Friday, June 14, 2019

Vatican To Be Removed from UN (Stop 007)

Above video now back up, but had been taken down...   ****  but watch here  **** . . . Thank You Dr Katherine Horton - Stop 007 & K..A.. ... & to Conspiracy Daily Update (& YouTube), for sharing . . .
An excerpt: Breaking ITCCS Global News: Top Government, Corporate and Church leaders in Canada are Indicted and issued Summons to Appear before Genocide Tribunal – Prime Minister Trudeau, Governor General, Papal Nuncio and CEO’s charged with Crimes against Humanity  ITCCS Indictments and Court Summons  The Case of the Pope: Vatican Accountability for Human Rights Abuses by Geoffrey Robertson

Get Kevin Annett's *** book(s) here *** . . .

I Have A Secret - Thank You Soul Path, for your music ... & to YouTube (Soul Path - Topic), for sharing . . .
Forbidden knowledge ... YouTube video removed, but Watch Here ... Thank You to (QR Archive), for sharing ... 'Philip Gardiner's Forbidden Knowledge' - Secret Societies ...'The Elephant In The Room' . . . An excerpt:  Philip Gardiner's Forbidden Knowledge Conference UK 06 featuring some of the world's leading authors in the subjects of the metaphysical, historical, paranormal and unexplained: Philip Gardiner, Andrew Collins, Dr Robert Feather, Tim Wallace-Murphy, Michael Cremo, Crichton Miller, Hamish Miller, Nick Pope, Alan Alford and special guest Dr. John Jay Harper brought to you by Conscious Media Network. Filmed exclusively at Kings Hall, Stoke on Trent, this unique DVD includes speeches and special interviews with the authors.

Over one and a half hours of fascinating topics and information. Music by Soul Path, Warrior, WWIII and many others.

From the USA, Michael Cremo, best selling author and researcher, came to present his evidence for the ancient antiquity of mankind stretching back millions and millions of years. From the UK, Philip Gardiner spoke about his experiences at the hands of the sinister order the Holy Vehm. Andrew Collins gives a remarkable lecture on his new book, the Cygnus Mystery, explaining how the radiation from Cygnus may indeed have caused human evolution. Alan Alford is widely recognized as one of the world's leading authorities on the Great Pyramids and he gave a unique exposition of his beliefs. Hamish Miller dowsed around the stage and revealed the earth's power for all to see. Nick Pope is the British "Fox Mulder" and he revealed the British X-Files for all. Then Tim Wallace-Murphy, an international best selling author and world-renowned lecturer spoke about how to crack the symbol code. Crichton Miller revealed the spiritual depths and physical uses of the ancient Celtic Cross and the amazing Robert Feather revealed the Jesus of the Essene and the burial place of John the Baptist.

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