Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Like A "Ball 'N Chain"

Have you ever experienced a situation, where it seemed like you weren't getting, to the root of the problem; or there was no positive movement on issues of importance i.e. politics and/or health care? I remember a similar feeling, at my "stag (or groomsman's) party" - 37 years ago - the guys attached a "ball & chain" to my ankle; simulating what marriage, would be like. I had a difficult time getting around - and they left it attached, til the next day. Not a great feeling! Anyways, the analogy is similar! In recent "blog posts", you've probably noticed, that one of my interests is "self-healing". This interest, will probably continue into the future; as I haven't seen a lot of ingenuity, in the way of recent cures coming - for the "various" deadly diseases of our time. However, on a daily basis (probably like you), I receive requests in the mail, for (research) donations. The Naturopathic Industry has shown some signs of vitality - but are restricted by government legalities - which supposedly, are in place to protect us! Moving on, on a more positive note, I have had communication with Aeron Goldhardt, of Tesla Energy Lights - and am very interested in what his "lights" can do, for self-healing - and in general adding value to our lives. With "heath care" costs on the rise - all avenues need to be explored. Dr. Claude Swanson, PhD has an excellent commentary on this. Check it out here at "Tesla Energy Lights!"    Site not available    ***  But check them out  HERE  *** . . .

****Disclaimer**** I am NOT a "health care professional". My "blog post" represents, only my personal views, so use your own judgement, when considering these ideas. The thoughts in this post, are intended to add value to your life.

David Byers        

Monday, November 11, 2013

Remembrance Day - November 11th

"Where Have All The Flowers Gone" - Pete Seeger.
Today, is a day - to remember the fallen; "the BEST of us"; who have left this world - to be in a better place. WE must not forget, their example, to us. On a personal note, my Dad (Jack - now deceased) was a World War II veteran. A little history - Dad was one (1) of three brothers, born to a life on a dairy farm, near London, Ontario, Canada. When the war came, many young men, avoided enlisting - due to the "farm clause" i.e. if you owned a farm, you weren't expected to enlist. Many farmers would buy small acreages, in their sons name, for such purpose. My Dad felt, he should "sign-up", since his elder brother was too old; and his younger brother had a hernia (and was medically unfit). So Dad went to Chatham, Ontario to enlist. Dad enlisted with the army infantry; and trained in Woodstock, Ontario. During his training, Dad was moved into "Ordnance" - due to his farm experience & ability to fix things. They trained him in "diesel mechanics" and he became a tank expert. Overseas, Dad advanced with the tank corps - repairing/servicing/scavenging parts, etc; to keep the tanks in optimum, operating condition. Dad did not talk about these experiences - until the last years of his life.... He was glad, I didn't have to experience what he had. As a kid growing up, I was privileged to have a Dad, with such "character". One story that comes to mind, as a youngster; happened one evening, when we were in the barn doing chores (an aside - after the war dad became a dairy farmer - he loved farming; me, not so much). Anyways, I was about 9 or 10 at the time & Dad  was letting cows out to pasture, after milking. He noticed a truck at our "line" fence (the fence marking the end of our property) with three men unloading garbage into the ditch. I remember Dad saying "Come-on; Get in the truck!" - I grabbed a "pitch fork" and dad & I hurried to where the guys were dumping, their truckload of junk. Once there, Dad grabbed the "pitch fork" and confronted the men; I stood "sheepishly" 10 feet behind Dad.... Dad said: "You guys would be wise to pick up the garbage and get the "**8%%=+" out of here!" They said: "You look pretty tough, with that "fork"!" Dad then threw the fork, several feet to his left, saying: " I don't need a "fork"". I quickly retrieved the fork.  The men then realized Dad wasn't going to back down, & started to put the junk back in their truck. A lesson well learned, for me - "If you ignore it; you condone it!"  I hope our leaders at all levels of government; take a moment on this day; to appreciate the lesson Dad taught me that evening - long ago. "IF YOU IGNORE IT; YOU CONDONE IT!" We can do much better! Check Out This & 'Stop The Chemtrails'. . . A couple of pictures of Dad & Dad & I in 1968.