Friday, June 7, 2019

1 Eye's Blog: What and Where are MILABS?

1 Eye's Blog: What and Where are MILABS?: Thank You Tory Smith, for your devotion to 'Beloved Mother Earth' & your Love for Humanity. Thank You. The reason We came:..."If you...

TRANCE Formation Of America - Great Blog & Videos  & The War On Truth 
An excerpt from Cathy O'Brien's June 4th Blog Post:
Today’s war on truth waged against humanity is ultimately a war on spirit. Truth frees us from fear, and thus from control.  Truth dispels superstitious helplessness while empowering inherent freedom to live life’s purpose true-to-soul with strength of spirit.  Gather your strength of spirit and reclaim Truth that makes us free… while you can still think to do so! 
Thank You 

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