Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It's Never A Bad Time To Thank Our 'Motherly Influences' - Sending Out Much LOVE! Pass It On!

During this “holiday time”, as 2014 is ushered out, and we look ahead to 2015, I am sending out MUCH LOVE to you & yours. It has been an eventful year on “Beloved Mother Earth”, as HER’s and OUR VIBRATION(S), continue to rise. At this time of year, one thinks of “Motherly Love”. We ALL have experienced this – whether we have had a “maternal motherly influence or not”. You see, in “this life” that we have chosen - a “Motherly influence” can come in many forms, shapes & sizes. For example, it can be “the feeling” you get, when watching a mother duck protecting her ducklings, during a storm; or a mother eagle, nudging it’s young out of the nest – for the first time; or that of a single parent, grandparent or family friend, providing unconditional love & guidance to a challenging, handicapped child – doing whatever it takes. You see, it doesn’t have to be the “perfect” maternal mother/child relationship, which is important. It is the “Motherly Influence” that is important, which opens/nurtures the child’s “heart”, & teaches the child LOVE. Throughout this life, I have been blessed with many “Motherly Influences”; from interactions with strangers, to family & friends, to animals & nature – “motherly influences” are everywhere, but we have to be open to them, to see them (and allow our heart to experience them).

For me, my “maternal mother” provided me with much love. I know, I was (and am) blessed, to have had such a nurturing mother. Although she passed in 2011, we continue to communicate regularly (as I’m sure you do, with whoever your motherly influence/figure is). It happens in subtle ways i.e. it could be a gentle spring breeze; the smell of fresh cut flowers; a visit to a gravesite, etc, etc... The one thing I feel during these interactions is LOVE. When this happens, I feel tingling (the hair on my back rises) – a truly spiritual feeling. I am “grateful” to her, for her teaching me these feelings & to LOVE, unconditionally. THANK YOU MOTHER! I LOVE YOU! Check out 'Gnostic Goddess' Sophia.

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