Friday, March 1, 2019

After Stream Chat with Rich & Avila - Thank You

Thank You both, for your perspective(s)...I sense you, (Rich) are like a 'boss', (taking orders from a 'higher authority'/leading from a safe distance), not wanting to get your hands, too dirty i.e. not on the 'front lines' (& having that 'margin of safety) ...That is O/K though,... because, if it isn't in your comfort zone - don't do it (something may go wrong, i.e. your vibration will be lower/fear based) & therefore affected in this three-dimensional (3D) 'shit hole' (I mean 'this reality', that we are experiencing)...In my humble opinion,... I prefer the 'leader' archetype....The difference is: "A 'boss' says (or orders the 'minion(s)'): To go into the 'lions den";......"A 'Leader' says: Follow me, into the 'lions den."...I prefer the latter...Sometimes, We have to step up.... Just to let you know, that 'I'm not all talk & no action', check out , my perspectives at: "". Thanks again David Byers

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