Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We Are ALL Unique!

You are probably wondering what's happened to me! Two (2) blog posts in one week, without a motorcycle trip to report. I guess there's more to life than "2 wheels", ha ha!
A little history for you. Back in the late "70's, while working at a Canadian Telecommunications Regional Office, one of my tasks was to write positon papers on technical/administrative practices for the District field forces - under Senior Management authority. Some of my peers, doing similar work were stressed to the "nth" degree - needing many rewrites, before signature was granted. I, on the other hand could usually get approval on the "first" draft. I often wondered, what the big deal was. I had no formal training; I wasn't fearfull like the others; it just came naturally to me. My day would go smooth. I felt blessed and thought nothing of it. I had always thought of myself as "creative" - "one who thought outside the box"; you know, the weird one. I was also pretty stuborn, too. Noone liked to argue too much with me, since I seldom backed down. Not a great way to be. I have since mellowed! Anyways, by now, you have probably noticed my blog posts are somewhat "out of the box" and hopefully thought provoking. My hope is to provide some comfort to you, in these stressful times and add value to your life! Today, I want to share a link & poem with you about "Being Awareness" by Swami/Allen Ajaya, Phd. - Enjoy!

Within the complexity of human life,
lives simplicity.
Hidden by all of our ideas and explanations,
is truth.
Behind our posturing,
breathes innocence.
All of our struggles,
camouflange ease.
Our fortifications,
protect us from love.
- Swami   Ajaya -           

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