Tuesday, April 28, 2020

All Roads Lead To Bill Gates - David Icke

ALL ROADS LEAD TO BILL GATES - Thank You, David Icke (BitChute)

Thank You Bill & Melinda, For WAKING UP Humanity . . . - Thank You, CNBC Make it (Catherine) . .
Surprise!. Surprise!. The Goal Of 'Big Pharma' that Controls Our 'Medical Institutions' (Global Health, Hospitals & Research) is to give Humanity the 'Illusion', that They are Trying to Cure US, . . . When Actually They Are Trying To Keep US Sick (barely alive/dumbed down) in order to Profit & Control US . .  A great 'Corporatocracy' model . . - Thank You, HUFFPOST (Bruce) . .  
An Engineered 'Culling of the Herd (60+) - statistics' &  creating 'Order Out Of Chaos', is not a good reason to call this 'engineered flu' a 'Pandemic' & shut the world's economy down.. Those of us (regardless of age) with 'weakened immune systems' on account of 'Chemtrails, EMF radiation (our environment), Pharmaceuticals, Lifestyle Choices , Social Status & a Slower Metabolism(s) are more susceptible;.. i.e. a 'survival of the fittest' society,.. or rather, a fitting in to 'their society'... I DO NOT CONSENT to this manipulation & deception..

5G Resistance In Palm Beach ... - Thank You, Watershed Sentinel (Joyce) . The 'Spider Web' of Palm Beach Connections Is Vast . . .(I invite 'mainstream journalists' to join the Team) .. And  Expose Them. Thank You.

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