Monday, April 29, 2019

AGENDA 21 in Action ~ Deborah Tavares ~ Weather Weapon Disasters

Above video taken down ... But, Watch Deborah's work
****  HERE  ****  Thank you to ( NEW), for sharing ... I en-courage You to do your own research, discern & integrate information ... And arm yourself with knowledge ... because,  'Knowledge Is Power' . . . And, So It Is!

The Hidden Hand  'Weather Warfare' ... &, We (Humanity) are the enemy ...

I en-courage Humanity to be your Authentic, Sovereign, Multidimensional Self - Stay Calm, Discern and use your 'personal power' (your intentions) wisely... Thank You to Energetic Synthesis & Ascension Glossary, for sharing . . . Be aware of the 'Messiah Complex' ... An excerpt: 'Dark Force' Manipulation ...  Dark entities jump on that negative energy as its generated and amplify it into the collective fields, as large as they can. This intensifies the impact of the negative energy, which can be seen as the manifested forces of chaos, confusion and insanity, as it is being returned to its causality in the collective field. From the collective field, those people resonating with those negative forces become individual conduits or vessels of chaotic expression. Because they do not know what to do with the incredible amount of negativity building up inside of them, they are confused, lost and acting out in self-destructive ways.[1]

Unpleasant Truths to consider . . . (Updated & reposted - from Tuesday, May 14, 2019) - Thank 'You to All', 1 Eye's Blog . . .

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