Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Longevity - Good Health versus Dis-ease . . .

Since my last "blog post" 3 months ago, besides working on my "trip video", I've allowed my mind to wander into other areas, dear to my heart. Whilst doing so, I'm still embracing my "wunderlust2012" motto, aptly phrased by Ralph Waldo Emerson -

"Do not go where the path may lead,
Go instead where there is no path,
And leave a trail"

With that said; part of the reason for doing "wunderlust2012" was to promote awareness for various health issues - cancer to be specific. I believe I have done that. Also, I was interested in observing Alaska's vortices and experiencing their phenomena (earth's magnetic fields, near the Pole). Unfortunately, I didn't see or feel anything unusual - other than observe the movement of clouds; i.e. on occasion, one cloud would be sucked into another, so fast, an apparent "jet stream" would ensue - very amazing! Not being a scientist, I didn't know, if this was a result of the "earths magnetic field", or not. One phenomena,  I do know, that is caused by the "earth's electro-magnetic field" is the aurora borealis, aka the northern lights, observed during the many months of darkness.

Moving on, post "wunderlust2012", I am also, one (1), of the many ageing "baby-boomers", approaching potential, increased health issues - with a limited health care system, facilities & funding. Many people, I know are affected by increased stress & confusion, allergies & the on-set of Alzheimer's - not to mention the various forms of Cancer. These ailments seem to be on the rise, exponentially. From first hand experiences, over the past several years - as primary support for my aged parents - I noticed how stressed the health care system is; even here in Canada, where we have an excellent system. I recall, the many times, mother or dad was rushed to the "Hospital Emergency" for aged related problems i.e. excessive blood in the urine, small strokes, etc.. They would consistently wait on an ambulance gurney, in a cold hallway at the hospital, for hours - till a space in the "Emergency Ward", became available. I would come and wait with them - comforting them; while other, more serious cases were handled in priority. One can't complain; as you never know how busy "emergency" will be - on any given day/night. I must say though, the "health care professionals" were amazing, even under such duress. Anyways, the situation is only going to get  "WORSE",  as us large block of "baby-boomers" age!
So you say: "Where am I going with this"? 
Well, it's not that complicated to me, why there is such an increase in POOR HEALTH & DISEASE. And yes, I feel it has to do with the increase in "stray" (additional) electro-magnetic fields, which surround us (due to our modern life styles/conveniences) and thus are overwhelming & polluting our (human) resonating frequency of 7.83 HZ. Since the mid 1990's, there has been a huge increase in "electronics" and associated products/technologies - to make our life more interesting, productive & comfortable. This also, has had the positive effect, of providing a great boon for our economy, employment and society as a whole. However, the effect of these "additional (stray) electro-magnetic fields" on our body's own electro-magnetic field (7.83 HZ) - which coincidentally, is what all living things resonate to i.e. humans, animals, trees, etc; along with "mother earth" herself - is unknown. Some say (and I agree), that these additional "force fields" put us at risk: "out-of-balance", with what our own body has been created or designed to do, or to withstand - especially for the very young & over 50 crowd. Our ability, to normally fend off/cure ourselves today, is more the exception, rather than the norm. Our immune system is being stressed to the "nth" degree. It is widely known, that the "earth's electro-magnetic field" is weakening - making it harder for our own body to recognize & synchronize to it's frequency - and stay in balance for optimized self-healing. That, together with the increasing "man-made" electro-magnetic fields we are producing; creates a cumulative effect of electro-magnetic radiation; confusing and reducing our body's self-healing mechanisms. Unfortunately, the evidence is limited and somewhat controversial, due to obvious reasons. Some of the ramifications of our "long term health", due to our exposure to "electro-magnetic fields" - will only be known - after the "horse is out-of-the-barn", so to speak. Some of the increases in Allergies, Alzheimer's and Cancers may have been incubated for 20+ years. One thing, we do know for sure, is that the amount of "stray" electro-magnetic fields in our world is not decreasing.

But there is some GOOD NEWS!
We can do something about this, ourselves! We have to engage in "self-healing" activities - which  will negate the need to visit our "medical resources" - or at least minimize these visits/costs. Health Care Services will be maxed to the limit anyways - as years go by.

WE have No other choice, but to heal ourselves!
I have come across two areas of expertise that I have integrated, to reduce the effects of external "electro-magnetic field" exposure and reinforce the resonant frequency of 7.83 HZ, that our bodies require, for maximum health benefits and self-healing. This frequency, together with "focused visualization  techniques, excites the "Pineal gland" which naturally produces the hormone "MELATONIN" - which is the "Holy Grail" of natural self-healing and for a body in balance - able to defend itself against disease.

References: "Self-Healing: Powerful Techniques" book by PhD  Ranjie Singh
"7th Dimension Health" -  PhD  Ranjie Singh

Schumann Resonators at "www.schumannresonator.com" 

And, in my humble opinion ...  *** updated ***  The true history of the S..R.. (7.83 hz) . . .  My hope is that this info adds value to your life.  ...  Thank You to BitChute (SusanInspired), for sharing ...  An excerpt: Video audio, commentary, human energy field images and typed notes © 2023 Susan Inspired. All Rights Reserved. Views reflect those of the author, only. Permission is given to share this video on other blogs and websites as long as the author’s credit and live link back to this channel and/or my blog are included.

Yours in "good health",
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**DISCLAIMER** - The preceding blog post is the "personal opinion" of the blog publisher - not a recognized expert in the "health care" field. Use your own judgement when reading and interpreting this blog and associated references. Thank You - David Byers

P.S. - Now let's start/continue the movement toward "Self-Healing". It "FEELS GOOoooD" to be in control of y(our) health!

This song must be sung  loudly!  ...  'A Simple Song' ... of  Freedom  Thank You, Bobby Darin . . .

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