Saturday, April 25, 2020

It’s all a LIE

One thing I have discovered as I've 'awakened' to my truth,.. is that what the 'mainstream & governments' call conspiracies,.. are something that goes against their agenda/mind control (programming) of the masses. This is one of the ways they control us (& our reality), without our 'informed' consent. . . 'We (Humanity) have been duped' . .  Anyways, today was a beautiful day, sunny with a deep blue sky. In the afternoon, I went for a motorcycle ride in 'south western' Ontario, Canada near London, where I live. I always let my consciousness (step back) and observe and feel the ambiance of the ride.. I look around & up & breath in the 'freedom' that encompasses me... I couldn't avoid seeing aircraft high up spraying 'chemtrails' (a conspiracy, that compromises our 'immune system')... Later in the day, while sitting in my back yard,.. the sky was a 'hazy white' - with the sun & blue sky being thwarted... My mind wandered to a 'poem' that I love - High Flight - by John Gillespie Magee Jr (June 9, 1922 - December 11, 1941) . . Thank You, RCAF Video de l'ARC (Cyr Yarnell) for sharing..

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