Monday, September 4, 2023

'What Line', Will You Not Cross? ... Is Your Indoctrination, Working For You? . . . Are You Continuing To Ignore, What's Going On - in this 'convoluted' reality? . . . Or maybe, you are just a 'service-to-self', me - me ...

I Wish You All Well, on your journey! .... Thank You  A..P.., for your work  & 'Love of  Humanity' & to (AmazingPolly), for sharing ... Live Not By Lies ... An excerpt: I discuss the practice of lying to fit in, sometimes called Ketman. My website is here: please visit! 


Enough Is Enough! ... What Do You Really Know? ... Maybe. it's time to 'ed-u-cate'  y(ourselves) to the 'systems of control', that enslave us - Thank You C..O..P.. (& Mark), for your work/books &  'Love of  Humanity' ... My Childhood ... An excerpt, from Cathy's blog: With no concept of time, there is no concept of distance. Geography is often distorted, as is spatial awareness. Abused children rarely know right from left, the time of day, what day or year it is, and may not be appropriately dressed for temperature.

Since one compartment does not know what the other is doing, the brain does not register exhaustion. Heightened endurance results, which may appear as hyper-activity or even signal sleep deprivation. When sleep deprivation is deliberately imposed on top of that, the brain stays exhausted from lack of sleep while the body knows no limits!

Heightened endurance may appear as hyper-activity.


It's time for us, to make choices ...  &,  to 'Remember Why' We Came ... And don't forget , once informed... we  (you & I)  can change,  &  have  'Second  (2nd)  Chances' . . .

'It's not the destination; it's the ride' ... So,  'Saddle-Up' my friends  ...  Let's Ride! ... Thank You to YouTube (The_Gypsy), for sharing, Ghost Rider - 'Slade's Last Ride'... An excerpt: Carter Slade (Sam Elliott), the previous Ghost Rider, fires up and leads Johnny Blaze (Nicolas Cage) to San Venganza.

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