Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Importance Of Being Extraordinary!

After a busy few months, it feels good to get back to blogging. No, I don't have any "major" motorcycle trips planned this year, however, I have committed myself to various projects, which include: childhood cancer & obtaining my private pilots licence. However, these topics are not why I am writing this blog post, today. What I want you to consider today is Dr. Wayne Dyer & Eckhart Tolle's dvd (The Importance Of Being Extraordinary) which tackles questions we all wrestle with ie Who am I? What is real? & What is the meaning of Life? Dr.Wayne Dyer's work is also available on recent PBS broadcasts. As Dr. Dyer explains "when we create a world of extraordinary people who look beyond what they are programmed to become, we impact the entire consciousness of this planet". For more info check out Dr. Wayne Dyer's blog.

**** Disclaimer ****  This blog post incorporates only the personal thoughts of the Blog publisher, not a recognized expert in this field. However, it is hoped this blog post adds value to your lives. Enjoy! - 1 eye.
Photo taken of me in 1973, on my 1st Harley FLH.

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