Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Above video taken down ... but watch 'preview clips' *** HERE *** Thank You, K..C.. (Project Camelot) &, for sharing ... An excerpt: My guest is Raphaelle O’Neil, author, activist, researcher
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She is the author of the controversial children’s book, “Funny Clouds: A Chemtrail Tale” and has investigated the climate engineering phenomena for over a decade, exposing it as well as the other tools in the globalists’ social engineering “tool box” of depopulation & control, before making a few discoveries of her own. While exploring the subject freely and fully in her earlier podcast Beyond the Veil, Raphaelle first learned a million dollar climate science secret- that water vapor and not CO2 was the most prominent greenhouse gas on earth. The extent that this was kept from human consciousness made her suspicious and drove her investigations deeper into the eye of the
And she can be found under the NOLAbutterfly handle on Facebook, Youtube, Bitchute & across the web: TO WATCH ENTIRE SHOW PLEASE SUBSCRIBE.

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