Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Dr Hoffe Interview(한글자막)

Thank You fellow Voyager(s) for your work, & 'Love of Humanity' & to YouTube, & to (Denipii) BitChute for sharing . . .  An excerpt: This is a short animated video by Dr Charles Hoffe, who explains the dangers of how the vaccine is affecting our bodies at a cellular level, and causing tiny unseen ruptures of the capillaries, which is causing bleeding, and clotting. The long term effects are unknown.
Dr Charles Hoffe, à physician in Lytton BC, Canada, wrote a letter to Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Minister of British Columbia after a patient died, and another six had adverse effects in response to the covid vaccine shot.
Dr Hoffe explains that there was never a case of Covid in their small town, but that the vaccine was causing serious neurological events, and even death. When he raised his concerns with the BC College of Physicians, they immediately implemented a gag order, and reprimanded him in an attempt to intimidate, and silence him.

We are the many, they are the few . . .
Enough is Enough - Thank You, Julie Ponesse (The Democracy Fund) for your work, & 'Love of Humanity' & to YouTube & BitChute (Truth_Provider) for sharing . . . An excerpt: Pandemic Ethics Scholar Dr. Julie Ponesse addresses a large crowd in Ottawa who gathered for the Truckers Freedom Convoy 2022. She made her speech on Monday, January 31, 2022– just a few days after the truckers arrived in Ottawa to protest Covid-19 vaccine mandates. VISIT:  Constitutional Rights To advance and maintain substantive constitutional rights in Canada, through public education and strategic litigation seeking legal remedies for victims of constitutional rights abuses. Advance Education To advance education by establishing a journalism placement program that provides post-secondary journalism students with opportunities to obtain on-the-job skills training required to complete their education program. Relieve Poverty To relieve poverty by providing health supplies and other necessities of life to impoverished families in disaster-stricken and other needs-based areas including Iraq, Hong Kong, China, Syria or elsewhere. Funding Democracy To receive and maintain a fund or funds and to apply all or part of the principal and income therefrom, from time to time, to qualified donees within the meaning of the Income Tax Act (Canada). If you think civil liberties are important, then please check out the new book by The Democracy Fund's Pandemic Ethics Scholar, Dr. Julie Ponesse. The book is called "My Choice: The Ethical Case Against Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates" and can be purchased at  If you think civil liberties are important, then please check out the new book by The Democracy Fund's Pandemic Ethics Scholar, Dr. Julie Ponesse. "My Choice: The Ethical Case Against Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates" VISIT:

And Thank You Laura-Lynn, for your work & 'Love of Humanity' (& to, for sharing)

Come join the party . . . Noble Planet NOMI Earth . . . Thank You fellow Voyager(s), for your 'Love of Humanity' (& to YouTube, for sharing) . . . An excerpt: Earth-Human Lineage and Origins of the Nomi-gene
The Nomi-gene is an ancient genetic configuration carried in small percentages through all human race line. This genetic configuration originated on Earth about 800,000 years ago, and was entered in the Angelic Human Seeding-3 gene lines. During Seeding-3 the Nomi Eff-im-a’-rhal Human gene line was created to carry the Seed-3 Angelic Human “Compound Cloister” coding (the coding of all 5 Angelic Human Cloister Races of Seeding-3 combined). It was also imbued with the Pana-Co-LA’-rah ArhAya-phim D-Planes Coding, the K+8 Factor of the Nomi-yah Eff-I-yah ArhAya Al-Hum-Bhra Eff-i-phim Eternal Life gene line, the Sun-8 D-Planes “Fail-Safe” Coding. The compound genetic coding carried by the Seed-3 Nomi Eff-im-a’-rhal-Angelic-Cloister Human carries the coding of the 5 Angelic Human Cloisters of Seed-3, each of which carried a portion of the 7 Angelic Human Root Race genetic coding; thus the earthly genetic-base of the Nomi contains all DNA coding pertaining to the Seed-3 “12 Tribes” (5 Cloister races, and 7 Root Races). Additionally, the Nomi lineage carries the “K+8 Eff-im-a’-rhal Code”, the “Fail-Safe” KrystalBridge Code, which allows for re-genesis of the Transfiguration Factor.Contemporary Earth & the Nomi-gene Since first Seeding-1 of the Earth Angelic Human (Turaneusiam-2) 25 MYA both Seeding-1 and Seeding-2 were destroyed; Seeding-1 destroyed 5.5 MYA in Electric War-Earth, and Seedign-2 (seeded 3,700,000 YA) destroyed 848,800 YA Thousand Years War-Earth. The final Seeding-3 (contemporary lineage) was Seeded 800,000 YA, with direct inclusion of the original Nomi Eff-im-a’rhal Human Core Template from 950 BYA Aquinos/Andromeda-M31. From 669,000 BC through present Illuminati Hybrid-Human Raider Races were created on Earth via forced interbreeding campaigns launched against the Earth Angelic Human lineage by various reversed-template stellar races, resulting in the mutations and mortal confinement of contemporary Earth humans. However, the pre-ancient Nomi-gene still remains as the Core Template encryption for the Seeding-3 Earth Angelic Human and its contemporary descendants. Due to the excessive interbreeding of the original Earth Angelic Human lines, much of the Angelic Human genetic potentials have been severely diluted and “mutated out of” the contemporary Human genome; only several million contemporary Humans still carry the Nomi-gene as dormant but accessible biological potential within the physical DNA (some components of “junk DNA”). Though only a small percentage of contemporary Humans carry this full physical genetic potential, the Nomi-gene encryption still remains as the Core Encryption of the Plasma Template for ALL contemporary descendants of the Angelic Human Lineage. The Nomi-gene activates through the Plasma Template and its exposure to the K+8 “Rainbow Plasm” frequencies. Once the Nomi-gene activates in the Plasma-Template, it next activates within various layers of the “Epi-genetic Overlay” (chemical DNA sheathe that administrates certain DNA responses). Once activated in the Epi-genetic Overlay, the Nomi-gene will “speak to” the physical DNA of Humans still carrying this physical-biological genetic potential, and over time will “turn on” the physical Nomi-gene attributes within the DNA, allowing for biological regenesis of the ancient Earth Angelic Human Transfiguration Factor potentials. Earth’s Planetary Templar began activation of its 1st “K+8 Rainbow-plasm Reservoirs” between 8/31-9/1/2015. Awakening of the Nomi-gene has begun!
*Excerpt from KDDL3. E'Asha A. Arhayas. *Additional Reading: Aug 10th, 2016 - "FAIL-SAFE 5th Anniversary Note" - Part 2  *For protective sheathe of Rainbow Plasm EM frequency technique, register to the ongoing KDDL 3 Workshop: Tan-Tri Ahura Teachings, Guardian Materials

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