Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sandy Hook & the power of "ONE"

Yesterday, was a wintry day here; a day my wife & I were looking forward to - that being, babysitting our seven (7) month old grand-daughter. During the morning, we played; observed, smiled & laughed - a lot; & reminisced about similar times - when our children were young. After her feeding (around noon), grandma placed her on my chest - as I was lying down on the couch. She fell asleep - so peaceful, loving & trustful........ After hearing on the news, about the Sandy Hook anniversary, my mind suddenly flashed-backed, to a year ago, to the children (the CRYSTAL CHILDREN) & the six (6) adult Angels of Sandy Hook, Newtown, Conn.. How difficult, it must be for their families. One can never say; that you truly know how they feel - until you have gone through something similar; or as I say, have "Walked the Walk". Some of the questions they must be asking are: Why....; How could this have happened....; Where was our Creator (God).....? I thought, how their families & community had requested 'no media' nor 'government officials' - for this "solemn"; profoundly personal day. They just wanted to love each other, "unconditionally" - & try to "forgive" the troubled killer, killer's family & God (who they felt forsake them).
However........, those 20 "Crystal Children" & 6 "Angels" were on the front lines; performing "God's" work. They were created; to be here; in this place & time - as part of our "Creator's great plan" - to take back the EARTH (so to speak); from the thousands of years of "deception & fraud". Our Creator, has SUMMONED all of us - trying to get our attention! It is very difficult, for our Creator to do so; when our busy lives are so focused on "sitcoms, fads, sports & money". What does God have to do next; if we don't catch on? Come on humanity, "WAKE UP"! I have self-declared (for myself) - to use Bobby Darin's famous song - "A Simple Song of Freedom" to be used (from now on &.... forever) as the Anthem of ALL the CRYSTAL CHILDREN - to be sung daily at noon time - with sincerity, intention, emotion & especially LOVE - throughout all the World. "All" CRYSTAL CHILDREN  & Angels give us permission to do this;.... whenever, INJUSTICE, HATE, FRAUD & DECEPTION are observed & 'unconditional' LOVE is required. Enjoy!

Fool Me Once, Shame On You, . . . Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me . . .

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