Saturday, August 1, 2020

Arlo Guthrie/Alice's Restaurant

Cult-ural Renewal Under the Guise of Public Health, Safety & Protection - Thank You, yellow submarine . . . video taken down, but watch this  ****  HERE  *** - Thank You BitChute (Sur'veil'lance Big Tech and Social Engineering), for sharing . . . An excerpt: Fourth industrial revolution is not about changing what you are doing, it’s about changing you.”

“The biggest challenge we face today is what we are going to do with all these useless eaters”…. Remember, this is their plan, not ours. We can have something to say about it!

Premier Ford provides a COVID-19 Upadte . . . - Thank You, Premier of Ontario . . .

Doctors Are trying to Warn.... - Thank You To All - 1 Eye's Blog (RichieFromBoston's post removed by YouTube) . . .

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