Monday, March 28, 2022

I know better than that . . .

Thank You CBC News: The National (Ian Hanomansing, Ginella Massa & others) ... & to YouTube, for sharing ... 'Indigenous delegations at Vatican, Odesa readies...' An excerpt: March 27, 2022 | Indigenous delegates are in Vatican City ahead of historic meetings with Pope Francis to seek accountability for residential schools. Residents of Odesa are fortifying their city in the event of a Russian attack.

I know better than that - Thank You 'Conspiracy Music Guru' for your work, & 'Love of Humanity' ... & to YouTube, for sharing ... An excerpt: Just a little song that I had rolling around in my head for a while.

'Their minions' are getting nervous ... Thank You to All, 1 Eye . . .

Thank You Cathy O, Mel K & Adrienne Y, for your work & 'Love of Humanity' (& to, for sharing) . . . Also, check out Trance Formation of America  blog & get Cathy O'Brien's (& Mark Phillips) 'must read' books . . . An excerpt: Please learn more, follow & support Cathy through her books & tools here:

Mel is joined by the amazing Cathy O'Brien a federal whistleblower having been a victim of U.S. government run Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) / CIA Mind Control (MK Ultra) by the highest levels of our own government. Her testimony shone a bright light on the continuing existence of the supposedly ended CIA intelligence program known as MK ultra/monarch mind control. Her story of resilience and survival, and the healing she has done and shared has saved millions of lives and continues to expose evil within our own country.

This is critical information to help humanity see the mind control programming that we are all being put through. Knowledge, Light and Love defeats this evil agenda. Learn from Cathy, a brave warrior for humanity and retake your sovereignty. Love heals all #GodWins

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The truth goes marching on . . .
Defeat your indoctrination . . . People are awakening, to those who used to sound crazy . . . Thank You to All... 1 Eye's Blog . . . 

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