Thursday, July 11, 2013

What's OLD is NEW........! Who'd of thought!

Last Saturday, my wife & I; son & daughter-in-law; and some friends, attended the "Big Ball's Dice Run" - for Down's Syndrome. What a great day! Many riders and biker stories to be heard. Many of the stories centered around those who couldn't make this year's run due to deteriorating health. Many looked at this ride, as a form of needed therapy. Some people who had camped over - had upset stomachs. Possibly, due to bacterial infections of some sort (or maybe, too much beer)! Anyways, not a good way to feel - on a motorcycle run. I knew how they felt. I can remember, getting some bad "truck stop" food over the years - and last year on Wunderlust2012, I got a couple of bad hot-dogs - instant stomach cramps, etc, etc... Luckily, I carried an antibiotic, for that purpose.....and didn't venture too far from the washroom! Unfortunately, over recent years, antibiotics have been too widely used (over-prescribed)  for minor or preventable sickness; and thus infections have become antibiotic- resistant - like MRSA.
For hundreds of years, it is well known that SILVER has been used to fend off/minimize viral & bacterial growth/disease. An interesting myth - is that royalty survived "the Black Death", unknowingly - due to the fact they ate from silver plates/cutlery,etc..  For more info, check out "A Simple way to save money on your health", here.
**"DISCLAIMER** - The preceding blog post, is the "personal opinion" of the blog publisher - not a recognized expert in the "health care" field. Use your own judgement, when reading and interpreting this blog and associated references. Thank You - David Byers.

A a photo of the ride - me with white helmet.

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