; not that of a "Health Care Professional". It is up to you to make your own "truths" from this material."
- David Byers -

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sandy Hook & the power of "ONE"

Yesterday, was a wintry day here; a day my wife & I were looking forward to - that being, babysitting our seven (7) month old grand-daughter. During the morning, we played; observed, smiled & laughed - a lot; & reminisced about similar times - when our children were young. After her feeding (around noon), grandma placed her on my chest - as I was lying down on the couch. She fell asleep - so peaceful, loving & trustful ... After hearing on the news, about the Sandy Hook anniversary, my mind suddenly flashed-backed, to a year ago, to the children (the CRYSTAL CHILDREN) & the six (6) adult Angels of Sandy Hook, Newtown, Conn.. How difficult, it must be for their families. One can never say; that you truly know how they feel - until you have gone through something similar; or as I say, have "Walked the Walk". Some of the questions they must be asking are: Why? ... How could this have happened? ... Where was our Creator (God)? ... I thought, how their families & community had requested 'no media' nor 'government officials' - for this "solemn"; profoundly personal day. They just wanted to love each other, "unconditionally" - & try to "forgive" the troubled killer, killer's family & God (who they felt forsake them). . .
However........, those 20 "Crystal Children" & 6 "Angels" were on the front lines; performing "God's" work. They were created; to be here; in this place & time - as part of our "Creator's great plan" - to take back the EARTH (so to speak); from the thousands of years of "deception & fraud". Our Creator, has SUMMONED all of us - trying to get our attention! It is very difficult, for our Creator to do so; when our busy lives are so focused on "sitcoms, fads, sports & money". What does God have to do next; if we don't catch on? Come on humanity, "WAKE UP"! I have self-declared (for myself) - to use Bobby Darin's famous song  ...  "A Simple Song of Freedom" ... to be used (from now on &.... forever) as the Anthem of ALL the CRYSTAL CHILDREN - to be sung daily at noon time - with sincerity, intention, emotion & especially LOVE - throughout all the World. "All" CRYSTAL CHILDREN  & Angels give us permission to do this;.... whenever, INJUSTICE, HATE, FRAUD & DECEPTION are observed & 'unconditional' LOVE is required. Enjoy!

Fool Me Once, Shame On You, . . . Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me . . .

Monday, December 9, 2013

Reminiscing, the "Truths" of our Human Existence

This past weekend, my wife & I, pulled out "Christmas" decorations, decorated the tree & wrapped a few presents for loved ones - cherished traditions, carried forward, from our youth. One never gives too much thought, as to why we do this; because it has always been the way of life, for our "Christian" family - & for generations. We would never challenge the reasons - why would we? We have been encouraged from infancy, to think this way. As for many of you, indoctrinated into other religions & cultures, you no doubt have "your cherished traditions" - as well. These traditions generally give "us" a special (warm) feeling; of togetherness & belonging; and sense of "oneness" - for those with similar thinking. In an earlier blog post, "We Are All Unique", I attached a link to, "Being Awareness" - by Swami/Allen Ajaya - PhD. I found his article quite enlightening, as he talked about "not limiting yourself" to the current "dogma" of the times. He suggested being open to "your own truths" - things that are in your "consciousness", that seem right for you. By doing so, you will remove mysticism - and have your own, true connection with the "Creator". By doing this, you will have access to the "universes knowledge" i.e. truths. In these difficult times, where leadership; both political & bureaucratic is lacking - the "dogma" of the past, appears outdated, at best. Your/our truths need to be explored, in our minds eye. Be open to the new. Remember we are all "One"; We are "all Connected". A "Hindi" greeting I would like to share with you.

  "I honor the place in you, where spirit lives
I honor the place in you, which is
of Love, of Truth, of Light, of Peace.
When you are in that place in you,
and I am in that place in me;
then we are One."

Another quote, I want to share is from "Black Elk", & a famous Medicine Man & Holy Man of  the Oglala "Lakota" (Sioux); & a second cousin of "Crazy Horse".

In a Vision, Black Elk related:

"And while I stood there, I saw more than I can tell,
and understand more than I saw;
for I was seeing in a sacred manner,
the shapes of all things, in the spirit,
and the shape of all shapes,
as they must live together like "one being".
And I saw that the sacred hoop of my people,
was one of many hoops, that made one circle;
wide as daylight & as "starlight";
and in the center grew one mighty flowering tree,
to shelter all the children - of one mother & one father.
And I saw that it was holy."


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Like A "Ball 'N Chain"

Have you ever experienced a situation, where it seemed like you weren't getting, to the root of the problem; or there was no positive movement on issues of importance i.e. politics and/or health care? I remember a similar feeling, at my "stag (or groomsman's) party" - 37 years ago - the guys attached a "ball & chain" to my ankle; simulating what marriage, would be like. I had a difficult time getting around - and they left it attached, til the next day. Not a great feeling! Anyways, the analogy is similar! In recent "blog posts", you've probably noticed, that one of my interests is "self-healing". This interest, will probably continue into the future; as I haven't seen a lot of ingenuity, in the way of recent cures coming - for the "various" deadly diseases of our time. However, on a daily basis (probably like you), I receive requests in the mail, for (research) donations. The Naturopathic Industry has shown some signs of vitality - but are restricted by government legalities - which supposedly, are in place to protect us! Moving on, on a more positive note, I have had communication with Aeron Goldhardt, of Tesla Energy Lights - and am very interested in what his "lights" can do, for self-healing - and in general adding value to our lives. With "heath care" costs on the rise - all avenues need to be explored. Dr. Claude Swanson, PhD has an excellent commentary on this. Check it out here at "Tesla Energy Lights!"    Site not available    ***  But check them out  HERE  *** . . .

****Disclaimer**** I am NOT a "health care professional". My "blog post" represents, only my personal views, so use your own judgement, when considering these ideas. The thoughts in this post, are intended to add value to your life.

David Byers        

Monday, November 11, 2013

Remembrance Day - November 11th

"Where Have All The Flowers Gone" - Pete Seeger.
Today, is a day - to remember the fallen; "the BEST of us"; who have left this world - to be in a better place. WE must not forget, their example, to us. On a personal note, my Dad (Jack - now deceased) was a World War II veteran. A little history - Dad was one (1) of three brothers, born to a life on a dairy farm, near London, Ontario, Canada. When the war came, many young men, avoided enlisting - due to the "farm clause" i.e. if you owned a farm, you weren't expected to enlist. Many farmers would buy small acreages, in their sons name, for such purpose. My Dad felt, he should "sign-up", since his elder brother was too old; and his younger brother had a hernia (and was medically unfit). So Dad went to Chatham, Ontario to enlist. Dad enlisted with the army infantry; and trained in Woodstock, Ontario. During his training, Dad was moved into "Ordnance" - due to his farm experience & ability to fix things. They trained him in "diesel mechanics" and he became a tank expert. Overseas, Dad advanced with the tank corps - repairing/servicing/scavenging parts, etc; to keep the tanks in optimum, operating condition. Dad did not talk about these experiences - until the last years of his life.... He was glad, I didn't have to experience what he had. As a kid growing up, I was privileged to have a Dad, with such "character". One story that comes to mind, as a youngster; happened one evening, when we were in the barn doing chores (an aside - after the war dad became a dairy farmer - he loved farming; me, not so much). Anyways, I was about 9 or 10 at the time & Dad  was letting cows out to pasture, after milking. He noticed a truck at our "line" fence (the fence marking the end of our property) with three men unloading garbage into the ditch. I remember Dad saying "Come-on; Get in the truck!" - I grabbed a "pitch fork" and dad & I hurried to where the guys were dumping, their truckload of junk. Once there, Dad grabbed the "pitch fork" and confronted the men; I stood "sheepishly" 10 feet behind Dad.... Dad said: "You guys would be wise to pick up the garbage and get the "**8%%=+" out of here!" They said: "You look pretty tough, with that "fork"!" Dad then threw the fork, several feet to his left, saying: " I don't need a "fork"". I quickly retrieved the fork.  The men then realized Dad wasn't going to back down, & started to put the junk back in their truck. A lesson well learned, for me - "If you ignore it; you condone it!"  I hope our leaders at all levels of government; take a moment on this day; to appreciate the lesson Dad taught me that evening - long ago. "IF YOU IGNORE IT; YOU CONDONE IT!" We can do much better! Check Out This & 'Stop The Chemtrails'. . . A couple of pictures of Dad & Dad & I in 1968.


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Phzzzit.....A bad sound to hear - if you have "belt drive"!

A week or so ago, while riding a gravel road, near home (short-cut), I heard a "phzzzit" sound - above the radio noise. I thought nothing of it. Last year, while riding through Yukon & Alaska, I was on gravel roads a lot - stones flying everywhere, with no problems. Anyways, earlier this week, when chasing a fuse/wiring problem; with the left saddle bag/side cover off, the drive belt was exposed. I noticed a 3/4" cut in the belt. It wouldn't have lasted much longer. What a break to discover this at home! Today, I took it to P D Restoration - owned by Phil Dickson - & mechanic "Nic", had the lengthy task of replacing it. The transmission/swing arm had to be disassembled along with rear wheel, etc. Nic did a great job, and it was great chatting with Phil and mechanic Jeff. It's always enjoyable getting work done there. Phil's shop (P D Restoration) is old school and provides the customer with added value! Thanks guys, you're "1st Class"! A few pictures - my "cut" drive belt; Bessy the 3rd; & Jeff, Nic & Phil.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mental Toughness - Character in Action!

In an earlier blog post, "The Importance of being Extraordinary", I linked to "Dr. Wayne Dyer's" blog. Although, there's a little redundancy here, I wanted to reinforce, a point he made, in his "June 2013" blog post. He quoted poet & philosopher Kahlil Gibran - "Your children are not your children......They come through you, but not from you.....though they are with you, yet they belong not to you." "Gibran advised looking at your children, divine beings that they are, with awe and wonder. You might strive to be like them, but don't try to model them in your image. They are unique souls, all their own!" Dr. Dyer goes on to say; Children shouldn't be raised, to believe they are ordinary........rather, that they are extraordinary! He states & I agree: "This is the foundation of faith, for all of us. Know who YOU are - part of the invisible intelligence, a piece of GOD - stay connected, stay aligned, and you will have all the power of that connection! Most of us are raised to believe, we are ordinary. The anchor of the universe, is present in every child - and as their custodians, we must help them believe, they can do or be anything!" Check out Dr. Dyer's books here - Incredible You . . .
Many times; underprivileged,disadvantaged &/or handicapped children have an "angel like" presence. Also, I've observed, many of those same children, exude "Mental Toughness" - and quite often, have extraordinary talents! I feel this could be attributed to the "solitude" or "loneliness" they have experienced - and the associated, deep thinking being done - in order to find their way. The "mentally tough" succeed - but unfortunately, some fall by the wayside! We must add value to those lives, if we recognize this, and provide some mentoring. Remember, we are all in this together - sometimes it takes a community to raise a child! Click here!  

Thursday, July 11, 2013

What's OLD is NEW........! Who'd of thought!

Last Saturday, my wife (Donna) & I; son (Bill) & daughter-in-law; and some friends, attended the "Big Ball's Dice Run" - for Down's Syndrome. What a great day! Many riders and biker stories to be heard. Many of the stories centered around those who couldn't make this year's run due to deteriorating health. Many looked at this ride, as a form of needed therapy. Some people who had camped over - had upset stomachs. Possibly, due to bacterial infections of some sort (or maybe, too much beer)! Anyways, not a good way to feel - on a motorcycle run. I knew how they felt. I can remember, getting some bad "truck stop" food over the years - and last year on Wunderlust2012, I got a couple of bad hot-dogs - instant stomach cramps, etc, etc... Luckily, I carried an antibiotic, for that purpose.....and didn't venture too far from the washroom! Unfortunately, over recent years, antibiotics have been too widely used (over-prescribed)  for minor or preventable sickness; and thus infections have become antibiotic- resistant - like MRSA.
For hundreds of years, it is well known that SILVER has been used to fend off/minimize viral & bacterial growth/disease. An interesting myth - is that royalty survived "the Black Death", unknowingly - due to the fact they ate from silver plates/cutlery,etc..  For more info, check out "A Simple way to save money on your health", here.
**"DISCLAIMER** - The preceding blog post, is the "personal opinion" of the blog publisher - not a recognized expert in the "health care" field. Use your own judgement, when reading and interpreting this blog and associated references. Thank You - David Byers.

A a photo of the ride - me with white helmet.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We Are ALL Unique!

You are probably wondering what's happened to me! Two (2) blog posts in one week, without a motorcycle trip to report. I guess there's more to life than "2 wheels", ha ha!
A little history for you. Back in the late "70's, while working at a Canadian Telecommunications Regional Office, one of my tasks was to write position papers on technical/administrative practices for the District field forces - under Senior Management authority. Some of my peers, doing similar work were stressed to the "nth" degree - needing many rewrites, before signature was granted ... I, on the other hand could usually get approval on the "first draft". I often wondered, what the big deal was. I had no formal training; I wasn't fearfull like the others; it just came naturally to me. My day would go smooth. I felt blessed and thought nothing of it. I had always thought of myself as "creative" - "one who thought outside the box"; you know, the weird one. I was also pretty stubborn, too. No-one liked to argue too much with me, since I seldom backed down. Not a great way to be. I have since mellowed! Anyways, by now, you have probably noticed my blog posts are somewhat "out of the box", and hopefully thought provoking. My hope is to provide some comfort to you, in these stressful times and add value to your life! Today, I want to share a link & poem with you about,  
Being Awareness  by Swami/Allen Ajaya, Phd. - Enjoy! . . . 
An excerpt:
How much of your life is currently spent in exploration of what is novel? Have you become encrusted and weighted down with the barnacles of what is familiar, and ceased to investigate the unknown? At what points in your life did you stop living in the ongoing wonder and examination of the unknown, instead settling for what you have been told or what you have concluded from a past experience? How often have you been lulled by answers given to you by others, assimilating them as your own beliefs? How much of what you know comes from what you have read, or heard, or previously experienced, rather than what you are discovering in your direct experience here and now?

In order to feel secure, most of us shore ourselves up with what we think we know and what we believe to be true. We take pride in what we know. Knowing is highly valued and not knowing is disdained. As a result, we are reluctant to admit that we do not know what is true. We are embarrassed by not knowing. Who would think that not knowing has value?

What we know has been acquired in the past. It provides a framework for interpreting what is occurring now. If we remain entrenched in what we think we know, we stagnate. We are not free to discover anything new. New discoveries arise out of past knowledge that proves insufficient for the present circumstance. Discoveries come about when we are willing to reexamine what we believed to be true. 

Within the complexity of human life,
lives simplicity.
Hidden by all of our ideas and explanations,
is truth.
Behind our posturing,
breathes innocence.
All of our struggles,
camouflages ease.
Our fortifications,
protect us from love.
- Swami   Ajaya -           

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Importance Of Being Extraordinary!

After a busy few months, it feels good to get back to blogging. No, I don't have any "major" motorcycle trips planned this year, however, I have committed myself to various projects, which include: childhood cancer & obtaining my private pilots licence. However, these topics are not why I am writing this blog post, today. What I want you to consider today is Dr. Wayne Dyer & Eckhart Tolle's dvd (The Importance Of Being Extraordinary) which tackles questions we all wrestle with ie Who am I? What is real? & What is the meaning of Life? Dr.Wayne Dyer's work is also available on recent PBS broadcasts. As Dr. Dyer explains "when we create a world of extraordinary people who look beyond what they are programmed to become, we impact the entire consciousness of this planet". For more info check out Dr. Wayne Dyer's blog.

**** Disclaimer ****  This blog post incorporates only the personal thoughts of the Blog publisher, not a recognized expert in this field. However, it is hoped this blog post adds value to your lives. Enjoy! - 1 eye.
Photo taken of me in 1973, on my 1st Harley FLH.