Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Anti Corruption Ireland - A Movement to be Reckoned With

** Watch above banned video HERE  ** Thank You Gemma & Amazing Polly for your work, & 'Love of Humanity' (& to BitChute, for sharing)  This video, also now taken down . . . An excerpt : Gemma's career as an investigative journalist was ended by Gl0balist forces close to Hillary Clint0n but she has not let that stop her - in fact that event has empowered her. She is the force behind Anti-corruption Ireland, a new movement which hopes to bring together people from across her country to fight the corruption that seeks to end Irish sovereignty and destroy Irish culture. references below: 

The Truth Goes Marching On.....Connecting the Dots... . .
Epstein Island & the Deep State - Trance Formation of America..Thank You Cathy O'Brien
And Thank You, Sarah Westall for your work
AND Thank You My Friend 'Tory Smith' ....."I Salute You"...THANK YOU
Great Teamwork
AND don't forget the 'Elephant in the Room'.... Order Out Of Chaos .. . .

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