Monday, September 28, 2015

Remember - WE (You & I) Are Sovereign Onto Ourselves - WE Are Self-Empowered!

It is with great Love and unending Gratitude, that I bring YOU this message. IT CANNOT BE STATED ENOUGH - that by me bringing you this, & other messages/posts, does not make me in any way superior, or better than you - or any other Human on this planet. We are all EQUALS. It is just that we are & have been on different paths (of evolution). Our, “human consciousness” is merging at this time. By you reading this message, you are awakening to this “higher consciousness”.  Awakening brings us to an (in) lightened state. I have linked a video message by Barbara Marciniak– Bringers of the Dawn – Teachings of the Pleiadians. - Thank You, (Alexander Nairanovski), for sharing . . . Enjoy! 

'I am, beacause you are' ... C.G.Jung . . . We are all connected at the 'soul level' ... I.E. We Are One - the 'devine in you', is connected to the 'devine in me' . . .
Great 'Telepathy',  Synchronicity,  &  Teamwork . . . My friends, this is your 'wake-up call' ... You, 'Warriors of Light', are needed!  . . . I wish you All well, on your path of evolution - in reconnecting, with your soul's purpose in this life . . . 1 Eye . . .

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