Friday, November 10, 2023

So I ask: 'What is y(our) gift to Humanity?'

'Full Disclosure' (inorganic black hole?) ... I didn't come to London, to fool you ... And, I wish YOU well, on your journey . . . Thank You fellow Guardian K..R.. (, for sharing ... Imminent Disclosure ... An excerpt: The Inorganic Black Holes are rips in the time space fabric, which weaken the planetary atmosphere and allow much more access to Negative Alien interference and dark force infection into our world. Clearly, the NAA were well aware that greedy Controller humans would abuse the technologies, from the trade agreements, setting the stage for the next advancement of technological warfare against the earth during the critical years after 2012. For many years the continued Mind Control and intimidation tactics towards making global war, spreading fear and poverty consciousness, while distributing disinformation through the mass media, has been to keep the human population distracted and dumbed down. 


'Holliday Season' is just around the corner ... So, what will be your gift, to Humanity? (reposted, form Tuesday, March 21, 2023) ... Thank  'You to All' - 1 Eye . . .


My wish for YOU is ... Good Health & (benevolent) Abundance to All ... (reposted, from December 25, 2019) ... 1 Eye's Blog . . .  And,  SO  IT  IS!


And, Thank You ... You're Amazing . . .  &, Thank You for your work, & 'Love of  Humanity' (people) . . .

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