Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"NEW' Technology for "Mother Earth"!

A lot has been happening in the world this month; from the Crimea, Ukraine crisis; to the Malaysian flight 370, disappearance. Also, there are "new" nano/plasma technologies being discovered & introduced by individuals (scientists); that allow for (cost effective) pollution cleanup & (cheap) power production. Our "star families", under the direction of "Prime Creator" has always made available new technology for "Beloved Mother Earth" - when HE/SHE felt she was ready for it. Unfortunately, the Dark Hats have intercepted it, and used it, for their benefit; i.e. control & greed. That is why, we (you & I), have agreed to incarnate on Earth, at this time. We are here, to assist with "righting-the-ship" - so to speak. We are doing this by - increasing the "frequencies" of "Mother Earth", to the "highest frequencies" of LOVE - through our actions & thoughts of "ONENESS"! ... Do NOT let yourself, lower your frequencies to that of "fear". That will hinder the process. Many things are happening; there is a "master plan" unfolding! Again, Do NOT be fearful; just continue, to increase your frequencies - to that of LOVE! Remember, this is quite natural to us! Help one-another! Good Luck! Check out:
"Fukushima Cleanup". Enjoy!

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