Monday, February 24, 2014

Re-Awaken! - Remember, This Is Why We Volunteered To Be Here!

It is with "great joy", I am bringing you this news! This is the "imminent" ASCENSION of Mother Earth - along with ALL her inhabitants & creations (which include us)! And no, I have not gone off-my-rocker! Great changes are imminent! The thousands of years of fraud & deception are now ending & Mother Earth will be restored to the paradise that "Prime Creator" and "Mother/Father God" (of our Galaxy) had intended. I know this sounds far fetching to some (& hearing this from me), but it is TRUE; and I have been asked by "Prime Creator" to inform you. This message is being relayed around the world (and I ask you, to tell everyone you know, what is happening). Thank You! There is no need to panic; or be fearful. (Those are our old feelings/frequencies, of the past)! They will no longer empower or enslave us. And, this "time-frame" (or incarnated life) on Mother Earth is quite natural for us - since we ALL volunteered/agreed to be here for this monumental event. So, you see, there is nothing to do, but let your LOVE emanate (or as I say "raise your LOVE frequency"). You know, the frequency/feeling you had yesterday & over the past two (2) weeks, when our/your Olympic athletes were succeeding! That was easy; to feel the LOVE emanate - for one another. OHhhhh what a FEELING! We were all CONNECTED! WE WERE ONE! The "web links" below will help you prepare for this wonderful & glorious birthing - to return to be the "Creation" that PRIME CREATOR had intended. Remember, to be there for each other, love one another - remember, we are all connected & ONE with the universe - & created in "Prime Creator's" image. Over the past thousands of years, we have been misguided & misaligned with Source - through the trickery & deception of the "Dark Hats". Our "free will" has been out-of-sync with our Creator - so that is WHY (you & I) have agreed to be here (on Earth now). We have volunteered to assist our "Creator" and his "legion of helpers" to "right-the-ship" so to speak. Again, the links below will provide you with all the details of what is required. Remember, choose "LOVE", not "fear". We can do this! Good luck!

Visit "" - message #1 - Background/History of the Event & Preparation for Change (no longer available).

& message #2 - St Germain's Call to Lightworkers & Relative Value Trading (no longer available).

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