Saturday, March 16, 2019

Individualism, Autonomy & Self-Leadership

The Negative Alien Agenda 'Controllers' of our Three-Dimensional (3D) Reality, on 'Beloved Mother Earth' are pressing ahead with their (controlling/subliminal mind-controlling) agenda..In order to effectively do this, they use various entities/organizations in global leadership to enact these concepts i.e. Money/Financial Control;....Health, Dis-Ease/Pharmaceuticals;....Religion(s)/Education (indoctrination);... Sexual (ritual) Abuse/Blackmail & Human (child) Trafficking,....Government(s)/Deep-State Military Complex (weather/health manipulation - using chemtrails, energy weapons/technology i.e. 5G);....Media (both, main stream & social), well as 'Divide & Conquer' techniques, from all of the a-fore-mentioned groups,  'malevolent', (non-Human) extra-terrestrials (ET's) - from this & other dimensions.
An excerpt from "Energetic Synthesis" March 2019 narrative, is as follows. Enjoy:
The concept of individualism includes the philosophy or societal perspective that emphasizes the moral worth of every individual, that all human beings deserve to be treated with compassion, dignity and respect. Individualism treats individuals as individuals, giving equal value for the right of each individual to pursue freedom of expression and self-realization, which are critical components for all people to experience personal happiness and spiritual fulfillment. Essentially, individualism as well as humanism, hold value and reverence for humanity and life, even when it generally does not recognize the existence of the soul. The inability to personally know the existence of the soul within, is a blind spot prone to negative ego manipulation. However, classic individualism and humanism are opposed to external methods of interference, such as mind control coercion influencing an individual’s choices, whether made by society, collective groups, government institutions, religious dogma or even a non-human species. Clearly, humanity cannot fully address the true meaning of individualism and humanism until it is recognized and understood that the planet has been subjected to hidden non-terrestrial interference, covert military grade global mind control targeting of its inhabitants, and that this interference has many residual effects against the organic thoughts, beliefs and state of consciousness of the individual.
It is impossible to know what it is to be an authentic human when our planet is subjected to an aggressive and ongoing alien hybridization agenda, shaping human culture to become more hospitable to the master-slave narrative imposed by the handlers. How can humanity pursue concepts of authentic individualism or humanism when it is being covertly exposed to electromagnetic signals and chemicals designed to mind control the population into a destructive, damaged and devolving state of consciousness? Hence, full disclosure must be a part of our true spiritual awakening, as we cannot know our innate human-ness until we can see that we have been subjected to a death culture that is based in slavery and anti-human control. 
For the complete article  click here: "Individualism, Autonomy & Self-Leadership"

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