Friday, December 3, 2021

Trudeau's Personal Sniper Leaves Position Over Vaccine Mandate

The 'glass house' is crumbling . . . & the 'Truth  Goes Marching On' . . .
It's Never the Wrong Time, to 'Do The Right Thing' . . .  Once we know what is going on, everything changes . . . We can't be silent about it, any longer . . .  because: 'If We Ignore it, We Condone it' . . . Our 'Children' & forefathers  . . . & ourselves deserve better . . . SADDLE-UP !
Thank You, The Democracy Fund (Julie Ponesse & Corporal Daniel Bulford) for your work, integrity & 'Love of Humanity', & to YouTube & (Anoymous) for sharing . . . An excerpt: The Democracy Fund's Pandemic Ethics Scholar Dr. Julie Ponesse speaks with Corporal Daniel Bulford. Cpl. Bulford recently left his prestigious position as the prime minister's personal sniper detail after speaking out against the federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate.
& visit the 'Canadian Covid Care Alliance' ***HERE***. . .

Thank You my friend/teammate, Kevin Annett for your work/books & 'Love of Humanity' & to YouTube, for sharing . . . Pope issues bribes... An excerpt: This latest evidence of *** the Pope's culpability in crime *** comes in the wake of the issuing of an international arrest warrant against Bergoglio for his command responsibility for the genocide of indigenous children in Canada. ( ) .
In response, there is a growing opposition to the Pope from Canadian Catholic Bishops and the College of Cardinals in Rome - an opposition that is compelling Bergoglio to take desperate and more incriminating measures. For, according to the Vatican source, Jorge Bergoglio in his papal capacity will convene a ceremony of the child sacrificial cult known as the Ninth Circle on Wednesday, December 21. It will be held at midnight in the sub-basement crypt of the San Lorenzo Catholic church near to the Vatican. To quote the source, "We also have learned that some of the leaders of the aboriginal delegation coming from Canada will be at the ceremony where several children will die, including an aboriginal one. The native chiefs' scheduled visit with the Pope on December 20 is a cover for their participation in the cult, which goes back to their years in Indian residential schools." First-hand evidence of sacrificial child killings in Canadian Indian residential schools between the years 1929 and 1977 is on file with our Tribunal. Two Dutch eyewitnesses - Toos Neijenhuis and Anne-Marie van Blijenburgh - both observed the present "two popes", Jorge Bergoglio and Joseph Ratzinger, participate in the ritual killing of children at separate Ninth Circle ceremonies in Holland and Belgium, Ratzinger in the spring of 1998 and Bergoglio late in 2009. (

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