Wednesday, December 25, 2019

5G and the Chemical Skies. How it will be used Against the people.

Above video taken down ... but, the truth goes marching on ... &, there is good news  ****  Right  HERE  ****  ... Thank You (FIX THE WORLD MOROCCO), for sharing ... An excerpt:   Properties of Graphene Oxide

(or why they are REALLY using it in Bio-Medical Industry)

-Stimulated / controlled by EMF frequencies, specifically those found in 5G
-multiplies when electronically stimulated
-passes through the blood brain barrier
– extremely strong
-can be used to manipulate neural pathways in the brain.


FEEL THE LOVE  . . Fascia Crystalline Network ...  and, ***  the NAA...  Divide  *** & Conquer Tactics - Thank You Energetic Synthesis . . . Some excerpts: 'Soft kill'   Soft kill is a military term used to describe the covert agenda for slow killing without the knowledge of the person or persons under attack, using disinformation, withholding evidence and psychological warfare tactics.
If we can see the current soft kill measures in the environment that have been methodically put in place through the well thought out long term planning of the Controllers, we can easily see the hidden purpose of these genocidal methods, including the eugenicist policies leading back to the divide and conquer agenda of the NAA.  An example of current soft kill agendas is the enforcement of legal poisoning in the general public that is made through vaccinations, water fluoridation, GMO, chemtrails, herbicides, pharmaceutical drugs and other chemical biological weapons.  All of these examples change the electromagnetic frequency and chemistry of the body, brain, CNS and DNA signals, which are designed to radically impair immunity, consciousness and intelligence factors over the longer term.

Gaining knowledge that this 'divide and conquer agenda' is happening against the people of this earth, and to identify what it looks like in everyday life is the first important step.


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