Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Longevity - Good Health versus Dis-ease . . .

Since my last "blog post" 3 months ago, besides working on my "trip video", I've allowed my mind to wander into other areas, dear to my heart. Whilst doing so, I'm still embracing my "wunderlust2012" motto, aptly phrased by Ralph Waldo Emerson -

"Do not go where the path may lead,
Go instead where there is no path,
And leave a trail"

With that said; part of the reason for doing "wunderlust2012" was to promote awareness for various health issues - cancer to be specific. I believe I have done that. Also, I was interested in observing Alaska's vortices and experiencing their phenomena (earth's magnetic fields, near the Pole). Unfortunately, I didn't see or feel anything unusual - other than observe the movement of clouds; i.e. on occasion, one cloud would be sucked into another, so fast, an apparent "jet stream" would ensue - very amazing! Not being a scientist, I didn't know, if this was a result of the "earths magnetic field", or not. One phenomena,  I do know, that is caused by the "earth's electro-magnetic field" is the aurora borealis, aka the northern lights, observed during the many months of darkness.

Moving on, post "wunderlust2012", I am also, one (1), of the many ageing "baby-boomers", approaching potential, increased health issues - with a limited health care system, facilities & funding. Many people, I know are affected by increased stress & confusion, allergies & the on-set of Alzheimer's - not to mention the various forms of Cancer. These ailments seem to be on the rise, exponentially. From first hand experiences, over the past several years - as primary support for my aged parents - I noticed how stressed the health care system is; even here in Canada, where we have an excellent system. I recall, the many times, mother or dad was rushed to the "Hospital Emergency" for aged related problems i.e. excessive blood in the urine, small strokes, etc.. They would consistently wait on an ambulance gurney, in a cold hallway at the hospital, for hours - till a space in the "Emergency Ward", became available. I would come and wait with them - comforting them; while other, more serious cases were handled in priority. One can't complain; as you never know how busy "emergency" will be - on any given day/night. I must say though, the "health care professionals" were amazing, even under such duress. Anyways, the situation is only going to get  "WORSE",  as us large block of "baby-boomers" age!
So you say: "Where am I going with this"? 
Well, it's not that complicated to me, why there is such an increase in POOR HEALTH & DISEASE. And yes, I feel it has to do with the increase in "stray" (additional) electro-magnetic fields, which surround us (due to our modern life styles/conveniences) and thus are overwhelming & polluting our (human) resonating frequency of 7.83 HZ. Since the mid 1990's, there has been a huge increase in "electronics" and associated products/technologies - to make our life more interesting, productive & comfortable. This also, has had the positive effect, of providing a great boon for our economy, employment and society as a whole. However, the effect of these "additional (stray) electro-magnetic fields" on our body's own electro-magnetic field (7.83 HZ) - which coincidentally, is what all living things resonate to i.e. humans, animals, trees, etc; along with "mother earth" herself - is unknown. Some say (and I agree), that these additional "force fields" put us at risk: "out-of-balance", with what our own body has been created or designed to do, or to withstand - especially for the very young & over 50 crowd. Our ability, to normally fend off/cure ourselves today, is more the exception, rather than the norm. Our immune system is being stressed to the "nth" degree. It is widely known, that the "earth's electro-magnetic field" is weakening - making it harder for our own body to recognize & synchronize to it's frequency - and stay in balance for optimized self-healing. That, together with the increasing "man-made" electro-magnetic fields we are producing; creates a cumulative effect of electro-magnetic radiation; confusing and reducing our body's self-healing mechanisms. Unfortunately, the evidence is limited and somewhat controversial, due to obvious reasons. Some of the ramifications of our "long term health", due to our exposure to "electro-magnetic fields" - will only be known - after the "horse is out-of-the-barn", so to speak. Some of the increases in Allergies, Alzheimer's and Cancers may have been incubated for 20+ years. One thing, we do know for sure, is that the amount of "stray" electro-magnetic fields in our world is not decreasing.

But there is some GOOD NEWS!
We can do something about this, ourselves! We have to engage in "self-healing" activities - which  will negate the need to visit our "medical resources" - or at least minimize these visits/costs. Health Care Services will be maxed to the limit anyways - as years go by.

WE have No other choice, but to heal ourselves!
I have come across two areas of expertise that I have integrated, to reduce the effects of external "electro-magnetic field" exposure and reinforce the resonant frequency of 7.83 HZ, that our bodies require, for maximum health benefits and self-healing. This frequency, together with "focused visualization  techniques, excites the "Pineal gland" which naturally produces the hormone "MELATONIN" - which is the "Holy Grail" of natural self-healing and for a body in balance - able to defend itself against disease.

References: "Self-Healing: Powerful Techniques" book by PhD  Ranjie Singh
"7th Dimension Health" -  PhD  Ranjie Singh

Schumann Resonators at "www.schumannresonator.com" 

And, in my humble opinion ...  *** updated ***  The true history of the S..R.. (7.83 hz) . . .  My hope is that this info adds value to your life.  ...  Thank You to BitChute (SusanInspired), for sharing ...  An excerpt: Video audio, commentary, human energy field images and typed notes © 2023 Susan Inspired. All Rights Reserved. Views reflect those of the author, only. Permission is given to share this video on other blogs and websites as long as the author’s credit and live link back to this channel and/or my blog are included.

Yours in "good health",
1 Eye

**DISCLAIMER** - The preceding blog post is the "personal opinion" of the blog publisher - not a recognized expert in the "health care" field. Use your own judgement when reading and interpreting this blog and associated references. Thank You - David Byers

P.S. - Now let's start/continue the movement toward "Self-Healing". It "FEELS GOOoooD" to be in control of y(our) health!

This song must be sung  loudly!  ...  'A Simple Song' ... of  Freedom  Thank You, Bobby Darin . . .

Also, Visit Arlo Guthrie's  (Alice's Restaurant) movement of the late 1960's  *** HERE ***  ...  
&, his Motorcycle Song (a 'Health' Story)  here  . . .

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Life Goes On .........

Well, it's been 2 1/2 months since "Wunderlust2012" ended. I must say, my progress on the "movie video" is slow going. It may ultimately prove more taxing than the actual trip! Forty (40) days of video (500 GB) is a lot to sort through. Although, I have specific ideas of how I want the final product to look; time to do it, seems to be the problem, due mainly, to my busy job. Also, choice of music soundtrack & songs and associated licencing; as well as talk-over(s) and interviews, add some creative challenges and much "wheel spinning". Fortunately, I have two friends (Fred and Brian) who will help with the editing - when I get to that stage.
With "great" regret, I must inform you, my father (Jack) passed in early August. He greatly enjoyed following me on my journey and seeing the pictures/videos. Even though he lived, a mostly healthy life and to a great age (93); it has been a struggle for me, moving forward. You see, the last several years, both he and mother kept me quite busy - I think it's the void, that I'm struggling with, the most. Regarding my trip, prior to my departure; Dad would say: "I wouldn't want to do that"!.... Dad fought overseas during WWII in France and Belgium - I think he would have done just fine, on my trip. I think he was a little worried for me - like most parents. Even though, I am more than a grown man (60+),..I was still a kid to him. I'm like that, with my daughter & son, too. Like father; like son! Here are a couple of photos of Dad (Jack Byers).

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Port Dover - Record Crowd; Great Time & Very Hot!!

What a "great" day it was in Port Dover, yesterday, for the "Friday the 13th Motorcycle Pilgrimage"! It was extremely  hot, though; 32*C; (41* C - with humid-ex added in). By 4pm, it was announced (on the CTV evening News), that 140,000 motorcyclists had attended; with numbers still climbing - a "North American" record!  Even, more motorcycles, than at Daytona, Florida's "Bike Week" - on any given day. There were bikers from everywhere; parked everywhere - every make & model; all getting along well! There was a large  Police presence, which kept things quite orderly; in spite of the heat - well done!. We got there at 9:30 am and left at 2:30 pm - enough for us! On the ride back, away from the crowds, we stopped for lunch at Port Rowan - great fish & chips. Some pictures include Ron, Rick, Paul, me & Bill; Ron & Paul getting us refreshments; the crowd and Port Rowan & restaurant.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Four (4) Wheels Move The Body" - "Two (2) Wheels Move The Soul"!

Tomorrow, son Bill, cousin Ron, Rick, Paul and me, will ride to Port Dover, Ontario, Canada for the "Friday the 13th" festivities. Organizer's there, are expecting it to be, one of the largest motorcycle gatherings, EVER! I missed, the April, "Friday 13th", 2012 event - as mentioned in an earlier blog, due to work. Also, I haven't been in several years. If you're a motorcycle enthusiast - you have to make the pilgrimage to Port Dover, at least once! There's a "lot of leather". No-one protests! I guess, it's much easier, to pick on "rich old ladies" wearing furs; than "bikers"! Did I mention, no "four wheelers" are allowed, in town, for the day? Police barricade, the perimeter of Port Dover; parking lots are set up; and people not riding - are bussed in. A true "motorcycle oasis". Check it out, here.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How To Leave A Comment

I have received many e-mails from readers, unable to leave comments. This is how you do it.
FIRST - Bring up - 1eyesblog.blogspot.ca in your browser - then find (scroll down) to the "no comments" or "1 comment", "etc" words at bottom of a particular "blog post" you wish to comment on. Click on that. It will bring up a window, to put your comment in. Once you have entered your comment - click publish and it will prompt you for your "google act" (id/pw). Once you have done this, it will prompt you, to type some "alpha's &  #" - to confirm you aren't a robot. That's it!
I have since found out, those of you with "older" browsers, have had trouble as well. Can't help you there, if your computer can't be upgraded. Thanks - for trying!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Wunderlust2012 - Thank You!

First of all, I would like to "thank" everyone who followed along, on my journey, with me. I would also like to thank "all" who commented on my "blogs". Although, I miss getting aboard "Bessy", on a daily basis; I now (like you) have household duties to keep me busy. Soon, I'll be back to work - at the daily grind, once again. I guess, that only proves - "good things, do come to an end"; oh well! In spite of all this, I intend to keep this Blog going - more as a journal  - and encourage you to take part. I have quite enjoyed this writing experience. It has definitely kept me company & busy, during this "solo" riding experience.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Mission Accomplished!

Last night, at 10:02 pm, I arrived home - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! Donna, was there to greet me - with smiles, hugs & kisses! I could tell, she missed me, a lot! I missed her, too! It sure was great to be home! I completed my journey, in 40 days (just under six (6) weeks). I knew, I could have spent, another week or so in Alaska, but after "the Dalton", I was very tired. I also knew, I had a large chunk of riding, yet to do - to accomplish my itinerary. Anyways, no regrets. A good thing, though, is since I have lots left to see - in Alaska - I have reason to go back! Maybe, if/when I retire, someday.......!
Yesterday, didn't start till around 10:00 am, since, I didn't have to be at the Milwaukee, "Lake Express" ferry dock till 11:45. There were lots of motorcycles there; and rider stories to hear. The ferry ride was "very fast" (aprox 40 mph) and very enjoyable. With the time change - it arrived at Muskegon, MI., at 4:00 pm. By 4:30, I was riding - "just" 280 miles to go. It was funny, Bessy (the 3rd), seemed to know this - like a horse, going back to the barn, after a long ride; "she" was hard, to hold back! Luckily, there were no State Troopers, lurking! Today, I am enjoying a day relaxing. I will wash Bessy and see my father, Jack. Some pictures of ferry ride and Bessy in garage.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ferry Reservations At Milwaukee,WI.

Today was another 100*F day! It seems, that's all I say, these past several days - hot, hot, hot! Today, I did my "sweaty laundry" at the motel; & left at 10 am. I rode 400 miles - to Milwaukee, WI. The traffic was heavy.
Because of this & the heat, I decided to investigate Ferry costs - across Lake Michigan.
"What a Deal" - At 12:30 pm, tomorrow, I will board the "Lake Express" ferry - from Milwaukee, WI. to Muskegon, MI.. It is a "very fast" ferry - and crosses Lake Michigan in just 2 1/2 hrs. It is quite reasonable for motorcycles ($82.50/person + $40/motorcycle + port fees/taxes = $137.50 - not bad! The good thing about it is, I won't have to deal with Chicago traffic, construction, tolls & detours. In this heat, I'll just stand on the bow of the ferry and enjoy the breeze. I will also save riding 200 miles. My butt will appreciate that! No pictures today.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Birthday - Donna/ Homeward Bound

"Happy Birthday" to wife Donna! The heat must be getting to me. I called & wished Donna birthday wishes & said we'd celebrate it, when I got home - but neglected, to put it in my blog, at days end. A large over site! Better late than never.
Today, I left Sturgis, SD. at 8:30 am after breakfast - and saying goodbye to Biker friends; Robert, Rob & Gene. It was another very hot day (100•F)! I rode 450 miles and ended the day at Jackson, MN. The scenery was very similar to home - flat to rolling agriculture land, with the usual crops i.e. corn, wheat, hay, etc. No more mountains or badlands. Tomorrow, I will get near Chicago. It's going to be another scorcher, too! No photos today.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Crazy Horse - Then Sturgis

Today was a great day! I left Gillette, Wyoming around 9 am. After about an hour (and passing by some wild fires), I arrived at Custer, SD. I ran into a couple of bikers; Rob & Gene. We shared some stories and parted. My first, significant stop was the Crazy Horse Memorial. It was a great experience! I visited the Crazy Horse Pavilion - and saw awesome artifacts. I met Wambli Wakan (Holy Eagle), an Oglala Sioux (Lakota); who explained the concept and reason for the Crazy Horse Memorial. It provides "Great Pride & Inspiration" to an entire Indian Nation - not just the "Lakota". More than that; it is an inspiration - to ALL people(s). Crazy Horse was a great "War Chief" - he lead by example. He was very courageous. He did not send his warriors into battle - he led; he was front and centre, leading them - irregardless of the odds. "Crazy Horse, I 'salute' you." He was also fair, to those, who deserved it!....A very "proud" individual, who exuded Native American Wisdom.... Every year, the Crazy Horse Foundation, gives millions of dollars to charity and towards College Scholarships, for those financially challenged - throughout the entire USA. The "Crazy Horse Memorial" will take "generations" to complete - and is privately funded. No Government money! The scope, of the project is simply unbelievable - for example; the entire four (4) sculptures of Mt. Rushmore, fit onto (1) one cheek of Crazy Horse. The "face" of Crazy Horse is "8" stories high - to give you some perspective.
While waiting, for the bus tour (very worthwhile), to the "memorial" site, I met another biker - Robert, from Mobile, Alabama. He was traveling "solo" as well. We also ran into Rob & Gene. The four (4) of us headed to "Mt. Rushmore". It was less awesome for me! Then, we headed for Sturgis - I was told, my headlight was out, so I picked up a light at the Harley Dealer. We checked out Sturgis & got motel rooms - shared accommodation again! Many pictures - Gene, Rob & Robert leaving Crazy Horse; Gene, me, Rob & Robert at Mt. Rushmore; Wambli Wakan & me; artifacts; Crazy Horse & me (from 1 mile away), 1 Eye's Saloon and wild fires in eastern Wyoming.
Sash Wearer

Sunday, July 1, 2012

100•F - Montana & Wyoming - Wild Fires!

"Happy Canada Day"!
Today, was another hot day! I rode 450 miles and ended the day in Gillette, Wyoming. I intended to take, Rte 212 E., south of Billings, Montana (a more direct route) but couldn't - due to a road closure, caused by "wild fires". Anyways, I stayed on I-90; I am about 100 miles from Sturgis, SD. & the "Crazy Horse" Memorial. Lots of motorcycles & travelers were on the road today. A few pictures of the scenery.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Riding to Butte - Very Hot!

I left Lewiston, ID. at 8:00 am. On the way, out of town, I took a photo of the Snake River. The summer, I played baseball in Lewiston, several of us ball players, rented rafts from an Army/Navy Surplus Store - and rafted from the Snake River Canyon (up in mountains) approximately 15 miles - down to the Lewiston/Clarkston beaches. That was great fun - many rapids! Unfortunately, we all got sun burnt - and the Team Manager, fined us $50.00 each - when we arrived at the ballpark, that night. Oh Well!
The ride to Montana was beautiful - many motorcycles, were out enjoying the day. It was very hot - many stops, for water. The uneventful day, ended at Butte, Montana - 350 miles ridden. Tomorrow, I will have bigger day and get near Sturgis, SD.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Lewiston, ID./ Clarkston WA. - "Juice" & "Texas John"

This morning, I crossed the Snake River, from Lewiston, Idaho into (twin town) Clarkston, Washington. That is because "Juice's High Performance - Hells Canyon Custom Motorcycle Shop" is located there. My appointment was at 10:30 am. When talking with "Juice", the previous afternoon; he mentioned a spot, I should try for breakfast (near his shop) - called "Grumpy's". I landed at Grumpy's at 9:15 and had a "great breakfast" - bacon & eggs, rye toast and coffee. I got to Juice's shop, shortly after 10:00. What a "great" bike shop. It is co-located, on the same property, as his residence - a large shop, broken into rooms for specific functions i.e. an engine room; a welding room, for repairs & custom work, etc.. As Juice says: "He's never late for work, 'cause he's always there!" Juice runs a two (2) man operation - "Juice" (Owner/Mechanic) and "Texas John" (Mechanic). They are "Old School". Did I say, in an earlier "Blog Post" that I liked "Old School?" I'm sure, I must have. I seek out businesses, like "Juice's", to spend my money. Businesses, where the "Owner" is a hands-on expert; who is passionate, about what the business is about. Businesses, like Juice's, add value to the customer experience i.e. I can walk around; see what they're doing; ask questions; pour myself a coffee - and in general, make myself at-home. Very Enjoyable! There are no hidden service charges or add-ons, to surprise you - when the bill arrives. Just the "meat & potatoes" of what was done/charged - & in layman's terms. Businesses, I stay clear of are those - with many departments of bureaucracy; buck passing and no accountability. You know, the companies solely interested in - grabbing the cash.
At the outset, "Juice" explained, what his "full service package" entailed (and recommended, I have it done). He stated his labour charges, and if there was nothing too strange - how much the job would cost. Both he, and "Texas John", were more than willing to answer, my many questions. The job entailed getting three (3) oils changed - engine/filter; transmission and primary; installing a new, rear tire/tube. "Texas John" did most of the work - including adjusting/lubricating the cables; cleaning the air filter (I had done it, a week ago, in Fairbanks, but it was dirty again, from the Yukon dust.) Thanks, "Juice & Texas John" for fitting me in with such short notice. You guys are "1st Class!"
Before I left, I showed them "www.wunderlust2012.com" and "1 eye's blog" and discussed the charities, I was promoting. I also showed them the links, to the various sites - including "Cole's Journey." I could see, these rugged guys - were genuinely touched by this! . . . Biker's have "Big Hearts"! . . . "Juice", told me of the "charity runs", he and his buddies have organized & taken part in. Keep up the "Good Deeds!"
After pictures & hand shakes, I was off, looking for "reminders" of the Lewiston I knew, forty-one (41) years ago. It wasn't to be! The situation I found myself in, was similar to Coos Bay. OR.. I asked people; I went to the Library. An interested Librarian, got me a book from the archives - on the recent History of Lewiston. Nothing, was in it about their "pro baseball club". The Librarian. also called her neighbor; a real baseball enthusiast - but he wasn't home, She left him my cell# - he hasn't called yet. I then rode downtown, looking for the set-back stores, restaurants - & angle parking, I remembered. It had all changed! I felt like I was in different town - via a time-machine!
Lewiston Broncs were only in the Northwest League - till 1974. I was here in 1971. They had the notoriety of being, the "smallest town" to have had a pro baseball team. Since, the ball stadium - and any evidence, of my Lewiston baseball experience were gone; I took a picture of a "little league" park, I passed. I thought - this might dampen, my yearning, for Lewiston baseball memories! ... It didn't!
Tomorrow, I will leave for the "Crazy Horse Memorial", Sturgis, SD. & home.
I just heard a motorcycle outside - it's "Texas John", on his chopper. He lives near my motel & invited me to his house. Group picture ("Texas John", me & "Juice"), "Juice's, Hells Canyon Custom Motorcycle Shop" and a Little league Park. Also some pictures at "Texas John's" place. Several of his friends came by. Thanks for the hospitality!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Solo Rider "Rad Girl" - Then Lewiston

Today, I left Pincher Creek, AB. at 7 am. Soon, I was back into the mountains, of British Columbia and riding thru the Crowsnest Pass. Very beautiful scenery! The U.S./ Idaho border cross was uneventful - not too many tourists! Shortly after I crossed the border, I met yet another "Solo" biker. This motorcycle - pulled along side me; in stop & go traffic - due to bridge construction. The biker, was riding a BMW 650GS (dual sport), and from a brief discussion - was returning home - from Alaska to California. If you ladies (reading this blog), think only men ride "solo" (& to Alaska); think again. "You All", now have a CRAZY "role model", to look up to! She also, has done "the Dalton" - one mentally tough women! She goes by the handle "RAD GIRL" - on her license plate. I found out the "real reason" for her nickname - "Rad Girl" -when we stopped at a Service Station - up the road. She works in a Medical Clinic - as a Radiologist, thus the short form "Rad". Her real name is Cynthia. I told her, my ride was to promote "Cancer awareness" - for 3 Cancers. She said: "She had recently lost her brother to "colon cancer" and was finding it difficult - coping with the loss"". In her job, she deals with mostly cancer patients. It's a small world!
Anyways, when she asked about my trip; where I'd been, etc, etc - I said: "I was on the down side of 12,000 miles -and, also had been to Prudhoe Bay, AK." (This is the funny part.) On her way back down - in Smithers, BC., she met other bikers, who had been on "the Dalton". They mentioned  / & couldn't believe, seeing a Harley ElectraGlide (Dresser) - on "the Dalton". They even said "It was green & very dirty - and would take days to clean!" They couldn't believe it! They were still talking about it, in Smithers, BC.! She said: "You are THAT guy"! I didn't know, whether to feel "proud" or to book myself into the nearest "Mental Institution". I said to her, what I have said before; "If it's not in your "comfort zone" - Don't do it""! Cynthia, understood, exactly what I meant. We took some pictures; hugged and told each other - to keep the shiny side up! Another, "solo rider" memory. We are a "unique breed". Soon after, Lewiston appeared. Tomorrow, I have an appointment - for an "oil change, rear brake pads and rear tire". Also, I will check out Lewiston, ID. Pictures include "Crowsnest Pass, BC.", "Lewiston, ID & Snake River" and "Rad Girl".

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Windy Day - In Alberta

I left Edmonton, at 9 am, heading for Lewiston, Idaho. It was very windy - the wind, coming from the west; me going south. I was riding on an angle - leaning into the wind. When I passed big vehicles or bridges; the motorcycle would dart 3 - 4 feet to the right. Some of the larger gusts, would cause this effect, also. The extra concentration & strength required, made me fatigued - sooner than usual. I only did 320 miles; & ended the day at Pincher Creek, AB.. While doing a "circle check", I noticed, my rear tire is just about worn out - I will have to get it replaced, when I get the oil changed, in Idaho. Tomorrow, I should get to Lewiston. No pictures today.

A Familiar Face - Fireman Chris

This morning, I had a short ride to Edmonton, AB. - to family friend, Chris Davies' home. He is an Edmonton Firefighter; and didn't have to report for duty - till 4 pm. Chris, and my son Bill have been best friends - since High School. Chris's parents, Penny and Larry, are also friends of the family. It sure was nice, to see Chris; we had a good chat. I also made use of his washing machine - as I hadn't done laundry, since Fairbanks, AK. (last Thursday). After lunch, we ran a few errands, in Chris's brand new "fire engine red" Dodge Ram 4X4. I bought a new shirt; to replace a tattered one - and just relaxed. Very enjoyable! Chris's dog, Molly, (a 2 yr old chocolate lab) took quite a shine to me - lab's are like that. Later on, I washed my, very dirty motorcycle and went to Chris's Fire Hall - for a tour and meet the guys. I hadn't been to a Fire Station, since I was six (6) years old. The Fireman were making supper, while Chris gave me the tour. They graciously asked me to join them - for barbecued ribs/potatoes and all the trimmings. Hard to resist such an offer, but I was still full from lunch. I had a coffee. Outside, a thunderstorm was brewing - THEN, the alarm sounded; the Fire Fighters were in action! They immediately got up - and very quickly, headed to their respective trucks - and were gone in no time, with sirens blaring. I was impressed, both, with their professionalism and their sense of duty! Chris, was the driver, of one of the "Pumper Trucks". Fire fighting is a game of milliseconds - lives are at stake! They told me to wait at the Station - till they got back. I grabbed a Reader's Digest and relaxed in a lounge chair - the hot food, left on the table - starting to smell pretty good! I resisted! I was alone, in a Fire Station. It felt kinda weird! In about 25
minutes they returned - sat back down; finished their supper - business as usual, to them! The alarm, turned out to be, an apartment building false alarm - caused by the thunderstorm. You never know! It was great to meet and talk with the Firemen. They asked me questions, about my trip and the associated charities, I'm promoting. Tomorrow, I'm back on the road; heading south, towards Idaho. Thanks Chris, for the hospitality. You are a "great" guy & Fire Fighter! Pictures of Chris, Molly & the guys.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back To Civilization

Sunday & yesterday, I rode thru the rest of the Yukon Territory and northern BC. Very limited cell service. I'm catching up, on my blogging near Edmonton AB.. On Sunday, Rodrigo, left Watson Lake early - wanting to get to Dawson Creek, BC. by day's end (500+miles). Rodrigo rides a BMW 1200GS. Those are the "ultimate" in "Adventure Motorcycles" - the same one, "Sarge" & I tried to catch, on "the Dalton"; no chance! I knew, I would only hold him back - besides Harley's and BMW's don't see "eye to eye"! I left, half an hour later - after a "motel room coffee"; my regular routine - when there's a coffee maker in the room. I rode from Watson Lake, Yukon, to just north of Fort St. John, BC. (450 miles). It rained the entire afternoon - so hard, I had to take my glasses off, to see! I saw a lot of animals - including wild horses, many bison, a grisly, a mountain goat, a mother moose & calf, and many deer. I got many of them on video - not so many, on my cell-camera. There was little traffic; a rather unassuming, day - with great scenery.
Yesterday, the traffic picked up considerably - a lot of trucks and RV's; mostly heading north. I'm glad, I started my adventure north, in early June - with the exception, of the bad weather. I guess, you can't have everything! Even though the mountains are amazing, it was nice to ride in the Alberta foothills and then the prairies. It rained a little in the morning - but nothing like Sunday. Today, I will spend the day/night in Edmonton, visiting a family friend. Pictures - more great scenery, wild horses & Sarge sent me some pictures, of what I was missing in Dawson.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rugged Yukon - Another Biker

Yesterday (Saturday), started with a bran muffin and coffee - at 9 o'clock in the morning. I had intended to get up early - get a good start - and do 600 miles. I quickly changed to plan "B" - get up late and do 400 miles. A "biker" has to be adaptable & flexible! Also, the benefits of traveling solo.
Once underway, with the cobwebs cleared, I enjoyed the spectacular landscape of the Yukon Territory. There was much construction & dust - but no rain; just blue skies. I can't complain - compared with the rain & cold, a couple of weeks ago. I saw, where the road had been washed-out - with trees and debris piled high, along the sides. Mother nature, sure can take her toll!
It was a day - to daydream. There was virtually no traffic. That, together with the spectacular scenery, created a "perfect storm" - for one's mind to wander. The road construction, interrupted my thoughts - which was probably a good thing. I better stay focused on the task at hand!
After Whitehorse, a motorcycle - went speeding past. Not uncommon for me, as I don't run over 70mph. Anyways, after about an hour, I noticed the same motorcycle - going slow. I passed and thought nothing of it. JUST then, I had to stop for construction - one lane of traffic. The bike pulled up beside me. He had just run out of fuel! He said "the last two gas stations were closed!" I gave him some gas - he would make it to the next fuel stop. Incidentally, it was just over the hill - how ironic! I carried on. It was about 8:30 pm - time to get lodging. In Watson Lake, Yukon, the prices were $100/night. I checked several - most had "No Vacancy". That was too expensive! I better get the tent out. Then, as luck would have it - Rodrigo (the biker who I helped with fuel) appeared - he had found a room - and was looking for food. We would share his room - what a deal! I escaped tenting, again! Isn't it funny how good deeds come back! Thank You, Rodrigo! Incidentally, Rodrigo is from Brazil & has also just completed the "Dalton Run - to Prudhoe Bay." He is on his way home to California. Below are some pictures of the great scenery , a couple of Whitehorse miners (bikers) + Rodrigo & I.