Friday, March 18, 2022

It's 'Time to Remember', that we (Humanity), have been lost (& enslaved) for eons ... It's 'Time to Move Forward' & change the paradigm, ... that better suits 'All of Humanity' . . .

The Invisible... To support Ashayana's work and access the most updated workshops and materials then please visit her website:  For the latest updates from Ashayana from 2017, 2019, 2020 & 2022 ongoing: all replays available 24/7 ongoing for 7 years plus:

'Let there be fire' ... Traveler's Song (Fantasy Rock) . . . Thank You Aviators, for your music & to YouTube, for sharing . . . An excerpt:  Raise your swords to the sky! Fantasy themes run strong in my upcoming album, Let There Be Fire. Perhaps the most over-the-top, unique fantasy song I've done is this tale of a traveling bard; his anthem of victory. "Traveler's Song" uses inspiration from a few of my favorite games as the titular bard traverses ancient lands. Each verse of the song is a different fantasy game universe, can you guess where the Traveler has been?

Excalibur Sword . . . The legendary sword of King Arthur . . .

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