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Part of 'Why We (Humanity) are Where We Are Today' ... This all has happened during your slumber ... But, now that 'YOU HAVE AWOKEN' ... Maybe, it's time to make better choices . . . Because, it's Never The Wrong Time, to 'Do The Right Thing' . . .

Thank You Wikipedia for sharing . . . Henry K ... 

Heinz Alfred Kissinger

May 27, 1923
DiedNovember 29, 2023 (aged 100)
Kent, ConnecticutU.S.

 An excerpt: Legacy His legacy is often debated by historians. Some people criticize him, even calling him a criminal, for his tactics during the Cold War, notably supporting a military junta in Chile and backing Pakistan during the Bangladesh War. Many people, however, consider Kissinger a great figure in modern American history who ended the Vietnam War, opened up China, and supported peace in the Cold War.


Meet Henry ... Thank You, James C.. (The Corbett Report), for your work & 'Love of  Humanity' & to (The Corbett Report Official LBRY Channel), for sharing . . . An excerpt: FROM 2009: A war criminal, a genocidal eugenicist, a power-hungry plotter, a modern-day Machiavelli, a Rockefeller toadie. Meet Henry Kissinger.


'DO  NOT  CONSENT' . . . 'Silent'  Weapons for Quiet Wars . . . Thank You to (StellarPrince-33-11), for sharing ... An excerpt: Courtesy of 'Karonaj' youtube channel.

The goal has always been the same, subjugate, domesticate and engineer societial norms, all in the name of control by the few at the expense of the many.

The Elites delusions of grandeur has blinded them. They are puppets and empty vassals to the spiritual forces of wickedness in high places!

Do not succumb to their wicked ways and know that they are the ones who are inferior in consciousness. They are a sub-species of the human race, lost and without the Kristos spark that allows for all the good qualities of humanity to express themselves.

They are like a black hole, a vacuum, a parasite, a vampire that would rather suck the life force of others than live within their own means as an egalitarian, decentralized member of humanity.



Claim back your sovereignty:


Culling the 'useless eaters' ... Thanks for your love, Henry ...

This is My message to the 'powers not-to-be'  - (reposted, from Sunday, January 20, 2022) ... Thank 'You to All', 1 Eye's Blog . . .

The Gaslighter - Thank You 'The Chicks', for your work/music & 'Love Of Humanity' ... & to YouTube (The Chicks), for sharing . . .


And, do You Know any of these good folk who have our best interests in mind?  Thank You Wikipedia, for sharing ... An excerpt: The 2023 Bilderberg conference received some media attention due to the participation of several major players in the artificial intelligence space, such as OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, Microsoft CEO Satya NadellaGoogle DeepMind chief Demis Hassabis and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

&, this 'good' group?? Thank You Wikipedia, for sharing ... The World Economic Forum (WEF) - An excerpt; Young Global Leaders - The group of Young Global Leaders consists of 800 people chosen by the WEF organizers as being representative of contemporary leadership. After five years of participation they are considered alumni.[75] The program has received controversy when Schwab, the founder, admitted to "penetrat[ing]" governments with Young Global Leaders. He added that as of 2017 "more than half" of Justin Trudeau's Cabinet had been members of the program.

Thursday, November 30, 2023

We (you & I) 'Have Come' ... a long, long way & things are now making sense . . . So, are YOU glad you came? ... I know, I AM! . . .

Fear Not &  Enjoy! . . . The Universe has y(our) back ... (only take from this, what resonates with your heart ... & discard, all the rest) ... Thank You, fellow Guardian L..S..L.. sr.., for your work  & 'Love of  Humanity' ... & readers, don't forget ...  part two (2) . . . 
And  *** part 3 *** ... Enjoy!
Negative Alien Agenda NAA (ref: ascension glossary) . . .
NRG - Nephilim Reversal Grids (ref: ascension glossary) . . .


The Hidden Game -  VV Scripts - Thank You A..D.., for your work & 'Love of  Humanity' ... & to (Light Walkers Walking Each Other Home), for sharing .... We Will Overcome! . .


Oh my! ... 'Remembering', the Titanic??

Where We are today ... 'You've come a long way, pilgrim' ... Thank You L..S..L.. sr  (aka Krystal Rap), for sharing ... An excerpt: A small group of people who conjure Black Magic through dark rituals that are used for maintaining contact with the NAA, in order to control the entire planet through the manipulation of the Collective Consciousness through fear based programming that is transmitted via Mind Control. To reinforce the fear programming and keep the population in a vibration of fear and separation, they organized a complex system of global institutions to act as the primary enforcer of the propagation of the disinformation that they use to influence people to self-enforce the belief systems that shape the Controlled Narrative of the 3D reality. The Power Elite are known to also be referred to as the Dark Cabal, Controllers or those entities running the Shadow Government.


We are indomitable, when . . . Facing the 'Silent Night' together, because ... 'We ARE ONE'! ...  And,  SO IT IS!  (reposted, from Monday, December 21, 2020) ... Thank  You to All - 1 Eye's Blog . . .


'You can make it undo' ... & ... You can make it All true ... Thank You C..S.. / Y.., for your music, & 'Love of  Humanity' ... &, to YouTube (Songbird X), for sharing . . . If You Want Sing Out, Sing Out . . .

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

The process [of mass-media deception] has to be conscious, or it would not be carried out with sufficient precision, but it also has to be unconscious, or it would bring with it a feeling of falsity and hence of guilt.... To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just so long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies all this is indispensably necessary ... Thank You, George Orwell . . .

Do YOU know any companies that own/control the media?? ... I  DO! ...  It's best to be aware . . .
*** *** IF YOU DO NOTHING *** ***   Thank You, Barrie Trower - On 5G, at the Exeter Phoenix ... (& thank you, Falcons CAFE, & BitChute for sharing) . . . ****  VIDEO  TAKEN DOWN  **** 
(updated) ... But,  ***  WATCH  IT  HERE  ***  Thank You to C..E.. &  B..T.., & to (Deeper Truths), for sharing . . . And, Solutions . . . 

&,  Check this out ... How governments, telecom and electric power utilities suppress the truth about the known hazards of electro-magnetic field (EMF) radiation... Thank You, Captain Jerry G. Flynn ... I Salute You! . . . An excerpt: Captain (Retired) J.G.Flynn served his country with a 26-year career in the Canadian Armed Forces, specializing in electronic warfare and signals intelligence. He worked closely with U.S. and NATO forces, and spent more than 16 years working as a member of the Five Eyes intelligence-gathering community.

Since retiring in 2005, Jerry has devoted himself to researching, writing and speaking out publicly about the dangers of non-thermal EMF radiation, which, he is convinced, now threatens all life on Earth. His military experience and subsequent research has led him to the conclusion that the perpetrators of this global threat are members of a U.S. Military-industrial complex that has since morphed into an insidious Government-corporate complex.

Alarmed by Health Canada’s continued refusal to acknowledge the physical dangers posed by non-thermal radiation, and by the accelerating race to blanket the planet with 5G technology, Jerry felt compelled to share his years of research by publishing this book.


I didn't come to London, Ontario, Canada to fool you ... I have come to 'Beloved Mother Earth'  to help  Wake-Up Humanity  ... And, So It Is! . . . (reposted, from Monday, September 8, 2014) . . .


And ...  Remembering, that awareness is needed ... in order to 'change y(our) thoughts & intentions' ... They are 'powerful gifts' ... And, SO IT IS! . . . I wish everyone well, on their journey ... (Updated & reposted, from Friday, January 20, 2023) - 1 Eye's Blog . . . 


Ohhh, what a feeling!!  Things are falling into place & making sense. ...  You're Amazing . . . Thank You for your work,  & 'Love of  Humanity' ... &, to Rumble (AmazingPolly), for sharing ...

And, isn't it a 'great time'  to have incarnated on 'Beloved Mother Earth' ... Hallelujah ... Thank You Leonard Cohen, for sharing . . .

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Waking-Up your 'sleeping child' with-in ...

Things were 'common knowledge' ... before indoctrination . . . Thank You A..D.. &  S..S.., for your work & 'Love of  Humanity' ... & to YouTube (Christopher V Comstock), for sharing ... YouTube 'Video & Channel' Taken Down  ****  But, watch/listen to it   HERE  ... Thank You to (Guardian Material Study), for sharing ... An excerpt: Sarah Simmons 2009 Ashayana Deane Interview.

We have found the Keylontic Science teachings/information to be the most effective way to reawaken a deep connection through understanding the Truest Nature of Eternal Reality. The premise of this project is an effort to "fill in the gaps" for the generations of newcomers to come. I believe that frequency without a pillar does not stand, and it is the foundational MCEO Freedom Teachings® that will give us that structure to maintain and hold our pillars for the ongoing Keylontic™ Discourses for Daily Living- KDDL Course™ Series ( This is why it is essential that newcomers have all of the KS foundation readily available to them at this time. It is in the hopes that this platform will also provide a permanent resource for many newcomers to acknowledge and honor the efforts of our Beloved KS family during the early days of this work.


Wake-Up ... Sleeping Child - Thank You 'Music Travel Love', for your music ... & to YouTube (Music Travel Love), for sharing ... An excerpt: Music Travel Love & Michael Learns to Rock join together to sing one of MLTR's most iconic songs "Sleeping Child" at Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse in Denmark.


Welcome my friends, to our ... Noble Planet  NOMI EARTH  ... (reposted, from Friday, April 30, 2021) Thank  You to All  - 1 Eye's Blog . . .

Thursday, November 23, 2023

"The Peace Train" is comin' ... & remembering, what WE have forgotten - that 'WE ALL ARE CONNECTED' ... & that, 'WE ARE ONE' . . . And, So It Is! . . .

My hope is ... that this info adds value to your life  (updated & reposted, from Tuesday, December 18, 2012) ... Thank You to All - 1 Eye's Blog . . .


SURPRISE! ... surprise! ... Remembering ... (updated & reposted, from Monday, September 18, 2023) - Thank You to All - 1 Eye's Blog . . .


Where ... We Came From? . . . (reposted from, Thursday, August 26, 2021) - 1 Eye's Blog . . .


To get on the 'Peace Train' ... All  YOU  NEED  IS  LOVE . . . Thank You to Y../ C..S.., for your music &  'Love of  Humanity' ... & to YouTube (Yusuf/Cat Stevens), for sharing ... An excerpt: CHARITY:

Peacetrain is a charity initiative by the Yusuf Islam Foundation under the patronage of Yusuf / Cat Stevens with an emphasis on feeding programmes, solar water wells and peace building projects

Yusuf / Cat Stevens performs live at the Viña Del Mar Festival in Chile in 2015. 1. Wild World 00:00-04:36 2. Where Do the Children Play? 04:37-08:16 3. The First Cut Is the Deepest 08:17-11:49 4. Here Comes My Baby 11:50-15:19 5. Dying to Live 15:20-19:26 6. You Are My Sunshine 19:27-22:52 7. Oh Very Young 22:53-25:52 8. (Remember the Days of the) Old Schoolyard 25:53-28:56 9. Sad Lisa 28:57-32:39 10. Miles from Nowhere 32:40-36:31 11. People Get Ready 36:32-39:51 12. Maybe There's a World / All You Need Is Love 39:52-44:21 13. If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out 44:22-48:10 14. How Can I Tell You 48:11-53:47 15. Roadsinger 53:48-58:26 16. Moonshadow 58:27-1:02:27 17. The Devil Came From Kansas 1:02:28-1:06:41 18. Trouble 1:06:42-1:09:55 19. Sitting 1:09:56-1:14:39 20. Big Boss Man 1:13:40-1:17:28 21. Rubylove 1:17:29-1:20:29 22. Morning Has Broken 1:20:30-1:29:18 23. Peace Train 1:29:19-1:33:33 24. Father and Son 1:33:34-1:39:32 25. Another Saturday Night 1:39:33-1:43:19 FOLLOW Yusuf / Cat Stevens: Website:

Monday, November 20, 2023

Have YOU lost a 'loved one', to Cancer? ... You must know by now, that the 'powers not-to-be' are not going to save us ... so, WE have to save ourselves ... So, Saddle-Up, my friends ... We've rounded the 'club-house turn' &, are on the 'home stretch' ... WE CAN DO THIS! ... And, SO IT IS . . .

Good Trumps Evil . . . &,  'LOVE TRUMPS HATE' (updated, & reposted, from Sunday, October 6, 2019) Thank 'You  To  All' - 1 Eye's Blog . . .


'OHhhh what a feeling!' ... Finding Y(our) Purpose & discovering why WE (you & I) have come is a liberating experience ... Enjoy the ride! ...  'I Love You All!' . . .

'Righting the ship, can be challenging' ... But, isn't it a 'great time' to have incarnated on 'Beloved Mother Earth'? . . . 'Benevolent Change' is happening ... Right Now!

W.H.O. is Your Daddy? ... Thank You J..C.. & your entire team, for your work 'Love of  Humanity' . . .  An excerpt: James Corbett and Dr. Meryl Nass return to “Good Morning CHD” to chronicle the latest Oct. 30 draft of the WHO Pandemic Treaty — now pegged the pandemic ‘agreement’. As the clock counts down until the May 2024 World Health Assembly, the time has come for free and sovereign individuals of the world to reclaim their sovereignty, and fast. James and Meryl elucidate what a “complete reimagination” of the world’s power structure looks like, walking us through the game plan of the opponent’s multi-angled attack to bring about their “New World Dis-Order,” and provide us with inspirational solutions to fight back. Learn their strategies and get a grasp of the bigger picture in this episode of “Good Morning CHD.”

Show Notes: The Corbett Report - Open Source Intelligence News

Door To Freedom

Oct. 16 Pandemic Treaty Draft

Oct 30. Latest WHO “Agreement”

Conference Of The Parties (COP) | UNFCCC

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus - Twitter

Missouri V. Holland 252 U.S. 416 (1920) Justia US Supreme Court Center

United States V. Belmont 301 U.S. 324 (1937) Justia US Supreme Court Center

United States V. Pink 315 U.S. 203 (1942) Justia US Supreme Court Center

The Great Taking

"The Great Taking": How They Can Own It All

Sen. Ron Johnson, Advocates Brief On WHO's Transformation 'From Health Advisor To Dictator'

New World Dis-Order: Meryl Nass On Substack

The Build Back Better Framework | The White House


I ask: Are YOU  'part of the problem'? ... If you are keeping 'your head in the sand' ... You Are! ... (reposted, from 'Valentine's Day', Sunday, February 14, 2021) - Thank You to All, 1 Eye's Blog . . .

Thursday, November 16, 2023

While the 'mind-controlled' sheep, remain asleep ... 'the lions awaken' . . . And, So It Is!

Food for thought ... It's time to use your intuition & think ... (&, to take off your 'knowing' hat) ... What are your thoughts on  ****  THIS  **** ? . . . Thank You, Co-Vid Chronicles (Dr. B..W..B..), for your work & 'Love Of  Humanity' ... 


Discuss this video  ... &, share (if you dare) ... Thank You checkur6 (&, G..O..), for your work & 'Love Of  Humanity' ... & to BitChute (checkur6), for sharing . . .


Are You good at arithmetic (& equations)  I.E. Silence = Death ? ...  And, don't forget about 'the elephant in-the-room' ... (reposted, from Saturday, January 30, 2021) ... Thank  'You  to  All'  - 1 Eye's Blog . . .


And ...  Remembering, that awareness is needed ... in order to 'change y(our) thoughts & intentions' ... They are 'powerful gifts' ... And, SO IT IS! . . . I wish everyone well, on their journey ... (Updated & reposted, from Friday, January 20, 2023) - 1 Eye's Blog . . .