Sunday, July 14, 2019


Above video/channel taken down by YouTube 

But,   Watch It    ***  HERE  ***  
Thank You K..C.. (Project Camelot), for your work & 'Love Of Humanity' ... & to (Project Camelot), for sharing ... 
An excerpt:  I cover my take on what’s been happening including: THIS VERSION INCLUDES EXACT NAMES...
-Secret Space program Admiral Wilson disclosure doc
-Youtube strike re alien autopsy interview with Colin Woolford
-Investigation into Watergate Hoax Link to Hal Puthoff and SRI/ remote viewing program/ L. Ron
-J2 Rear Admiral Wilson papers release ala disclosure
-Mark Richards on audio radio show funded by prisons etc
-investigation of Epstein — but so much larger
–Awake & Aware conference
—fire on Russia sub…with many officers involved/killed
— infiltration of Project Avalon by QAnon group


Thank You Cathy O'Brien - Trance Formation of America  A great read.


Thank You Gemma O'Doherty for your work & Love Of Humanity ... YouTube video & account terminated ... 
But, see Gemma's work   ***  HERE  ***  THANK YOU!

I en-courage all, to 'do your own research'... & don't forget 'the elephant in the room'
The Truth goes Marching On . . .

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