Saturday, October 24, 2020

4. Answer This! Is Pandemic the real deal?

Thank You Rich (Rich2150x) for sharing this important question . . . 
In my humble opinion, I believe.. Mainstream 'Ex-Perts' are overrated I.E. a part of the 'mass deception' or 'endocrination' that has been present over millenia on 'Beloved Mother Earth' .. I encourage Humanity to;.. Not give your power (energy) away to these 'entities' (& Control Systems) . . . Your Truth Is found 'within'; .. Not Outside of Y(ourself).. Discern, integrate information & listen to your heart (your higher-self/your god-self) . . . That is where you will find your truth..

Where We Go When We Sleep - Thank You A..D.. & KS Reality . . .

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