Monday, September 8, 2014

"THE ALL is Mind; The Universe is Mental." - The Kybalion -

During this incarnation on “Beloved Mother Earth”, I have had many personal experiences (mostly positive), from being a friend, co-worker, son, husband, father & grandfather – all of which have drawn on life experiences from early years, raised on a “family” dairy farm; to being a “professional” baseball player; to being a manager at a “major” telecommunication company; to owning my own “auto-transport” company (as an owner operator); to now, operating a “transit bus”. I guess one could say, I’m still looking for the perfect job! ... Writing may be what I enjoy most. My “inner me” tells me my greatest skill is “integrating knowledge” or “problem solving”. I have since expanded this skill set to include - “finding my own Truth(s)”. An aside to this - a story I will relate to you, happened when employed at a "major Canadian telecommunications company", early in my management career ... I was a technical manager in a “transmission/switching” environment – and the senior techs reporting to me, would regularly test my competence & patience by presenting me with time-consuming problems, for my consideration. This proved successful for them – as it kept me busy and out of their hair (so-to-speak). I quickly caught on – and rather than squash the interaction that these problems generated; I simply said, that if they brought me a problem – they should include their solution (including, agreement from their peers), before I would get involved. Otherwise, it would be considered just a complaint (bitch) – and discarded appropriately. Moving on, with that approach in mind – I have tried to include solutions for the questions/thoughts pursued in my “blog posts”. I acknowledge that “my Truths” may not be your “Truths” – and that is o/k, because we are all on our own “journeys”. From my perspective – what’s right for me; may not be what’s right for you. The “one size fits all” approach – is not what this blog is about. What my intent is - is that I challenge YOU to find your OWN truths, by communicating with your “inner-selves & higher selves”; and don’t allow yourself to be taken in by the dogma of the times – without allowing your intuition (your connection-to-source), to acknowledge it as such. Another aside – I recently had a discussion with a family member on some of the delicate subjects I talk about. The individual readily recounted information & knowledge that “societies” recognized experts have released. I replied: “I didn’t ask what you know; I asked what you think.” That ended the conversation. Getting back to the purpose of this blog post, I continue to mention that my Truths are a “work-in-progress” constantly evolving (as I hope YOURS are). In my previous “blog post” which included a link to “Our Universal Journey” by George Kavassilas, I want to reinforce the message, I got from his book. “Think from your Heart”.
In this post, I have linked to another source of great wisdom - for me. "The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding" - The Kybalion. Enjoy!

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