Wednesday, May 10, 2023

'Influencers' have duped us, so don't believe their words ... watch their actions ... because, actions don't lie . . .

In our '3D reality' construct on 'Beloved Mother Earth'..., if you have gained from these 'con-voluted entities' & have no remorse or regret ... you are part of the problem ... Now that you are awakening, maybe it's time to change your allegiance(s), by not giving them your energy (consent) ... I wish you well on your journey . . .

Thank You, D..D.. (PressForTruth), for your work & 'Love of Humanity' ... & to BitChute (Press For Truth), for sharing ... In my humble opinion, it's  'The club'  you don't want to support ... An excerpt: Peter Flaherty is the chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center and he recently had his microphone cut, he was escorted out of the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting and he was arrested for bringing up the fact that their CEO Warren Buffet is a massive contributor to Bill Gates, a man who is known to have met with the prolific pedophile Jeffrey Epstein AFTER he was convicted of being a sex offender!

After being released on a bond of $2,500 Flaherty stated “I apparently touched the third rail of billionaire politics when I mentioned Jeffrey Epstein’s name…I’ve been involved in shareholder activism for 19 years, and I have never before had my mic cut and I was never before arrested.” 

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes over the transcript and full speech that Flaherty would have given had he been given the opportunity to finish his 3 minute speech that he was invited to give before being cut off by those who don’t want to hear the truth because it might affect their bottom line!

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