Friday, November 29, 2019


Thank You, Shechai Yah (Emily Windsor Cragg), for your work/books & 'Love Of Humanity' ... & to YouTube (Shechai Yah), for sharing . . . An excerpt about Emily: This is Emily Elizabeth Windsor. On the About Page I have five links to free eBooks that might interest you. I am an Old Lady. I remember a lot ... from long ago IN THIS INCARNATION I was sired by Edward VIII of England eight years after he was driven from power by his NWO brother, George VI. And IN MY MEMORIES, I WAS a Dragon BEFORE I was anybody else. And what dragons did THEN was keep the community clean; and what dragons do NOW IS reveal what is true, to keep the community clean. So I come here to vindicate the name of my father and talk about what we are confronting and must indeed confront. MY BOOKS are located here :: . Before my Emily Windsor-Cragg channelI was deplatformed for no reason. I had 2889 subs and was monetized.

Expanding Field of Perception - Thank You, Energetic Synthesis ...

Freeing the 'Lost' Souls of Tara (ref: ascension glossary) - That Is why I came here (1 Eye's purpose)..  I 'Call Out' The Deceivers . It Is So;;; IT IS DONE!
I would like to finalize a God Sovereign Free blessing to the Taran souls, or souls which we are representing here and now to have them go forth fully freed in the eternal light of God/Source.
Beloved holy presence in Cosmic Sovereign Law, I am your compassionate witness in service to the souls of Tara or the world collective soul of which this impacts. I pray (manifest) with all of my heart to bless them and protect them in the eternal light of God in the blessings of Holy Spirit and the spirits of Christ to be fully freed from the spiritual burdens and shackles that have been placed upon them by those imposters and deceivers of God's eternal light. Through the light of God I am and through the power of love in my heart, I consecrate and bless the world Souls of Tara to be freed into their highest expression and true nature that they may be with God. May they be God Sovereign Free in the eternal light of God now and always. May all beings be baptized and blessed in the Holy Spirit so that the true nature of God and reconnection and reclamation of Christ is fully made manifest in this reality here and now. Thank you!

A Message . .  The Pleiades (Family of Light, Wake Up )

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