Thursday, October 28, 2021


Thank You Jamie Salazar for your work, & 'Love of Humanity' (& to YouTube, for sharing) . . . & Thank You to Heather Cate, for your work. An excerpt: 
Narcissistic abuse has gotten increasingly popular in the past few years. But because the world is going through a massive spiritual awakening and awakenings are commonly triggered by traumatic events; the question that has been on my mind is, can the recovery of abuse by a narcissist actually trigger a spiritual awakening? I'm joined by Heather Cate of Peacock and Paisley who is not only an abuse survivor, but also a reiki master, healer, teacher and an expert on the recovery of narcissistic abuse survivors.

The Nature of Power, Narrative & Conspiracy - Thank You James ( & Buck (CounterFlow & 'Truth will set you free !' . . . for your work) & 'Love of Humanity' (& to, for sharing) . . . An excerpt: James has been putting out excellent content in the forms of documentaries, podcasts, writing and more for much longer than most people in alternative media. James has a terrific analysis of how conspiracies happen at the highest levels. As he points out, the highest levels of power are far above elected officials and names we all know. In this episode we also discuss the media, propaganda narratives and how the coof narrative has played out on the public. We also get into the class that James Corbett will be teaching at Renegade University.

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