Sunday, December 29, 2019


MADNESS OVERVIEW - Thank You, Shechai Yah
The Truth Goes Marching On . . . Initiative Forces of Deception, Distortion & Manipulation of our consciousness (Reality),  without our (Humanity's) consent goes AGAINST "The LAWS of  'Free World' Universes (for 'Free World Planets' - i.e. Beloved Mother Earth).".. Therefore, we (Humanity) have the right &  'Power' to defend ourselves;.. So, my friends,  Saddle Up & Use Y(our) Intentions Wisely....& (Repeat after me:) "I  DO NOT CONSENT to this 'Covert Control' of Our 'Consciousness Freedom' & EVOLUTION .. It Is So; IT IS DONE. . . With LOVE & Gratitude, I Thank You.."
&  . . **Turning The Machine . ** Thank You to ALL (1 Eye's Blog)
Separation of Worlds - Thank You, Energetic Synthesis

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