Sunday, November 26, 2023

Waking-Up your 'sleeping child' with-in ...

Things were 'common knowledge' ... before indoctrination . . . Thank You A..D.. &  S..S.., for your work & 'Love of  Humanity' ... & to YouTube (Christopher V Comstock), for sharing ... YouTube 'Video & Channel' Taken Down  ****  But, watch/listen to it   HERE  ... Thank You to (Guardian Material Study), for sharing ... An excerpt: Sarah Simmons 2009 Ashayana Deane Interview.

We have found the Keylontic Science teachings/information to be the most effective way to reawaken a deep connection through understanding the Truest Nature of Eternal Reality. The premise of this project is an effort to "fill in the gaps" for the generations of newcomers to come. I believe that frequency without a pillar does not stand, and it is the foundational MCEO Freedom Teachings® that will give us that structure to maintain and hold our pillars for the ongoing Keylontic™ Discourses for Daily Living- KDDL Course™ Series ( This is why it is essential that newcomers have all of the KS foundation readily available to them at this time. It is in the hopes that this platform will also provide a permanent resource for many newcomers to acknowledge and honor the efforts of our Beloved KS family during the early days of this work.


Wake-Up ... Sleeping Child - Thank You 'Music Travel Love', for your music ... & to YouTube (Music Travel Love), for sharing ... An excerpt: Music Travel Love & Michael Learns to Rock join together to sing one of MLTR's most iconic songs "Sleeping Child" at Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse in Denmark.


Welcome my friends, to our ... Noble Planet  NOMI EARTH  ... (reposted, from Friday, April 30, 2021) Thank  You to All  - 1 Eye's Blog . . .

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