Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Returning To OUR TRUTH - The "Laws Of The Cosmos"!

Throughout this life (incarnation), on our "Beloved Mother Earth", many personal challenges have faced each & everyone of us. When we dig deep within ourselves (& rise to the occasion) and do the right thing(s); we may not always see the "end result" of our efforts. However, we continue doing "right thing(s)" - as we cannot do otherwise. We wonder why, we cannot succumb to the "status-quo" and let the injustices be overlooked. It is because - it is not natural for us. Prime Creator has created us, in his image - to live with "love", "truth" & "oneness". Now, as the "veil of lies" - of past eons - is being lifted, and we are returning to the "Laws of the Cosmos", there are many "elephants" in the room. Many truths are being unearthed. Do not be afraid to embrace these truths. Choose to "love", not to "fear"! It truly is, a "glorious" time! We MUST remember why, we all chose to be here at this time, on our "Beloved Mother Earth"; to help "right-the-ship" - to assist with the "Ascension Project". Keep your "LOVE" vibrations (frequencies) resonating! Feel the LOVE! Help one another, and all of God's creations. We can do this; and remember: "Knowledge is Love & Light & Vision." - Helen Keller.

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