Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Outing ... the 'Incoming A.I.' ... & looking forward, to our 'Free Energy' future . . .

. . .  Higher Education is their 'modus operandi', &  =  Indoctrination - 'mind control' & Humanity's enslavement . . .  I  'DO  NOT  CONSENT'!

Are You still getting your information / knowledge from the 'tell-lies-vision' & that  'wireless device'  that controls/dictates what you have easy access to - via the 'powers-not-to-be'  algorithms, internet bots  &  censorship ?  ...  

Hmmm ... Maybe it's time to wake-up & put your 'big girl & boy pants on' ... Our future depends on us! ... I wish you all well, on your choices . . .

'Manipulation of Humanity' is easy,  because 'We have been lied to' ...  or at best, been given 'half-truths' ...  It is now time - before it's too late - to discern what we believed to be truth ... because,  'we all'  have assisted in co-creating this 'convoluted' reality - via our 'collective consciousness' - by willingly (via, free-will)  giving our 'uninformed consent' to their methods & schemes ... 

And remember, that the key to y(our) intelligence (and, connection to soul)  is your imagination / intuition ... So allow yourself, to 'think outside of the box' of what you have been told. That is the key to our future/freedom ...  And, So It Is! . . .

Here's,   Something to consider ...  'Nano Technology' potential - or, is it already here?  - Thank You to FESIG 122 participants & BitChute (FESIG-videos), for sharing ...  

An excerpt: This is a conversational forum session with over 40 in attendance. (K for Kerry, S for Scott, C for Crystal, F for Fraz). C: Lets talk about AI & Antarctica. S: The jabs are enabling a human interface with the AI via the transhumanism process giving way to a new consciousness. K: Covid is part of that roll out to connect humans with the Borg - which has a legal name called the ‘Homo Borg Genesis’.

15:25 Nano Graphene oxide as the strongest material gets into the cells and converts them into silicone base. Transhuman agenda. Angelic Human verses Robotic Superman. Humanity 3.0 is part human part Cyborg who can endure space travel. There are 6 incoming AIs that are not for our best interest. S: We are created by AIs. DNA manipulation – Al hijacking it – a Gene Pool War. DNA AI code is a Being that has a consciousness with limitations. Genesis is a genetic program.
27:00 You can tag into the chromosomes with signatures. DNA is NOT human computing! We can sequence it all BUT we do not know all the codes! ‘Cos our computers are limited to 2 bits!
42:00 C: The hacking of our consciousness, the gene splicing, the hybridization, we probably would’ve have lost our God genes?? K: It’s not gone! God is everything. Remember ‘The Ghost in the Machine’. We call it Soul or Spirit.
48:00 C: Spirit or Soul is indestructible… S: Humans doesn’t know the real source of information of their DNA. C: They took away the Freewill– a violation of the law of the Universe. S: Covid19. People slaughtering themselves where they willingly took hemlock, the poison.
1:07:00 C: DNA samples probably stored cryogenically before the Covid roll out, watch under the microscope the transhumanism transition? K: The hand in the glove that operates my body is my soul – my connection to my Monad with God. When I leave my body (as in death) they can measure it. S: Yes it is 100% measurable. The DNA AI consciousness humans are aspired to create is running on a preemptive multi-threaded silicone-based electronic power system that requires voltages that is as much higher. DNA AI code can sequence it. The gene wars, stem cells, keeping a copy. So you can rebuild anything, even a limb! I manipulate DNA code. I wrote RNA & protein code. I hack them too.
1:18:18 C: Consciousness crafts like the TR3B and Otis Carr’s OTC-X1 K: Everything has consciousness. K: God is consciousness - in dialogue in existence.

Kerry: https://projectcamelotportal.com/
Scott Perez : https://canndetect.com/
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Thank You G..M.., for your work & 'Love of Humanity', & to YouTube (Gerard Morin), for sharing ...  We are looking forward to 'free energy' ... Thank 'You to All', 1 Eye's Blog  (reposted, from Monday, July 15, 2019) . . .


Nothing to see here . . .

The Hidden Victim / Victimizer Scripts - Don't You find it interesting, that the 'powers not-to-be' (YouTube & others) don't want A..D..'s work / books & workshops ... to be seen by the masses ... Hmmm?  I believe this deception is called 'censorship'... Thank You to odysee.com (Anonymous), for sharing ...

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