Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year - It will be a "Great" Year for ALL!

You might think, I'm a little off-my-rocker, making such a prediction....... However, I feel as we (Mother Earth & us) continue moving into "higher consciousness" and "oneness"; many "truths" are being  revealed to us. You (as I am), are discovering that we have "tremendous power to uncover truths" & resultant of this, do the RIGHT thing(s) for ALL. It comes natural to us! There is nothing to fear, as we go down this path. It takes everyone (pulling the rope) so to speak, to change this world - through our "collective consciousness". We can do this! "Happy New Year!"

"What you need to be afraid of, is not the "unknown";
Because that's where we live, all the time.
What we need to be afraid of, if anything,
is the "known"!
Because the "known", is the rigid patterns,
of past conditioning, that imprison us;
in a prison - of ill health & disease."
- unknown -