Friday, December 20, 2013

I Found An Old "Friend"

Last evening, while going through some old paperwork from,  I came across a "web site" of an (old soul) friend - I met on my journey. His name is Monte. We met by chance, at "Bell 2 Lodge" on Hwy 37 (the Stewart-Cassiar Highway), in northern British Columbia, Canada. We (Sarge, Monte & I) were delayed due to a "spring wash-out" on the Alaskan Highway - between Watson Lake & Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada..  Monte gave us a "heads-up" that the wash-out would be lengthy; and he was headed south to bi-pass the problem - via ferry at Prince Rupert ... "Bell 2 Lodge" was the only fueling / lodging facility till Watson Lake, Yukon & facilities there were full - with police turning everyone around. Sarge & I would eat and adjust our plans, as well. Monte was leaving right away. Monte rode a new 800 BMW GS - loaded for bear. We then parted - Sarge & I went into the Lodge restaurant - for a late breakfast. Looking out the window in the drizzle, Monte was taking his helmet & jacket off. He was quite tired  & wet; as he had slept outside the Lodge that night - in steady drizzle ... He commented, that someone had pulled up in a car & slept the night - right in front of him - & hadn't offered him shelter from the rain. I could sense that Monte was agitated by this (I would be too). He was very tired ... You might ask why - with only this short & chance meeting - I consider him my "friend".  I don't have too many, that I consider to be a "true" friend.  For-the-most part, I think "guys" are like that (sorry ladies). I think it's our "warrior spirit" instincts, that dictates  if  "trust exists". We don't let our emotions be felt - because we might have to try & "kill" one another ... Sounds barbaric but true! I could sense - right away - I wanted to be his friend.  Monte, came into the restaurant and joined us for breakfast. It was an "emotional" meeting. What a truly "great" human being.  He was on a "solo" trip as well - to visit friends along the way. Many with "health issues" from the "service". Monte had been a "Squad Leader" with the "United States Marine Corps", & had been awarded the "PRESTIGIOUS" "Purple Heart". This came out during the two (2) hour conversation we had - by accident. I could sense he was very "humble" discussing this - when so many of his friends - were unwell. He mentioned that after going to Alaska; he was going south via Minnesota: and then to South America. One of the "highlights" of his journey - was to present  HIS "purple heart" to his friend & fellow Marine - who was dying ... I'll always remember what he said - something to this effect.  He said: "The "Purple Heart" means more to him; having his friend have it; than him having it, on his own wall." Thank-You "Monte Notton" for your service to "MOTHER EARTH" ...   I  SALUTE  YOU! . . . Visit Monte's Web Site @ "".


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